Massey Ferguson 255 Price List Key Features Specification Review

Massey Ferguson 255 Price List Key Features Specification Review
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Massey Ferguson 255 Tractor Overview:-

Massey Ferguson 255

Are you willing to buy The Massey Ferguson Tractor (MF)255? If you want to see all details about the tractors, Then you are at perfect place. This post relevant to the Top 255 Massey Ferguson Tractors. It should be very useful to you.

This article gives all information about Massey Ferguson 255 Tractor. That tractor is very helpful to those people who want to work hard and earning money. We should provide all details like it Mileage, Lift capacity, Strength, Capacity of a fuel tank, Cubic capacity and its horsepower.

Today Most Of Profit will go to The Massey Ferguson Dealers who are dealing and sold this tractor Because this is the famous company and brand which is used in the worldwide globe.

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Massey Ferguson 255 Tractor Price In India(TAFE)

The Massey Ferguson 255 Tractor Original price is $8,100 USD (1981) and Approximately around 5,50,000 INR.

Massey Ferguson 255 Tractor Parts Details:

Type Perkins AD4.203 diesel
No. Of Cylinder 3
Bore/Stroke 3.60×5.00 inches [91 x 127 mm]
Compression 18.5:1
Rated RPM 2000
Starter volts 12
Oil capacity 8.5 qts [8.0 L]
Coolant capacity 11 qts [10.4 L]
Displacement 203 ci [3.3 L]
Gears 8 forward and 2 reverse
Rear PTO live (two-stage clutch)
Rear RPM 540
Wheelbase 82 inches [208 cm]
Weight 5600 to 7310 pounds
Front tire 6.00-16
Rear tire 16.9-24
Fuel 18.5 gal [70.0 L]
Hydraulic system 8 gal [30.3 L]
Rear Type I/II
Rear lift 3,800 lbs [1723 kg]
Drawbar (claimed) 42 hp [31.3 kW]
PTO (claimed) 50 hp [37.3 kW]
Drawbar (tested) 43.49 hp [32.4 kW]
PTO (tested) 52.68 hp [39.3 kW]  
Chassis 4×2 2WD
Differential lock foot pedal
Steering hydrostatic power
Brakes differential dry disc
Cab Two-post ROPS. Canopy optional
Capacity  8 gal [30.3 L]
Pressure 2300 psi [158.6 bar]
Valves 0 to 2
Pump flow 10 gpm [37.9 lpm]
  4.5 gpm [17.0 lpm] (3-point)
Total flow 19.5 gpm [73.8 lpm]
Steering flow 5 gpm [18.9 lpm]
Charging system alternator
Charging amps 37
Number 1
Volts 12
Amp-hours 95

Massey Ferguson 255 Tractor Key Features And Specs

 MF 255 Engine

MF 255 Engine view

The Massey Ferguson 255 tractor only started in the 1984 year. In 1988 the year due to the expiry of the license agreement designation of this model has been changed to Ursus 3512. To drive the tractor used 4-cylinder Perkins Perkins AD4.203 diesel with a displacement of 203 cubic Inch [3.3 L], generating power of 35.8 kW (48 hp). The torque of this engine is 165 Nm at 1300 r / min.

 MF 255 Transmission system

MF 255 Transmission system

The MF 255 tractor gearbox system packed with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. That transmission is very smooth and reliable. that is well suited for the farming work and that provides excellent performance on the field.

255 Massey Ferguson Tractors Hydraulics:

massey ferguson 255 tractor hydralics

The MF 255 tractor offers high power hydraulic system. Its lifting capacity is 1723kg. Its main features such as Pressure is 2300psi, 0 to 2 valves, pump flow 10gpm, Steering flow 5gpm. It is reliable and excellent for the loading work.

Massey Ferguson 255 Tractors Fuel tank Capacity

massey ferguson 255 tractor fuel tank capacity

The Massey Ferguson 255 tractor has a large fuel tank and that capacity is 70 liter. That is good for the long field work no need to frequently refuel. 

MF 255 Tire size

massey ferguson 255 tractor Tire size

The MF 255 tractor has strong tires. its front tire size is 6.00-16 and rear tire size is 16.9-24. That provides better grip and traction on the field so that is less slip on the field.

Final conclusion

The Massey Ferguson 255 tractor is a well-proven tractor in Massey Ferguson company. If you are looking for another model of Massey Ferguson then you may be able to this from our site. We provide you better ideas and awareness of legitimate and reliable information about the Massey Ferguson Tractor. If you have any problem about this article then please leave a comment below in the comment box. Thanks for visiting our site.

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