John Deere 4850 Specs, Price, HP, Attachments Information

John Deere 4850 Specs: The John Deere 4850 is a 4-wheel drive row-crop tractor, that was manufactured from 1984 to 1988. It is powered by a 6.8L 6-cylinder engine that produces 175 horsepower. The 4850 has a 102-gallon fuel tank and an 18.6-gallon hydraulic tank. It Weighs 18,000 pounds.

The Price of a used John Deere 4850 can vary depending on the condition of the tractor and the options that it is equipped with but is generally around $22,000.

Here are the key Specs, price, weight, Horsepower, and details about the John Deere 4850:

John Deere 4850 Specs

John Deere 4850 Specs Price


ManufacturerJohn Deere
Row-Crop tractor
Built in Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Original price$70,800 (1983 2WD )
 $81,605 (1983 4WD )

John Deere 4850 Serial Numbers


John Deere 4850 Engine Detail

John Deere
intercooled turbocharged diesel
Displacement466 ci
7.6 L
Bore/Stroke4.56×4.75 inches
116 x 121 mm
Power207.9 hp
155.0 kW
Air cleanerdry
Rated RPM2200
Firing order1-5-3-6-2-4
Starter volts12
Oil capacity21 qts
19.9 L
Coolant capacity32 qts
30.3 L

John Deere 4850 Transmission

TransmissionJohn Deere Power Shift
Typefull power shift
Gears15 forward and 4 reverse
ClutchPerma-Clutch wet disc
Oil capacity74.4 qts (2WD)
70.4 L
 86.4 qts (4WD)
81.8 L

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John Deere 4850 Power

Engine207.9 hp
155.0 kW
Drawbar (claimed)162 hp
120.8 kW
PTO (claimed)190 hp
141.7 kW
Drawbar (tested)164.73 hp
122.8 kW
PTO (tested)192.99 hp
143.9 kW

John Deere 4850 Mechanical

Two- or four-wheel drive
Final drivesinboard planetary
Differential lockhydraulic rear
Power steering
Hydraulic wet disc brakes
Sound-Gard cab standard. Optional four-post Roll-Gard ROPS.

John Deere 4850 Capacity

Fuel102 gal
386.1 L
Hydraulic system18.6 gal (2WD)
70.4 L
 21.6 gal (4WD)
81.8 L

John Deere 4850 Hydraulics

Typeclosed center
Capacity18.6 gal (2WD)
70.4 L
 21.6 gal (4WD)
81.8 L
Pressure2277 psi
157.0 bar
Valves2 or 3
Pump flow29.5 gpm
111.7 lpm

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John Deere 4850 Tractor hitch

Rear TypeIII
Controllower-link draft sensing
Rear lift9,599 lbs
4354 kg

John Deere 4850 Power Take-off (PTO)

Rear PTOindependent
Clutchhydraulic wet disc
Rear RPM1000
Engine RPM1000@2200

John Deere 4850 Dimensions & Tires

2WD Wheelbase118.5 inches
300 cm
4WD Wheelbase117.1 inches
297 cm
Weight17457 to 18720 pounds
Front tire11.00-16
2WD Rear tire20.8-38

John Deere 4850 Electrical

Charging systemalternator
Charging amps90
Battery volts6
 12 Opt

John Deere 4850 Tires

2WD Standard tires (ag)Front: 11.00-16. Rear: 20.8-38
4WD Standard tires (ag)Front: 18.4-26. Rear: 20.8-38
Ag rear18.4-38

John Deere 4850 Dimensions

2WD Wheelbase118.5 inches
300 cm
4WD Wheelbase117.1 inches
297 cm
Length179.7 inches (2WD)
456 cm
 184.8 inches (4WD)
469 cm
Width118 inches (standard axle)
299 cm
 85 inches (optional axle)
215 cm
 108 inches (optional axle)
274 cm
Height117.8 inches
299 cm
Shipping weight17,457 lbs
7918 kg
Operating weight18,720 lbs (2WD)
8491 kg
Ground clearance14.92 inches
37 cm
Rack-and-pinion rear axle3.94 by 96 inches
100 by 2438 mm
Rack-and-pinion rear axle3.94 by 108 inches
100 by 2743 mm
Rack-and-pinion rear axle3.94 by 118 inches
100 by 2997 mm

John Deere 4850 Loader Attachments

HeaderHarvesting crops
ConditionerImproving the drying rate of the crop
ElevatorMoving the crop from the header to the auger
AugerMoving the crop from the elevator to the hopper
HopperStoring the harvested crop
UnloaderUnloading the harvested crop from the hopper
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