Ford 7.3 Gas Engine Specs, Review & Prices

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Ford 7.3 Gas Engine

This article, which has been updated, has all the information you need to know about the Ford 7.3.

Ford 7.3 Specs Chart

Displacement7.3 litre, 444.9 cubic inches
AspirationNaturally aspirated
Cylinder Bore4.22 inches, or 107.2 mm
Piston Stroke3.976 inches or 101.0 mm
BlockCast iron
ValvetrainOHV, variable valve timing
FuelingMulti-Port fuel injection
Horsepower430 @ 5500 RPM
Torque475 lb-ft @ 4000 RPM
transmission10-speed automatic

Ford 7.3 Gas Engine Horsepower

Ford 7.3 Gas Engine Horsepower is 430 hp @ 5,500 rpm.

How Much Does The Ford 7.3 Gas Engine Weigh

When it comes to weight, this engine is a giant. Most of the time, it weighs 920 pounds.

There may be slight differences in weight when different models are put in different Ford trucks, but that is the average weight.

This engine has a high towing and hauling capacity, which is good because this much weight would be hard on most vehicles and might be too heavy for some towing situations.

The 7.3 Godzilla has a big engine, which is why it got the name “Godzilla.” It moves up those steep mountain slopes and pulls heavy trailers like Godzilla.

To make sure that a motor that big always works right, it will need a lot more oil and coolant.

Make sure to do regular maintenance on the engine to keep it running smoothly.

How Many Quarts Of Oil Does Ford 7.3 Gas Hold?

Ford says that this motor can hold 8 quarts of oil.

That’s how big the oil pan is. But they also say that when you change the oil, you should only add 7 quarts and fill the oil filter first.

After adding the 7 quarts, you should start the engine for a short time and then turn it off. This made the oil pressure go up.

Then you check the oil again, and if it says it’s low, you add another quart.

This engine only needs its oil changed every 10,000 miles, but that’s only when it’s being used normally.

If you tow and haul things all the time, you might want to change the oil more often.

The recommended oil viscosity is 5W30, and the Motorcraft FL820S oil filter is recommended.

To remove the oil plug from the oil pan, you should need a 15mm socket.

Ford 7.3 Gas Reliability

It appears to be a trustworthy engine. Man owners and reviews are quick to note that these engines’ initial runs were riddled with minor problems.

Usually, the only thing seriously hurt were the spark plugs and spark plug wires.

Additionally, these problems were planned to be one-time only. That indicates that when the issue was resolved, it didn’t occur again.

However, some owners contend that’s not the case. Some of them experienced the same problem up to four times.

If you experience issues with this engine, it will probably be hit or miss because other owners have said that they haven’t had any problems and are happy with the extra power this motor offers.

They claim that even though the motor is extremely good, the true issue is a scarcity of parts.

We’ll have to wait and see if that problem has been fixed. These issues can simply be system bugs.

Because of all the problems discovered in the first run, improvements are made to the first production of motors and other mechanical components in subsequent runs.

How Long Will a Ford 7.3 Gas Engine Last?

The specifications, towing capacity, and power this engine adds to your F250, F450, and other Ford trucks are what they are more concerned with.

The engine still has growing pains even though it was unveiled in 2020. Before anyone can accurately predict how long it will endure, certain bugs need to be eliminated.

Naturally, how long it lasts will depend on your driving style, the state of the roads, the weather, and how well you maintain it.

The most significant item on that list is the last one. It won’t last very long if you don’t take good care of it.

otherwise, you won’t see it endure very long if your driving style is on the hard side of the scale.

Then, it depends on whether or not your motor is a lemon.

These types need to be replaced as soon as possible because they do not survive very long. On the other hand, owners can experience a 20-year engine life.

Is the 7.3 L Ford Engine Good?

The 7.3 is a good engine if your gauge measures power. It has a towing capacity of 37,000 pounds due to its immense power.

Alternatively, if your gauge showed torque and JP, the engine is good because it produces top-notch HP and torque.

If your gauge also shows your gas mileage, though, you might want to reconsider. The maximum city mileage for the engine is 12 mpg.

That doesn’t seem like a hallmark of a good engine to most folks.

Additionally, using aftermarket supercharger equipment, this motor has been tested and has been known to produce up to 1400 HP and reach 1000 HP.

Ford 7.3 Gas Engine – FAQ

Ford 7.3 Gas Engine

Is the Ford 7.3 gas a good engine?

The Ford 7.3 combustion engine is, without a doubt, a real beast.

It comes standard on the F-450 and F-600, and the F-250 and F-350 can get it as an upgrade. the engine that can be bought.

What is the MPG on the Ford 7.3 gas engine?

Average of 16.5 mpg, and 24 mpg at 75 mph on the highway.

Why is Ford making a 7.3 gas?

“That led us to a torque-per-litre value and a power-per-litre value. Knowing that, we were limited to 7.3 litres.”

In order to save fuel, Ford engineers decided that the engine should produce its most power at what Beltramo calls “relatively low” RPM.

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