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Allis Chalmers 5020 Specs.

About Allis Chalmers 5020 

The Hinomoto, Japan company produced the Allis Chalmers 5020, a small utility tractor with two or four wheels, in Osaka, Japan, between 1977 and 1985. Tractors like the Simplicity Allis Chalmers 5020 Hinomoto, Hinomoto, and Massey-Ferguson 220 are exact replicas of the Allis Chalmers 5020.

1.3 L (1,263 ccs) (77.1 cu in) two-cylinder, liquid-cooled, Toyota S126 diesel engine with sliding transmission (8 forward and 2 reverse). This engine is found in the Allis Chalmers 5020.

A two-cylinder, naturally aspirated, liquid-cooled diesel engine with a bore and stroke of 92.0mm (3.62in) and 95.0mm (3.74in) drove the Allis Chalmers 5020 utility tractor.

23 to 1 is the compression ratio rating. The power output of this motor was 17.1 kW or 23.0 HP. Maximum PTO horsepower of 21.0 HP was measured at the rated engine speed (15.7kW). Donaldson’s air is dry

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Allis Chalmers 5020 Features 

  • The first tractor with power steering and a diesel engine was the Allis Chalmers 5020.
  • The Allis Chalmers 5020 tractor outperforms its rivals in terms of horsepower during production.
  • The row-crop tractor has a narrow front end and is designed to work with a variety of equipment.
  • If properly maintained, the Allis Chalmers 5020 provides quiet and durable operation.

Allis Chalmers 5020 Price & Weight

Weight:  2209 lbs

 Price:  $8,280 

Allis Chalmers 5020 Specifications 

Allis Chalmers 5020 Serial Number

Serial Number: Year Made:
2220 1978
1001 1978
3091 1979
4115 1980
5790 1981
7034 1982
8388 1983
8734 1984
9217 1985

Allis Chalmers 5020 Dimensions, Weight, And Tires

AG front tires 5.00-15 (2WD)
AG rear tires 9.5-24
Lawn front tires 20×8.00-10
Lawn rear tires 13.6-16
Weight 1900 lbs or 861 kg
Length 98.9 inches [251 cm]
Width 48 inches [121 cm]
Height 85 inches [215 cm]
Wheelbase 59.8 inches [151 cm]
Ground clearance
Rear tread size 39.2/51 inches
Front tread size 38.6 inches

Allis Chalmers 5020 Horsepower and engine

Engine size 77.1 ci or 1.3 L
Number of cylinders 2 cylinders
Horsepower 25 hp or 18.6 kW
Power RPM 2500 (rpm)
Engine torque
Engine torque RPM
Fuel type diesel
Fuel tank capacity 7 gal or 26.5 L
Compression ratio 23.0:1
Bore stroke 3.62×3.74 inches or (92 x 95 mm)
Oil tank capacity 5 qt or 4.7 L
Coolant tank capacity 5.3 qt or 5.0 L

Allis Chalmers 5020 Battery and Electrical 

Number of batteries 1
Battery voltage 12 V
Battery Amps 70 amps
Electric ground force negative
Electric charging system alternator
Electric charging Amps 15 amps
Engine starter volts 12 V
Parts And Accessories Allis Chalmers 5020 Parts 

Allis Chalmers 5020 Clutch and transmission

Transmission system sliding gear
Transmission type
Transmission gears 12 forward and 3 reverse
Clutch system 215mm dry disc
Oil tank capacity 22 qt or 20.8 L

Allis Chalmers 5020 Hydraulic 

Hydraulic system open center
Number of valves 0 or 1
Pump flow rate 5.44 GPM or 20.6 pm
Hydraulic tank capacity 5.5 gal or 20.8 L

Allis Chalmers 5020 Drawbar

Drawbar claimed power 17 hp or 12.7 kW
Drawbar real power 17.37 hp or 13.0 kW
Drawbar fuel consumption 1.6 gal/hour or 6.1 l/hour
Max drawbar pull 2,346 lbs or 1064 kg

Allis Chalmers 5020  Point Hitch

Hitch control system
Rear hitch I
Rear hitch lift

Allis Chalmers 5020  Power take-off (PTO) 

PTO claimed power 21 hp or 15.7 kW
PTO real power 20.78 hp or 15.5 kW
PTO engine @RPM 540@2320 (rpm)
PTO clutch system
Rear PTO system transmission
Rear PTO RPM 540 (rpm)
Front PTO system
PTO fuel consumption 1.5 gal/hour or 5.7 l/hour

Final Words Allis Chalmers 5020 

We sincerely hope you liked reading our Allis Chalmers 50203 review! The first product line to achieve such widespread popularity was this row-crop tractor. The Allis Chalmers 50203 is a great tractor for medium-sized farms even though it might not be adequate for the rigorous loader job.

The Allis Chalmers 50203 tractor can provide dependable service for a very long period if properly maintained. The majority of parts are very simple to locate in the dealer’s shop and even simpler to work with.

FAQs For Allis Chalmers 5020

What is the most popular Allis-Chalmers tractor?

After Model W was improved to make it suitable for cultivating, Allis-Chalmers created the WC. The Model WC became the most popular tractor ever produced by Allis-Chalmers by capitalizing on the success of the company’s 1932 introduction of rubber tires to agriculture.

What is the most reliable tractor ever made?

The John Deere brand is the most esteemed and sought-after tractor manufacturer in the world and is well-known on a global scale. With a reputation built up over 183 years, John Deere provides the highest level of dependability for any business.

What is the most-sold tractor of all time?

The low-cost Fordson machine began operating in the first period, which began in 1917. With nearly 740,000 Fordsons sold during its 11-year production run, that tractor became the most well-liked one ever produced.

Why did Allis-Chalmers stop making tractors?

In the 1980s, the company experienced financial problems and was forced to sell many of its commercial divisions. A little under 140 years after E.P. Allis’ initial entry into Milwaukee’s industrial boom, Allis-Chalmers permanently shuttered its doors in 1999.

Is Allis-Chalmers red or orange?

Returning to the factory, he persuaded his coworkers that orange was the best option. Persian Orange was the colour’s given name in honour of the poppy (a native crop of ancient Persia, now modern-day Iran).


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