John Deere 4052R Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

John Deere 4052R Specs, Weight, Price & Review

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John Deere 4052R Overview

The John Deere 4M Series 4WD Compact Utility Tractor is the John Deere 4052R. Since 2014, this tractor has been manufactured in Augusta, Georgia, by John Deere.

The John Deere 405R has a 2.1L (127.5 cu*in), four-cylinder diesel engine. It also comes with one of two transmissions,

a power shuttle transmission with a wet clutch and 12 forward or reversed gears or a hydrostatic with infinite forward and back gears.

John Deere 4052R Specs

The Yanmar 4TNV86 engine was used in the John Deere 4052R utility tractor. It is a 2.1L, 2,089 cm (127.5 cu*in),

four-cylinder turbocharged Diesel engine with an 86.0mm (3.39in) bore and a 90.0mm (3.54in) stroke. The engine produced 52.2 PS (38.4kW; 51.5HP) at 2,600 RPM of output power.

John Deere 4052R Price

Prices: $42,597.00 USD(Approx)

John Deere 4052R Weight

Weight: 1,710 kg (3,770 lbs)

John Deere 4052R Height

Height: 97.4 inches

John Deere 4052R Specs


Family EYDXL2.09TDA
Manufacturer Yanmar
Engine model 4TNV86CT-MJT
Engine power (gross) SAE J1995 rated power: 37.9 kW
50.8 hp
51.5 PS at 2600 rpm
Power take-off (PTO) power PowrReverser transmission: 30.5 kW
40.8 hp
eHydro transmission: 29.2 kW
39.1 hp
Rated engine speed 2600 rpm
Type Diesel
Injection pump type High pressure common rail direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged
Emissions compliance Final Tier 4
Cylinders/displacement 4 / 2.091 L
4 / 127.6 cu in.
Number of cylinders Four
Cylinder liners Cast-in-block
Bore and stroke 86 x 90 mm
3.4 x 3.54 in.
Compression ratio 19.1:1
Lubrication Pressurized
Cooling system Liquid
Air cleaner Dual element with electronic restriction indicator
Engine torque at rated speed 139 Nm
102.5 lb-ft
Fuel tank capacity Rollover protective structure (ROPS) – 56.9 L
15 U.S. gal.
Cab – 52.2 L
13.8 U.S. gal.


Battery size 770 CCA
Alternator (12-V) 75 amp
Starter size 2 kW
2.68 hp

Fuel system

Type High pressure common rail direct injection


Standard transmission; forward/reverse eHydro transmission (eHST)
Optional transmission; forward/reverse 12/12 PowrReverser transmission (PRT)
Left-hand reverser PRT only
Transmission gear ranges PRT – 12F/12R eHydro – Infinitely-variable 3 range
Final drive Planetary
Brakes Multi-plate wet disc
Steering Hydrostatic power steering
Clutch, wet/dry Wet
Clutch disk diameter wet clutch 129 mm
5.08 in.
Axle capacity Front: 1600 kg(3528 lb)
Rear: 2400 kg(5292 lb)
Creeper SpeedMatch standard
Cruise control Standard
Differential lock Yes


Type Open center
Pump rated output Steering
23.5 L/min
6.2 gpm
42.3 L/min
65.8 L/min
17.4 gpm
Pump type Single gear
Draft control sensing Position control
Remote control valves available Up to six rear remotes

3-point hitch

Type Category 1
Lift capacity, 24-in. behind link arms 1135 kg
2500 lb

Power take-off (PTO)

Standard Independent 540 rpm at 2600 rpm
Optional 540E rpm
Control Independent
Clutch Wet disc

Fluid capacities

Crankcase with filter 5.3 L
1.4 qt
Transmission and hydraulic system 47.3 L
12.5 gal.

Final drive

Type Planetary
Differential lock Yes

Operator station

Rollover protective structure Type
Platform – flat/straddle Flat
Gear shift location – console/floor PRT – Left-hand side


Compliance OSHA, SAE, ASAE
Visibility 360 degree (angle)
Air conditioning, temperature differential 14.4 °C
58 °F
Doors Two
Noise rating 78 dBA
Seat equipment Air suspension with swivel


Wheelbase 185.5 cm
73 in.
Front axle clearance 35.1 cm
13.8 in.
Turning radius with brakes 2.8 m
9.19 ft
Turning radius without brakes 3.0 m
9.84 ft
Approximate shipping weight (open-station; cab) Open operator station (OOS) – 1710 kg
3770 lb
Cab – 2120 kg
4675 lb


Front Farm – 8-16
Turf – 27×10.5-15 or 27x12LL-15
Industrial – 10-16.5
Rear Farm – 13.6-28
Turf – 44×18-20 or 22.5LL-16.1
Industrial – 16.9Lx24
Front tread range 148.1 cm
58.3 in.
Rear tread spacing 137.2 cm
54 in.

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John Deere 4052R FAQs


Q. How much can a John Deere 4052R lift?

Ans. John Deere 4052R Cab Tractor/Loader Features 52HP Yanmar Diesel Turbocharged Engine * Backhoe

and grapple compatibility Twin touch pedals with hydrostatic technology * 4WD Nearly 2300lbs loader lift capacity when at pivot Extended Warranties Available PowerGard * 0% financing and Delivery Equipment is available.

Q. What engine is in a John Deere 4052R?

Ans. The powerful Yanmar(r) diesel engine offers plenty of power under heavy loads. This Yanmar diesel engine has a high torque reserve that gives plenty of power when under loads.

The engine is a 4-cylinder with fewer exhaust emissions and lower noise levels.

Q. What kind of engine does a John Deere 4052r have?

Ans. The John Deere 4052R comes equipped with a 2.1 L (127.5 cu*in) four-cylinder diesel engine

and one transmission that includes a power shuttle transmission with a wet disc clutch, 12 reverse, and forward gears or a hydrostatic one that is infinite in reverse and forward gears.

It was the John Deere 4052R compact utility tractor powered by the Yanmar 4TNV86 engine.

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