How to Set Up Voicemail on a Samsung Phone? [Complete Guide]


How to Set Up Voicemail on a Samsung Phone? – Guys!! Do you want to know how to set up Voicemail on your Samsung Galaxy device, or what to do if your Voicemail is not working? We have got all the answers.

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How to Set Up Voicemail on a Samsung Phone

Despite all the different methods we use to get messages, Voicemail remains an effective tool to ensure that people can reach our messages when hectic lives take over.

It’s easy to think that Voicemail will be activated automatically when you first get the latest Samsung phone, but usually, it’s not the scenario.

If you’re planning to create a new voicemail, or Voicemail isn’t working for you on an Android phone, This is how you can make it work.


How To Set Up Voicemail on a Samsung Phone

Voicemail is a feature offered by your mobile provider. The number you have to call will become accessible after you have inserted the SIM card into your mobile. Connecting the SIM card (or set up an electronic SIM) with certain cell phone providers does all you need to do. However, they will require you to set up your Voicemail before using it.

  • The first step is to verify that your Voicemail is working. It is done using the Phone app and then clicking settings > More > Voicemail. If there’s a telephone number, it means that Voicemail is turned on.
  • You can copy the number and then enter it into the dialer. Or press and hold on to the 1- button on your keypad.

Set Up Voicemail on a Samsung Phone

  • If it’s the first time you’ve had access to Voicemail, then you’ll have to select the security code. The code should be between 4 and 10 digits long.
  • The steps to follow differ for various service providers. Certain require the creation of personal messages or a signature (your name is spoken and then added to the text).
  • Call the number once you’ve completed all the necessary activation steps and are ready to hang up. Your Voicemail will now be ready to receive messages.

How to Listen to Your Voicemails

If you’ve got basic Voicemail enabled, you can listen to the message on Samsung by pressing the speed dial feature with Samsung.

  • Start the phone app, and click the keypad if it’s not already opened on the screen.
  • Hold and tap and hold the one button on your dialer keyboard.
  • You’ll see a tiny voicemail icon under the number that appears on the key.
  • Other keys on the keypad could be configured to dial a speedy number. However, key 1 is reserved for Voicemail.
  • The voicemail number will be called after a brief break. Then, you can use the automated menu to listen to the messages.

How To Change Samsung Voicemail Notifications?

The majority of voicemail settings can be changed by dialling the voicemail number and then using the menu with automated functions. One of the only features you can alter through the Samsung smartphone is the alert system that alerts you to any new messages.

  • To change the voicemail notification, launch the dialer app on your phone and then tap to open the “More” menu (three dots) at the top.
  • Go to Settings and then click on the Voicemail Section.
  • The number to dial to listen to voicemails is listed in this section.
  • Below the number, you’ll be able to check your current voicemail notification settings.
  • Click on the settings for notifications to display them fully.
  • You can change whether notifications are displayed on the bar in which you can see the status, what sounds they emit or if they are displayed on the lock screen.

Youtube Video Tutorial: How to Set up Voicemail on Samsung, iPhone and Android?

Here is this YouTube video on how to set up voicemail on all your devices, iPhone, Samsung, and any Android Smartphone.

Troubleshooting Samsung Voicemail

When set up correctly, you will have only a few problems regarding your voicemail. Any issues you may have are typically easily solved. Here are some of the most frequently encountered.

The New Voicemail Notification Icon Shows When There Are No New Voicemails

A caching issue typically causes this. To fix this issue, go to Settings, select Apps and then tap on the filter and sort button right at the very top of the page. Click Show the System Applications followed by OK. Click the Settings for Calls in the list of apps, then the Storage tab, then Clear Data, and Clean Cache.

Not Receiving Notifications of New Voicemails

If you’re certain, the voicemail feature is in operation and properly set up, check the settings for voicemail notification (see the above).

Unable to Listen to Voicemails From a Different Phone

You’ll require an encryption code to hear your messages via an alternative phone number to your own. If you’ve not yet accomplished this, it is possible to establish one by dialling the voicemail line and following directions within the automatic menu.

FAQs – Samsung Voicemail Set up

How do I turn on Voicemail on Android?

  • Navigate from a Home screen to the Apps icon. Settings.
  • Then, choose “Language & input” or “Language & keyboard.”
  • Tap from the on-screen keyboard. Gboard/Google Keyboard
  • Select Preferences.
  • Toggle the voice input key switch on or off.

What is the procedure for Turning off Voicemail on my Samsung Galaxy S10?

  • Choose the following icons from a Home screen: Phone icon > Menu icon > Settings.
  • If the Phone icon is not visible, scroll up to show all apps and hit the Phone icon.
  • Select Voicemail from the drop-down menu.
  • If you cannot be reached, choose to Call Settings > Voicemail.
  • Hit and hold the V Voicemail switch to turn on or off.
  • If the option is not accessible, select Notifications.

Why is it that my Voicemail does not work on Samsung?

Most of the time, an update to your carrier’s voicemail app or settings will cure the problem; however, it is necessary to ensure that your voicemail number is properly configured before moving any further. Once you have set up your Voicemail, you can turn off your phone whenever possible. There are, however, alternative means by which you can keep in touch.


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