SOLIS 4215 E Tractor Price in India, Specifications, Features & Images

SOLIS 4215 E Tractor Price in India, Specs, Overview

New Launch SOLIS 4215 E Tractor dynamic styling: Smart and beautiful looks that makes you stand out and define your style.

SOLIS 4215 E Tractor power steering: Japanese Technology supported power steering helps you avoid all bumps and keeps your hands heaviness-free

The SOLIS 4215 E Tractor Multidisc OutBoard OIB: Hydro-static brakes keep the friction and heat losses to the minimum to ensure smooth farming operation. You can change gears smoothly and without affecting the torque delivery

SOLIS 4215 E Tractor fitted with a 3-cylinder powerful engine, which produces 43HP at Rated RPM 1800. SOLIS 4215 E tractor best in class features such as Multi-Disc Outboard OIB Brakes, 10F+5R Gearbox, and 1800-2000 KG Lift Capacity.

This was some little information about SOLIS 4215 E Tractor, but if you want to know about the New Launch SOLIS 4215 E Tractor Price in India, Parts Specifications, Review, and features, then here in this post, you will get all kinds of information, which you want to know about it. I hope it will be useful to you.

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SOLIS 4215 E Tractor Price in India

SOLIS 4215 E Tractor Price in India Specs Features & Images

Price: Rs. 6.20 Lakh*.

SOLIS 4215 E Tractor Key Features

  • Horsepower: 43
  • Forward Gear Box: 10F+5R
  • Steering Type: Power Steering
  • Brakes: Multi Disc Outboard OIB
  • Lift Capacity:1800-2000 Cat.

SOLIS 4215 E Tractor Specifications

Engine HP 43
No. of Cylinders 3
Rated RPM 1800
Max. Torque (N-m) 196
Air Cleaner Dry


Clutch Type Dual/Single (Opt)
Gearbox 10F+5R
Max. Forward Speed (4WD) 2.7 – 37.2
Max. Forward Speed (2WD) 2.7 – 37.2
Max. Reverse Speed (4WD) 2.6 – 12.2
Max. Reverse Speed (2WD) 2.6 – 12.2


Type Multi Disc Outboard OIB


Lift Capacity (kgf) 1800-2000 Cat.
3 Point Linkage Cat 2 Implements
Hydrualic Controls ADDC


Steering Power Steering


Standard (RPM) 540


Standard (Front – 4WD) 8*18
Standard (Rear – 4WD) 13.6*28
Standard (Front – 2WD) 6*16
Standard (Rear – 2WD) 13.6*28


Fuel Tank Capacity (litres) 55


Total Weight – 4WD (kg) 2280
Wheel Base – 4WD (mm) 2080
Total Weight – 2WD (kg) 2070
Wheel Base – 2WD (mm) 1970
Overall Length – 4WD (mm) 3610
Overall Width – 4WD (mm) 1840
Overall Length – 2WD (mm) 3620
Overall Width – 2WD (mm) 1800

SOLIS 4215 E Tractor Review 

A tractor with 43 horsepower, the Solis 4215 E is renowned for its advanced features, performance, and fuel efficiency.

It’s a well-liked option for farmers who require a multipurpose tractor that can do anything from planting and harvesting to harrowing and ploughing. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.


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