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Tractor Supply Application

Tractor Supply Application – Tractor Supply Company runs more than 1,000 retail stores nationwide and employs nearly 20,000 people.

The Tractor Supply company promises customers expertise, passion and integrity in all services.

As the retailer claims on the Tractor Supply official website, candidates who demonstrate strong work values typically perform well during the hiring process.

Tractor Supply Application Online

Tractor Supply Co. Job Opportunities

Tractor Supply Co. has a wide range of entry-level and part-time positions. There are also many opportunities behind the scenes that involve customer interaction.

This company has a variety of jobs available, including inventory, distribution, management, sales and customer service. It also employs a wide range of skills.

In the company’s mission statement, honesty and working as a team are emphasized. Tractor Supply Co. hires people who can balance the company’s retail values with operational success. 

People who have both of these traits often move up in the company to become supervisors or managers. You may also need a high school diploma and work experience in the field for managerial jobs.

People who have worked in agriculture or sold farming equipment can also stand out among other applicants.

What are the Facts regarding Working at Tractor Supply Co.?

  • Hiring Age: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Tractor Supply Co?)
  • Available Positions: Cashier, Team Member, Team Leader, Sales Associate, Store Manager, Assistant Manager
  • Printable Application: Visit Tractor Supply official site.

What are the Benefits of Working at Tractor Supply Co.?

Tractor Supply Co. employees grow their skill sets, learn and apply personal strengths, and enjoy working with highly motivated teams.

The Tractor Supply Company rewards hardworking team members with promotion options and career growth. Qualified associates working full-time also receive employee advantages packages.

Most packages consist of the following:

  • 401(k) plans
  • Bonus opportunities
  • Education assistance
  • Paid vacation.
  • Medical coverage
  • Life insurance

Tractor Supply Application

Tractor Supply Co. Positions and Salary Information

Tractor Supply Co. will hire people who are 16 years old or older. Based on how much they want to work with customers and how well they can lift heavy things, younger people often get jobs like store team members or material handlers.

For management positions, you can interview people who have more experience and a background in agriculture or business. Below is a list of jobs that are often open to people looking for work:

Store Team Member

  • The company values integrity, product knowledge, positive attitudes and high energy as desirable traits for in-store associates.
  • The primary responsibilities of a store team member are to provide excellent customer service and meet sales goals.
  • The position requires many tasks, including cash register operation, merchandise recovery, store display assembly, janitorial duties, forklift operation, and general sales assistance.
  • Hourly pay for a store associate is between $7.00 and $9.00.

Store receiver

  • Store receiver positions are available for applicants aged 18 and older. They require applicants who can be reliable, organized, and punctual in completing tasks.
  • The best applicants can solve problems with their computer skills and count.
  • Flexible work hours, including weekend and night availability, are a benefit.
  • The store receivers are responsible for maintaining accurate inventory and receiving and shipping freight.
  • Ability to load 50 lb. Transport and pull merchandise up to 200 lbs. Equipment assistance is also necessary.
  • The average store receiver makes between $9.00 to $13.00 an hour.


  • Tracker Supply Co. is looking for risk-takers who can work in fast-paced environments and have the required education and experience.
  • Managers of retail stores make hiring decisions, supervise employees, increase sales, maintain store appearance, and manage inventory.
  • Managers of retail assistants focus more on customer service and supervision.
  • These positions require retail management experience of at least two years. Candidates with bachelor’s degrees in related areas will be preferred.
  • There are many positions that workers can assume, such as operations manager, retail assistant manager and manager of retail store.
  • In distribution centers, operations managers oversee the use of space, equipment and crew members.
  • This position requires a minimum of five years of experience in operations management, with college degrees preferred.
  • Relocation may be necessary for the role of retail store manager.
  • Operations managers earn between $34,000 to $38,000 annually, while retail store managers have salary options of $41,000 to $64,000.
  • Retail assistants receive an hourly wage between $12.00 and $15.00.

Store Team Leader

  • The store team leader works closely with the assistant manager and store manager. They are responsible for setting the example and ensuring that team members follow corporate policies.
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs. It is also necessary to be able to carry 50 lbs.
  • The store leader is responsible for achieving operational, sales and merchandising goals.
  • The average hourly wage for store team leaders is $8.00 to $12.00.

Tips for Applying

You can apply online for a job with the company’s career site. The retailer claims that it accepts applications for hourly-paid positions.

Individuals interested in working in the agricultural supply chain may also request applications in person at their preferred location.

Drop-by applicants are encouraged to bring their resumes for filing purposes in case there are no openings. The company career site suggests that job seekers apply online for corporate jobs.

Application Status

Online applicants can track the status of any outstanding applications by accessing their profiles. These profiles were created at the start of the process. A job candidate may prefer to submit an application in person.

However, the website allows applicants to track the status of outstanding applications online. The retailer will contact the most qualified candidates for open positions, regardless of any follow-up actions taken.

Final Words

Customers and applicants can use Tractor Supply Co.’s website to search for merchandise and services in-store and online.

You can also find information about the company, including job postings, application forms, tips and hiring information.

Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the careers link. You can also find the company’s values and mission in the careers section.

Candidates should be familiar with all career-related information to show knowledge about company morals during interviewing and application processes.


How long does it take for Tractor Supply to look at your application?

One to two weeks.

What is the hiring process for Tractor Supply?

Conduct initial interviews to determine the candidate’s potential fit for an opening. Present qualified candidates to the hiring manager. Schedule phone screens and on-site interviews. Represent Tractor Supply Company by explaining the company’s mission, culture, values, and growth opportunities.

What skills does Tractor Supply look for?

Retail experience and farming, ranching, pet/equine, or welding knowledge is strongly preferred. Education: A high school diploma or equivalent is preferred but not needed. Regardless of education level, Team Members must be able to write, read and count accurately. Professional Certifications: None.

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