John Deere 6145M Price, Specs, Horsepower, Weight & Reviews 2024


John Deere 6145M Horsepower, Price, Specs, Reviews, Oil Capacity Overview

John Deere 6145M Utility Tractor powered by 4.5L 275 cu in. John Deere PowerTech™ PSS powerful engine, which produces 145 hp power at rated rpm 2100.

John Deere 6145M Tractor Best in call features include:

  • 145-hp John Deere FT4 PowerTech™ engine
  • Available in cab or open-station configuration
  • Standard 21-GPM pressure-compensated hydraulics;
  • 30-GPM pressure-flow compensated system available
  • Choose from a range of available transmissions
  • Excellent comfort and enhanced operation with cab updates
  • Easy device control using rear-mounted selective control valves
  • With JDLink system stay connected to all machines from anywhere 
  • Improved access for serviceability with side panels and oil dipstick location
  • Complete tasks easily and quickly with the 4240/4640 Universal Display 
  • Increase versatility with a front power take-off and front hitch.
  • Increase productivity and visibility  with light packages

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John Deere 6145M Tractor Price in The USA

John Deere 6145M For Sale Price, Specs, Review, Overview

Price: $143,000 USD

John Deere 6145M Tractor Key Facts

  • Engine displacement: 4.5 L 275 cu in.
  • Maximum engine power: 161 hp
  • Rated PTO power: 116 hp
  • Transmission: John Deere 24-speed PowrQuad™ Plus 40 km/h
  • Steering: Dynamic load sensing, hydrostatic, flow metering
  • Country of manufacture: Germany

John Deere 6145M Specs

Description John Deere PowerTech™ PSS
Rated speed 2100 rpm
Aspiration Dual turbochargers, variable geometry turbo with fixed geometry turbo in series
Emission level Final Tier 4
After treatment type Lifetime diesel particle filter (DPF), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) using diesel exhuast fluid (DEF)
Displacement 4.5 L
275 cu in.
Engine performance
Rated power 145 hp
107 kW
Rated PTO power (hp SAE) 85 kW
116 hp
Power boost 10 percent
Maximum engine power 161 hp
118 kW
Engine peak torque At 1600 U/min: 680 Nm
501.54 lb-ft
PTO torque rise 40 percent
Type Standard: John Deere 24-speed PowrQuad Plus 40 km/h
Optional: John Deere 16-speed PowrQuad Plus 30 km/h
John Deere 24-speed AutoQuad Plus 40 km/h
John Deere 24-speed CommandQuad Plus 40 km/h
Creeper (PowrQuad Plus and AutoQuad Plus)
Reverser Electronic left-hand reverser
Creeper Optional
Hydraulic system
Type Standard: Pressure-and-flow compensated (PFC) system with Load Sensing function
Pump rated output Standard: 45-cc pump: 114 L/min
30 gpm
Number of rear selective control valves (SCVs) Standard: Two ISO couplers
Optional: Two to four ISO couplers
Number of mid selective control valves (SCVs) Up to three
Joystick SCV control Mechanical/electrical
Rear hitch
Remote control valves available Standard
Hitch category (SAE designation) 3N
Maximum lift capacity behind lift points Standard: 5000 kg
11,023.1 lb
Optional: 5700 kg
12,566.3 lb
Sensing type Electronic lower link
Rear axle differential lock Electrohydraulically with oil-cooled clutch
Drawbar category Category 2
Maximum vertical load Road/field use (250-mm extended): 2000 kg
4409.2 lb
Field use (350-mm extended): 1400 kg
3086.5 lb
Field use (400-mm extended): 1200 kg
2645.5 lb
Rear power take-off (PTO)
Type Electrohydraulically operated, oil-cooled, multi-disc design
Standard: 38 mm (1.496 in.) 540, 1000 reversible shaft
Engine rpm (at rated PTO speeds) 540:1977 rpm
1000: 1972 rpm
PTO actuation In-cab switch and external fender-mounted remote control
Front hitch
Category 3N
Electric power Seven-pin electrical socket
Standard lift capacity 4400 kg
9700.3 lb
Front power take-off (PTO) Electrohydraulically engaged with oil-cooled, multi-disc design
PTO speed 1000 PTO: 1969 rpm
Rear axle
Type Standard: Flange-type rear axle
Optional: Rack-and-pinion rear axle – 86-mm (3.86-in.) shaft (2.438-m/8-ft length)
Final drive type Three planetary gear reduction
Brakes, type and control Primary brake (footbrake): Oil-cooled self-equalizing, self-adjusting, hydraulically actuated
Secondary brake: Hydraulically actuated, integrated into primary brake (lever on left-hand side of operator seat)
Park lock: Mechanical transmission park lock
Mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) braking: Automatic MFWD engagement (MFWD engaged for braking at speeds less than 5 km/h [3.1 mph])
Front axle brakes (optional): TLS™ with front axle brakes (oil cooled, self-equalizing, self-adjusting, hydraulically actuated)
Rear differential lock Electrohydraulically with oil-cooled clutch
Front axle
Type Standard: MFWD
Optional: Two-wheel drive (2WD)
Triple-Link Suspension (TLS) MFWD axle (hydro-pneumatic, permanently active, triple link, self-leveling suspension with 100-mm [3.9-in.] suspension range)
Triple-Link Suspension MFWD with brakes
Front axle differential lock Self-locking differential
Front 540/65R28 (144)
Rear 650/65R38 (185)
Type Dynamic load sensing, hydrostatic, flow metering
Electrical system
Alternator size Standard: 14 V/120 amp
Optional: 14 V/150 amp
14 V/200 amp
Battery options Standard: 12 V/154 amp-hr
Optional: 12 V/174 amp-hr
Operator station
Rollover protective structure, OOS Gearshift location – console/floor
Seat Standard: Economy seat with mechanical suspension
Optional: Standard seat with air suspension
Cab suspension Optional: Mechanical Cab Suspension (MCS)
Instructional seat Optional
Display Cornerpost dispay (right-hand A-post)
Functionalty: Performance monitor and individual settings
Radi Optional integrated
Inner cab volume 2.73 m3
96.41 cu ft
dB(A) rating 70 dBA
Cab glass area Without roof hatch or panoramic roof: 4.85 m2
52.2 sq ft
Dimensions & weight
Wheelbase 2765 mm
108.9 in.
Overall length 4730 mm
186.2 in.
Overall height 2990 mm
117.72 in.
Front axle center Ground clearance: 530 mm
20.9 in.
Approximate shipping weight, Open;Cab Cab: 6200 kg
13,668 lb
Base machine weight Front axle
2300 kg
5070 lb
Rear axle
3900 kg
8598 lb


6200 kg
13,668 lb

Maximum permissible weight 10,450 kg
23,038 lb
Crankcase oil volume 23.5 L
6.2 U.S. gal.
Fuel tank 270 L
71.3 U.S. gal.
Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank 16 L
4.2 U.S. gal.
Cooling system 27 L
7.1 U.S. gal.
Transmission-hydraulic system PowrQuad Plus/AutoQuad Plus: 60 L
15.9 U.S. gal.
Interval for engine oil change 500 hours
Interval for hydraulic/transmission oil change 1500 hours
Interval for engine coolant change 6000 hours
Loader 660R
Lift capacity at full height Non-self-leveling (NSL): 2564 kg
5652.65 lb
Mechanical self-leveling (MSL): 2301 kg
5072.83 lb
Maximum lift height NSL/MSL: 4.52 m
177.95 in

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