Mahindra 475 DI Tractor Price 2024, Specification, Mileage & Review


Mahindra 475 di tractor price 2024, Specification: Mahindra 475 DI is 42 Horse Power Tractor. It has 4 cylinders, 2730 CC an advanced rated 1900 RPM engine that produces 42hp maximum power and long engine life.

It has a partial constant mesh transmission, it is very smooth. This tractor gearbox system is a very easy and smooth gear change operation and it is packed with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. Its hydraulic system is powerful and easy to use heavy implements like cultivator, gyrator. 


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Let’s check out the Mahindra 475 DI Tractor quick overview:


Mahindra 475 DI Tractor Price in India 2024, Specifications, Mileage, Review, Overview

Mahindra 475 DI Tractor Price in India Specs Overview


This is the right and perfect post which is providing perfect information about Mahindra 475 DI Tractor including price, specification, key features, etc.

If you looking for Mahindra 475 DI tractor details before buy then you are at a reliable place. Here I have given all the information about Mahindra 475 DI in detail. You can believe it.

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Mahindra 475 DI Price in India 2024

Mahindra 475 DI tractor new price: ₹ 6.30 – 6.60 lakh*
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Mahindra 475 DI Engine HP

Engine HP: 42 HP

Mahindra 475 DI Engine Capacity

 Engine Capacity: 2730 CC

Mahindra 475 DI Fuel Tank Capacity

Fuel Tank Capacity: 48 Liters

Mahindra 475 DI Lift Capacity

Lift Capacity In Kg: 1500 kg

Mahindra 475 DI Configuration Features and Details

This tractor is well suited for longer work operation because it has comfortable seating, easy-reach levers, and power steering.

It has multi-disk oil-immersed that provides optimum braking performance and longer brake life. Mahindra 475 DI fuel capacity is 48 liters.

Mahindra 475 DI Configuration features and Details

Its lifting capacity is 1500kg. It has large 13.6*28 tyres providing better traction and less slippage in the farm operations.


This is the most popular in India. It should be a better tractor for the farmers we are suggesting for you this model I hope you like it.

Mahindra 475 DI Tractor Specifications

Mahindra 475 DI Price specs

No of Cylinder 4
Capacity, CC 2730
Engine Rated RPM 1900
Fuel Tank Capacity, LIT 48 lit
Transmission Type Partial Constant Mesh Transmission (Optional-Sliding Mesh)
No of Gears 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
Brake Type Oil brakes (optional)
Main Clutch Type & Size Dual (optional)
Steering Type Power steering (optional)
Lift Capacity at Hitch, KG 1500 kg
Wheel Base MM 1945
Tyre Size, Front + Rear 6.00X16 + 13.6X28 & 12.4 (optional)

You are buying this tractor because it has fewer maintenance costs, durability, and a reliable engine. Here we have tried to mention all kinds of information about the Mahindra 475 DI Tractor. We hope that’s all kinds of information useful to you, but if you have any problem then please comment on us.

Mahindra 475 DI tractor FAQS

What is the starting price of the Mahindra 475 DI Tractor?

➤The starting price of a Mahindra 475 DI tractor is Rs. ₹ 630000.

What is the Lift Capacity of Mahindra 475 DI?

➤The Mahindra 475 DI Lift Capacity is 1500 Kg

What is the HP of the Mahindra 475 DI tractor?

➤The Mahindra 475 DI tractor has 42 HP for efficient farming.

How much fuel tank capacity of the Mahindra 475 DI Tractor?

➤The Mahindra 475 DI tractor’s available fuel tank capacity is 48 litres.

What is the ground clearance of the Mahindra 475 DI tractor?

➤The Mahindra 475 DI tractor model is 350 MM ground clearance.

How much PTO HP of the Mahindra 475 DI tractor?

➤The Mahindra 475 DI model delivers the 38 PTO HP.

Which wheel drive is available in the Mahindra 475 DI tractor?

➤The 2WD wheel drive is available in Mahindra 475 DI tractor 

How many gearboxes are available in Mahindra 475 DI tractor?

➤ 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gearboxes are available in Mahindra 475 DI tractor.

How much wheelbase of the Mahindra 475 DI Tractor?

➤The Mahindra 475 DI tractor’s available wheelbase is 1910 mm’

How many hours/year warranty is available on Mahindra 475 DI tractor?

➤The Mahindra 475 DI available warranty is 2000 hr/2.


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Ghanshyam sahu
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I have Mahindra sarpanch 475
This tractor is very comfortable and powerful

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