Top 15 Best Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous [2022]

Best Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous: This article covers 15 Best Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous 2022 and, most importantly, the highest-paying jobs in the miscellaneous. 

If you’re looking to try new routes for career development or increase your savings, many odd jobs are in the marketplace. 

They range from gruesome jobs like Embalmer, Undertaker, or Expert Mourner to careers you have not seen before, such as the Bingo Manager, Soil Scientist or Bed Warmer Podiatrist, and even online Dating Ghostwriter. 

Don’t worry that you are not the only person unknowing of these jobs on the market. 

However, one thing is for sure taking various paths is especially beneficial to make it into the workforce.

Top 15 Best Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous 2022

The name odd work refers to miscellaneous jobs. They are referred to as odd jobs because they are not the typical “go-to” jobs for most people. Some pay astronomically and pay a lot. 

These are usually employed to complement any “real” career you have working. While they are often overlooked, a significant amount of money could be accumulated. 

They can range from odd jobs to work and even as per your talents. You can do these jobs with comfort during your spare time and earn money.

Best Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous

15. Private Investigator:

You’re ready to grab the magnifying glass or a telescopic lens and a bag full of corn nuts to keep you going, just as Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, and Hercule Poirot did. As a private investigator, you’ll gather, analyze, synthesize, and report on information about criminal organizations or individuals. You will only need a high-school diploma and some training on the job.

14. Stenocaptioner:

It is hard to imagine who took all the notes after the prosecutor said, “Point to being noted, my Lord.”

13. Costume Assistant:

Ever wonder how actors and singers change their costumes during live performances? Costume helpers are here to help. This would include fitting costumes and maintaining them in good condition between performances.

12. Crystallographer:

Crystals may appeal to you because they are beautiful, or someone told you they could bring you happiness and fortune. Or, you might be interested in crystallography, a branch of science that studies the formation and structure of crystals. The role of crystallographers is crucial in determining the composition of different crystals.

11. Master Marijuana Extractor:

Do you want a unique, high-paying job? Experts are needed to process cannabis efficiently and hemp components to make oils, concentrates, and edible products. The United States has a thriving marijuana industry. They are known as master marijuana extractors and can make a staggering $250,000 annually.

10. Soap Boiler:

Being a soap boiler can help you become clean. Small- to medium-sized soap makers need soap boilers for their multistep process of converting fats into soap bars and powders. You will be working with a “grainy and curdy soap mass” and a “pasty boiling soap mass that has been treated with brine span> during the soap-making process.

9. Embalmer:

Embalming is a job you can tolerate if your coworkers aren’t very chatty. But, on the other hand, you’d make about $8,000 more annually preparing bodies for incarceration.

8. Flavorist:

A flavorist uses a chemical to create synthetic and natural flavors. A flavorist’s main goal is to create new, seductive flavors that people love.

7. Bereavement Coordinator:

Nobody wants to tell their loved ones the sad news. However, someone must do it. The bereavement coordinators will supervise the social workers who give the devastating news. They actively participate in a socio-emotional program that makes this difficult situation as easy as possible.

6. Bingo Manager:

As fancy as it might sound, bingo managers are the driving force behind casinos’ bingo business. Bingo managers are responsible for the approval of jackpots, payouts, staff supervision, budget maintenance, and all aspects of staff management. In addition, they deal with escalated customer complaints and ensure compliance with state and federal gaming regulations.

5. Content Creator:

Content creators are one of the most lucrative jobs in miscellaneous. First, they create and edit content, including social and conceptual copy. Then, they review the content and make suggestions for improvement.

4. Hot Dog Cart Vendor:

While you may be curious about how much a hot-dog cart vendor can make while cruising the streets of Manhattan, Chicago, or Minneapolis, it’s possible to be surprised at the average income of these vendors. They earn $1,150 per weekend and $100,000 annually on average.

3. Elevator Inspector:

You may have heard of many other professions, but you might not have realized that an elevator inspector is one. Unfortunately, most people don’t know much about elevator inspection until they are trapped in one. Elevator inspectors ensure that all elevators comply with safety codes and compliance codes, no matter how tall they are.

2. Algae Scientist:

The green slime that floats on the water can make you rich. Algae are a crucial component of animal ecosystems. Algae scientists, also known as phycologists, study algae for various purposes. These include wastewater treatment and biofuel production.

1. Billboard Installer:

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t love the luminous billboards that can be seen from afar while driving along the roads. Unfortunately, installers or billboards don’t work overnight. They are responsible for installing and removing billboard signs/advertisements, repairing and maintaining, trimming tree branches, and repairing weather damage.

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