CLAAS PADDY PANTHER 14 Rice Transplanter Price, Specs & Review

Paddy panther 14 machine price in India 2024, Specification, Review, Overview

Paddy panther 14 machine price in India – The CLAAS PADDY PANTHER 14 Rice Transplanter will help farmers with the increasing labor shortage and prices while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency and yield. 

CLAAS PADDY PANTHER 14 Rice Transplanter equipped with 3HP, Four cycle air cooled electronic engine gives enough power for efficient and comfortable working even under difficult farming conditions.

CLAAS PADDY PANTHER 14 Rice Transplanter’s excellent fuel efficiency reduces the operational price as well. 

PADDY PANTHER 14 Engine has a simple recoil starting system. It can be started with a very light pull.

CLAAS PADDY PANTHER 14 Rice Transplanter Price in India Specs Advantages

All the operational levers are comfortably located and with in the easy reach of the driver make sit more user-friendly.

It is fitted with a small-sized and powerful integrated water Washing pump. It is easy to remove the dirt and mud away from CLAAS PADDY PANTHER 14 Transplanter after the transplanting is over. So it will help to increases the life of the Transplanter machine and saving maintenance costs.

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CLAAS PADDY PANTHER 14 Transplanter price in India 2022

CLAAS PADDY PANTHER 14 Transplanter price in India

Please call for price: 1800 425 25227

CLAAS PADDY PANTHER 14 Transplanter Advantages

  • 2 persons can average 3-4 acre/day
  • Even growth of the plant and effective tillering
  • Easier to receive sunshine for the plant to get a uniform field
  • 10-15% more yield than manual transplantation
  • 20% less water needed versus manual transplantation

CLAAS PADDY PANTHER 14 Transplanter Specifications

Model G351L
Type Air Cooled 4 cycle
Bore x Stroke 60 x 50 mm
Total Displacement 141 cc
Output 2.5/1800 – 3.0/2000 (ps/rpm)
Starting System Recoil Starting Type
Fuel Type Unleaded Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity 3 ltr
Weight 14 kg
Type 2 Wheel 3 Floats Type with Side Clutch
No. of Gears Forward: 2 (travelling & transplanting), Reverse: 1
Travelling Speed (m/sec) 0.5 – 1.4
Transplanting Mechanism
No. of Planting Rows (Row) 4
Planting Type Compelled Planting Type
Nursery Seedling Matt/Tray Type
Distance between rows 30 cm
Plants/Hill 3 – 8 Pcs
Hill to Hill Spacing 11 – 20 (10 Stage) cm
Planting Density (Share/3.3 Sq. mt) 75 – 100
Transplanting Depth 2 – 8 (4 Stage) cm
Work Efficiency  
Planting Speed(m/sec) 0.3 – 0.7
Planting Efficiency 1.4 ha/8 hours
Nursery Box No./10 ha
Small Seedling 120 (Boxes)
Medium Seedling 100 (Boxes)
Large Seedling 80 (Boxes)
Overall Length 2350 mm
Overall Width 1480 mm
Overall Height 800 mm
Weight 177 kg

CLAAS PADDY PANTHER 14 Transplanter Review

A walk-behind rice transplanter called the CLAAS PADDY PANTHER 14 is intended to assist farmers in reducing expenses and manpower shortages while also boosting production and operational efficiency. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.


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