3 Unexpected Ways – How to Talk to Spirits and Communicate With Ghosts


If you are looking to connect with the spirit world, there are various methods that you can use, such as a dowsing pendulum or an Ouija Board.

However, exercising patience, keeping an open mind, and following the correct steps are crucial to ensure the process is safe and effective.


Whether you aim to contact a specific spirit or simply communicate with the spirit world, you can establish a connection and gain insight into the realm of spirits with the right approach.

Unlocking the Veil: 3 Unexpected Ways to Talk to Spirits

How to Talk to Spirits and Communicate With Ghosts

METHOD 1: Beginning Your Session

1. Protect yourself psychically:

If you are trying to contact spirits, preparing yourself first is important. There may be some evil spirits you can come in contact with, which can harm you. To avoid this, you can take some simple steps to protect yourself.

First, you can pray and ask for protection from the universe. You can also imagine yourself surrounded by a bright white light that keeps negative spirits away.

You can also focus on connecting with positive spirits instead of negative ones. Lastly, you can affirm to keep your mind focused on positive things and to attract good spirits.


2. Find a charm:

If you want to communicate with a particular spirit, like a loved one who has passed away, you’ll need something that attracts them to you.

This thing is called a charm; it can be anything that belonged to the person when they were alive.

It would help if you chose something that has a lot of meaning for the person, such as jewelry, notebooks, journals, photographs, or a favorite book. This will help you connect with them more easily.

Avoid using alcohol

3. Avoid using alcohol or drugs:

When you consume alcohol or drugs, it can affect your ability to make good decisions and can make you more susceptible to negative energies.

Some people believe that being drunk or high can also attract harmful spirits.

If any of your friends are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it’s best not to involve them in any spiritual or supernatural activities.

4. Burn sage incense

Sage is a special herb that can cleanse the air around us. If you are worried about negative energy or evil spirits in your surroundings, you can burn sage incense to purify the air.

This will help remove negative vibes and discourage negative spirits from coming close to you. You can find sage incense online or at a special herbs store.

METHOD 2: Using a Dowsing Pendulum

1. Purchase or create a dowsing crystal:

A dowsing crystal is a type of crystal that is attached to a string or chain. You will feel a connection with the crystal when you hold it, which indicates that your energy is in alignment with the crystal.

To find a good dowsing crystal, you can visit a store specializing in herbs and select a crystal that speaks to you.

Alternatively, you can use a crystal necklace belonging to a loved one who passed away or tie a string around a crystal you have owned for a long time.

2. Dangle the crystal over a flat surface:

To use a crystal, first, hold the end of a chain in your strongest hand. Then, gently swing the crystal over a flat surface like a table or floor. Make sure that the crystal is close to the surface but not touching it.

If you prefer, you can also dangle the crystal over a paper circle to help you see its movements more clearly.

Determine “yes” and “no” answers:

3. Determine “yes” and “no” answers:

To use a crystal for divination, hold it still and gently swing it a few times. Ask the spirits to show you how it responds when the answer is “yes”. Take note of the pattern that the crystal follows.

After the crystal is still again, repeat the process and ask the spirits to show you how it responds when the answer is “no”. Keep in mind that the pattern may change from one session to another.


4. Begin asking questions:

If you want to communicate with a spirit using a crystal, you should ask simple questions that can be answered with either a “yes” or a “no”. For example, you can ask, “Is your name Sandra Burdoch?” the crystal will move in a specific way to indicate the answer.

However, it would help if you were careful when interpreting the messages you receive, as some spirits might try to deceive you or may not fully understand what you’re asking.

It’s important to be respectful and polite when communicating with spirits, just as you would with any person.

Using a Dowsing Pendulum

5. End the session:

After you finish talking to a spirit, it’s important to politely ask them to return to the spirit world and then put down the crystal you were using.

To help yourself feel more present and grounded, you can have a snack or drink a cup of tea.

If you still feel like there’s a presence in the room after you’re done, you can burn some sage incense to help cleanse the space.

METHOD 3: Using a Ouija Board

1. Purchase or make a Ouija board:

If you want to use an Ouija board, you can buy one online or from a store that sells unique and exciting things. Sometimes, you can find old and fancy Ouija boards at special sales or antique shops.

If you don’t want to buy one, you can make your own by writing the letters of the alphabet, numbers 1-9, and words like “yes,” “no,” and “goodbye” on a big piece of paper.

You’ll also need something to help you move around the board. This is called a planchette, and you can buy one or make your own by creating a small wooden arrow that you can use to point to the different letters and numbers on the board.

2. Gather a few friends:

If you ever plan on using an Ouija board, you should always have a friend or two. This will help keep you safe from any evil spirits lurking around.

Just make sure your friends are solemn and respectful about the process. It could lead to negative consequences if they don’t take it seriously. Remember, never use an Ouija board alone!

3. Set up the Ouija board:

A dowsing crystal is a special crystal hung on a string or chain. When you hold it, you should feel a connection with it. This means that your energy is in sync with the crystal. To find a good dowsing crystal, you can:

  • Visit a herb shop specializing in crystals and choose one that feels right.
  • Use a crystal necklace that belonged to a loved one who has passed away.
  • Tie a string around a crystal you have owned for a long time.

4. Summon a spirit:

First, select one person to be the medium, who will communicate with the spirit. Then, the medium should politely invite a spirit to come.

Wait patiently for a while and keep your fingers on the planchette. When it starts moving on its own, it means that a spirit has arrived.

Be patient, as this process can take a few minutes.

5. Ask the spirit questions:

When people want to talk to a ghost, they often use a tool called an Ouija board. The board has letters, numbers, and words like “yes” and “no” on it.

A person called a medium uses the board to ask the ghost questions. If the question is a yes or no, the board will move towards the “yes” or “no” words.

The ghost may spell words or sentences if the question is more complicated. Some good questions to ask might be: “What’s your name?”, “Are you a ghost?” or “Do you have a message for us?”.

6. Learn to recognize bad spirits:

If you’re using an Ouija board and the pointer is just moving around without giving you any clear answers, that means the spirit you’re trying to communicate with is not interested in talking to you.

However, if the pointer starts moving in a figure-eight pattern, the spirit is trying to take control of the board. In this case, it’s best to stop using the board immediately.

Also, it’s best to stop if you start feeling scared or uncomfortable while using the board. Fear can attract negative spirits to the Ouija board, which is not something you want to happen.

Close the connection

7. Close the connection:

To end an Ouija board session, move the pointer to the word “goodbye” on the board. This will disconnect the board from the spirit world.

After the session, wrap the pointer in a cloth and keep it separately from the board to avoid any chance of inviting spirits into your home.

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What are some common methods for initiating communication with spirits or ghosts?

Common methods include using tools like Ouija boards, conducting séances, practicing automatic writing, or using electronic devices like EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recorders.

How can one differentiate between genuine spirit communication and mere coincidence or imagination?

Genuine spirit communication often involves specific and meaningful responses, consistent patterns, or unexplained phenomena. It’s important to approach such experiences with skepticism and critical thinking while remaining open to the possibility of genuine communication.

Is it possible for anyone to communicate with spirits, or are certain individuals more predisposed to this ability?

While some people may have a natural inclination or sensitivity to spirit communication, many believe that with practice and proper techniques, anyone can learn to communicate with spirits effectively.

Are there any precautions one should take before attempting to communicate with spirits to ensure safety?

It’s advisable to set clear intentions, protect oneself spiritually, and maintain a respectful attitude towards the spirit world. Additionally, working with experienced practitioners or mentors can provide guidance and support during the process.

Can communicating with spirits have any potential psychological or emotional effects on the individual?

Some individuals may experience feelings of fear, anxiety, or confusion when engaging in spirit communication. It’s crucial to prioritize mental and emotional well-being and to seek support if needed. Additionally, maintaining a healthy balance and setting boundaries with spiritual practices is essential for overall well-being.


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