Massey Ferguson MF 35 Tractor Price, specs, Mileage & Review

Massey Ferguson 35 Tractors Parts Price, Specs, And Review

Do you want to know Massey Ferguson MF 35 Tractors Price in India, Mileage, Specifications, Configuration, and Reviews? Don’t worry, Here we are providing all the information about the Massey Ferguson 35 tractors. This site provides the best reference for those buyers who want to buy it. Total and Legitimate information about Massey Ferguson.

Massey Ferguson 35 Tractors

Massey Ferguson 35 Tractors

Massey Ferguson 35 Tractors are produced by the Massey Ferguson company. This Tractor is first manufactured in London, United Kingdom. In India, TAFE gets a license and start manufacturing this model in 1960s.

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Massey Ferguson 35 Deluxe Has 37 HP, Perkins Engine, and with other specializations. Its Hydraulic capacity is 30.3 L and 2800 psi pressure. TAFE India is the biggest manufacturing Massey Tractor company. There are many models are launched by the TAFE. It has good mileage for farming.

Massey Ferguson 35 Oil Capacity

 Oil Capacity: N/A

Massey Ferguson 35 Horsepower

Horsepower: 37 HP

Massey Ferguson 35 Fuel Capacity

Fuel capacity: 13.9 gal, 52.6 L

Massey Ferguson 35 Lift Capacity

Lift capacity: 1,100 (KG)

Massey Ferguson 35 Weight

Operating Weight: 2980 lb

Massey Ferguson 35 [MF35] Tractors Price In India And USA

Starting price of Massey Ferguson 35 is $2529. It’s hydraulic is more powerful. It is able to do for loaded work.



35 Massey Ferguson Tractors
35 Massey Ferguson Tractors

Massey Ferguson 35 Tractors Engine Details, Specification and Configuration

Model introduced 1960
Model discontinued 1965
Model status Discontinued
Preceded by Ferguson FE-35 (UK)
Superseded by Massey Ferguson 135
Engine make Perkins
Engine model Perkins A3.152
Fuel type Diesel
Power 37
Power 26 kW
Displacement cu in /(litre) 152 cu in (2.5 litre)
No. of Cylinders 3
Bore 3.6 inches (91 mm)
Stroke 5 inches (127 mm)
Cooling system Water
Transmission type Manual
Clutch Dry plate
Gearbox make MF
Forward 6
Reverse 2
Drive 2-WD
Linkage Category Cat I
Front 6.0×16
Rear 11×28 (Grass option)
Length 117 inches
Weight 2980 lb
Wheelbase 72 inches

Massey Ferguson MF 35 Tractors

It is key featured with the many specializations. It is a well-proven tractor in Massey Ferguson. If you are looking for another model of Massey Ferguson. Then you may be able to do this from a site. We provide you good ideas and awareness of legitimate and genuine information about the Massey Ferguson 35 Tractors. If you have any new ideas regarding these tractors and you want to provide something new to us.

Massey Ferguson MF 35 Tractor FAQS

What is the Weight of Massey Ferguson 35?

►Massey Ferguson 35 Weight is 2980 lb.

What years did they make Massey Ferguson 35?

►From 1960 until 1965, the Massey Ferguson 35 was manufactured.

What engine does Massey Ferguson 35 have?

►Massey Ferguson 35 engine model is Perkins A3.152.


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