BELARUS MPT-461.1 Load-haul-dump forestry vehicle Price & Specs 2024

BELARUS MPT-461.1 Load-haul-dump forestry Vehicle Specs, Price, Review, Overview

BELARUS MPT-461.1 Load-haul-dump forestry vehicle is produced for loading collecting, and transporting of assortments to loading bays and directly to the customer.

BELARUS MPT-461.1 Load-haul-dump forestry vehicle Info.

So, guys!! Are you searching for the BELARUS MPT-461.1 Load-haul-dump forestry Tractor Price, Specs? And do you want to know about the BELARUS MPT-461.1 Load-haul-dump forestry Tractor information like Price List, Technical specifications, Key Features, Images and more? Then here in this post, you will get all kinds of information, which you need to know about it.

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BELARUS MPT-461.1 Load-haul-dump forestry tractor Price

Please Call on This Number: +375 (17) 246-60-09 

BELARUS MPT-461.1 Load-haul-dump forestry Tractor Key Facts

  • Capacity: 60 kW (82 h.p.)
  • Load-carrying capacity: 9000 kg
  • Selective gear: Mechanical
  • Number of gears FWD/BWD: 16/4
  • Operated weight: 8950 kg

BELARUS MPT-461.1 Load-haul-dump forestry Specifications

Typetwo-element, consisting of power machine and semi-trailer
Operated weight, kg8950
Overall dimensions (length/width/height), mm10600/2200/3200
Productivity (at assortment technology of preparation of wood and transportation of assortments on distance to 300 m), m3/h, minimum7
Axle arrangement4К4 + 4КО
Power machineForestry tractor «BELARUS» L82.2-02
EngineММЗ Д-243 (Д-243S), 4-stroke, diesel, four-cylinder
Capacity, kW (h.p.)60 (82)
Flywheel clutchdry, single-disk
Selective gearMechanical, step-by-step, range
Number of gears FWD/BWD16/4
Semi-trailer modelBELARUS PL-9
Cargo platformwelded with the moved protection in forward part and horsemen
Load-carrying capacity, kg, maximum9000
Transported assortments length, m2, 4, 6
the Greatest cargo lifting moment of the hydraulic manipulator (net / gross), kN · m31/42
hydraulic manipulator Loading capacity on the maximum departure, kg460
Max boom extension, m5,5
Naibolshaya Square of conditional section of tick-borne capture, m20,16
the Greatest admissible speeds of the movement, km/h
on roads with a covering asphalt concrete or equivalent to it25
on forest roads10

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