BELARUS 522 Tractor Price, Specs & Key Features 2022

BELARUS 522 Tractor Price, Specs, Overview

The BELARUS 522 Tractor is designed for different farming operations with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed machines and tools, for transport works.

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BELARUS 522 Tractor Price

BELARUS 522 Tractor Price Technical Specs Key Facts & Images

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BELARUS 522 Tractor Key Features

  • Capacity, h.p./kW: 62/45,6
  • Axle arrangement: 4К4
  • Number of gears FWD/BWD: 9/2
  • Torque capacity, Н·m2: 278

BELARUS 522 Tractor Specifications

Typewithout turbocharging
Capacity, h.p./kW62/45,6
Brand markD-242
Fuel use, g/(kW·h)229,0+6,9
Torque capacity, Н·m2278
Transmission system
Selective gearmanual, with reducing gear that doubles the number of gears
Flywheel clutchsingle-disk, friction, spring-loaded
Number of gears FWD/BWD9/2
Back PTO shaft, min-1540
Load-carrying capacity of back suspension gear on suspension axis, kg, minimum3200
Full scale pressure, MPa20-2
Pump displacement at nominal speed of diesel crankshaft, l/min, minimum45
Axle arrangement4К4
Maximum weight, kg6500
Climatic modificationУ1/Т1
Minimum and maximum speed FWD/BWD, km/hMin 1,53/3,38
Max 28,00/7,55

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