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Ford 3000 Specs, Price: The Ford 3000 Tractor was offered by Ford at the beginning of 1965. It was part of Ford’s 1000 Series of tractors. 

It was a ground-up new platform designed to replace the “Prior” or “Hundred Series” Fords grown from 1955 through 1964. Ford 3000 Tractor has a 3-cylinder OHV, water-cooled engine producing 37 horsepower.

It could be ordered with a Ford-built 158-cubic-inch gas and 175-cubic-inch diesel engine. Ford 3000 Tractor Optional transmissions were a 4-speed, 6-speed (3-speed with high and low), 8-speed (4-speed with high and low), and a 10-speed Select O Speed power shift transmission.

Ford 3000 Tractor’s best in-class key features include Live PTO, hydraulic remote valves, a differential lock, and power steering. Standard front wheels were 5.5X16 and 2 options were available for the rear wheels, either 13.6X28 or 14.9X24.

Ford 3000 Tractor Overview

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Ford 3000 Price

Ford 3000 Tractor Price

The original price was $6,300 in 1975.

Ford 3000 History

Utility tractor
FactoriesHighland Park, Michigan, USA
 Basildon, England
 Antwerp, Belgium
The Ford 3000 would have an A (Belgium), B (England), or C (United States) prefix to the serial number depending on where it was built.

Ford 3000 Serial Numbers


Ford 3000 Tractor Key Facts

  • Manufacturer: Ford
  • Production: 1965-1975
  • Power: 47 hp
  • Coolant capacity: 13.1 L
  • Gears: 10 forward and 2 reverse
  • Transmission: Select-O-Speed 
  • Hydraulics: open center
  • Chassis: 4×2 2WD

Ford 3000 Tractor specifications

Ford 3000 Specs

Ford 3000 Tractor ENGINE

TypeFord gasoline 3-cylinder liquid-cooled 158 ci [2.6 L]
Bore/Stroke4.20×3.80 inches [107 x 97 mm]
Power47 hp [35.0 kW]
Air cleanerdry
Rated RPM2100
Firing order1-2-3
Starter volts12
Oil Capacity8 qts [7.6 L]
Coolant capacity13.8 qts [13.1 L]
Sparkplug gap0.023-0.027 inches [0.584 mm]
Point gap0.022-0.028 inches [0.559 mm]


Typefull power shift
Gears10 forward and 2 reverse
Oil Capacity11 qts [10.4 L]
Oil typeESN-M2C41-A M2C41


Front tire5.50-16
Rear tire12.4-28


Weight (shipping)3,700 lbs [1678 kg]
Weight (operating)4,185 lbs [1898 kg]
Weight (ballasted)6,940 lbs [3147 kg]
Wheelbase75.8 inches [192 cm]
Length127 inches [322 cm]
Width64 inches [162 cm]
Height (steering wheel)58 inches [147 cm]
Height (hood)54 inches [137 cm]
Height (exhaust)83 inches [210 cm]
Ground clearance13.4 inches [34 cm] (transmission)
Clearance (front axle)21.5 inches [54 cm]
Front tread52 to 80 inches [132 to 203 cm]
Rear tread52 to 76 inches [132 to 193 cm]


Rear PTOTransmission, Live, independent
Rear RPM540 540/1000 (Select-O-Speed)


Charging systemgenerator
Charging amps22
Gas Amp-hours80
Diesel Amp-hours128


Chassis4×2 2WD
Differential lockmechanical rear
Steeringmanual, power assist
Brakesmechanical expanding shoe
CabOpen operator station. Canvas cab optional.


Typeopen center
Capacity6.3 gal [23.8 L]
Pressure2500 psi [172.4 bar]
Pump flow5 GPM [18.9 lpm]
Steering flow4.25 GPM [16.1 lpm]
Steering press600 psi [41.4 bar]


Rear TypeI
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm)1700 lbs [771 kg]

Ford 3000 Attachments

Ford 3000 Tractor Attachments

Ford 771 Loader

Loader typeFord 771
Weight815 lbs [369 kg] 
Height (to pin)97 inches [246 cm] 
Clearance dumped a bucket78 inches [198 cm] 
Dump reach33 inches [83 cm] 
Breakout force (lift)2700 lbs [1224 kg] 
Lift to full height (at pin)1800 lbs [816 kg] 
Bucket width60 inches [152 cm]

Ford 772 Loader

Loader typeFord 772
Weight1054 lbs [478 kg] 
Height (to pin)100 inches [254 cm] 
Clearance dumped a bucket80 inches [203 cm] 
Dump reach40 inches [101 cm] 
Breakout force (lift)4000 lbs [1814 kg] 
Lift to full height (at pin)2500 lbs [1134 kg] 
Bucket width:60 inches [152 cm] 

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James Wyman
James Wyman
3 years ago

I have a 3000 Ford tractor went from a 4 speed with out live power, got a flywheel for live power a 8 speed trans and rear what’s the trick to adjusting the clutch so the PTO stop when you depress the clutch….any help would be appreciated thanks….