460 Ford Engine Specs, Review, Price & Features

460 Ford Engine Specification

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460 Ford Engine Specification

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About the 460 Ford Engine Specs

460 Ford

The Ford 460 is a dependable engine that any truck or RV driver would love to have. It is so strong that it can carry a lot of weight.

Also, it is very long-lasting, so even if you buy an older model, the engine will still run well.

Though not in production anymore, this engine still exists. In fact, those who own one can attest to how powerful this engine is.

After so many years, it still runs in excellent condition. It is perfect for towing and hauling a lot of weight. Definitely, it is one useful, powerful, and reliable Ford engine.

By merely looking at its appearance, you would already know that it needs a potent engine.

With the Ford 460 engine, it can provide the power that an RV needs and more. It doesn’t sacrifice economy or speed despite heavy loads.

460 Ford Engine Details

460 Ford

Horsepower575 horses
Last year1978
Starting Pricing $ 10500
Rod Length  6.605 inches
Weightmore or less 720 lbs

460 Ford Performance

460 Ford

During the time it was made, the Ford 460 always stood out. But since it is in so many vehicles, it was hard to judge how well it worked in each one. It meant that the performance numbers were different and didn’t match up.

Drivers knew that the Ford 460 was one of the best engines for any vehicle, including a motorhome.

The Ford 460 engine has always been strong and durable, no matter what year it was made. It is a strong, reliable engine that can go more than 250,000 miles without breaking down.

So, if you are thinking about buying a Ford 460, the date it was made is not a big deal. Whether it was made in 1968 or 1994, it will probably work the way it should.

The lifeline of the Ford 460 Engine

Ford 460

People who have Ford 460 engines have said that they have already gone over 200,000 miles. Still, they haven’t made any big changes to the engine. Some people say that once the engine has gone over 250,000 miles, it usually needs major repairs.

Many people can say that this engine works well. It can last more than 30 years, which shows how long it can last.

But it all comes down to how well you take care of your vehicle and engine. Your car needs to be taken care of regularly. So, you can make sure you can use it to its fullest for a very long time.

Ford 460 Engine Weight

The weight of the Ford 460 engine is more or less 720 lbs. This means that it is quite heavy to install. So, you have to first assess the condition of your vehicle before placing the engine in it.

Make sure that your vehicle is capable of carrying a 720-lb engine.

They might need to perform a basic upgrade to make sure your vehicle can carry a Ford 460. For instance, heavier coils might have to be installed in your vehicle to handle the extra weight.

Leaf springs might not be a good idea to install. They are not strong enough to carry the extra load. The coils to be installed in your vehicle should most likely be an HD or the leveling models.

They are costly, but they are worth it.

Does Ford Still Make the 460 Engine?

460 Ford Engine Specs

Ford has already stopped the production of 460 engines. In fact, it’s been more than 20 years since its last production. The 2 final production runs occurred in 1992 and 1994. It was in 1968 when the engine was initially released for the Lincoln Mark II luxury car.

Ford and Lincoln then decided to use the 460 engine in their full-size cars. By 1980, Ford launched it as the engine installed in its Econoline 350 series vehicles. Ford’s F truck series was eventually installed it featuring roughly 225 horses.

In its latter years, the engine produced roughly 245 hp at 410 ft-lb of torque. Sadly, its production halted when Ford upgraded to the 6.8L 413 ci V10 engine installed in its Super Duty trucks.

The Ford 460 crate engine was a popular engine since its inception. In fact, vehicles with this engine are still up and running in very, very good condition up until now.

Again, what is a Ford 460 engine? The Ford 460 engine is a durable, reliable, and powerful engine capable of carrying lots of weight-which is why drivers want it for their truck or RV. Also, you can get an older model but still, get excellent engine performance.

How to know about Ford 460 Engine?

Ford 460

  • Check Out Its Valve Covers
  • Check the Intake Manifold
  • Look at the Valve Cover Bolts

Check Out Its Valve Covers

A Ford 460 crate engine is not hard to spot. Check out the covers for its valves. It has stickers on it that say it’s a 460 motor.

Check the Intake Manifold

But if the stickers have worn off or can’t be read, there are other ways to figure out which engine it is. Check the intake manifold, which is right in front of the carburetor.

You could also look at the ignition coil on the front of the engine. Tags should be there to show what kind of engine it is.

What if none of the labels can be read or they’re all gone? Can you still tell if it’s a Ford 460 engine or not? Yes, that’s the answer.

Look at the Valve Cover Bolts

Look at the bolts on the valve cover and count them. If there are seven bolts on the valve cover, the engine is either 460 or 429. To tell them apart, look at the crankshaft for the casting number. Instead, you can try to measure the stroke.

If the engine has a 3.85 stroke, it is a 460. If the stroke is 3.59, then the engine is 429. Also, knowing that the 429 engine was only made from 1968 to 1978 might help.

So, if you see a Ford engine with 7 bolts on the valve cover that runs well, it’s probably a Ford 460 engine.

How to Maximize the Ford 460 Engine Power

Ford 460

Who wouldn’t want a 460 engine to have the most power possible? The cylinders can be bored out to 4.3905 to do this. With this, your engine will become a 501. You can also do over-boring and get a 0.0305.

The engine timing can also be changed. In fact, the 460’s timing was moved back because of smog rules. A lot of people have already gotten used to a performance timing set. This has helped them get the most power out of the engines.

You could also put in a better carburetor. You will also have to change the set time.

Also, you should ask for advice from the mechanic you trust the most. They know the best ways to make your Ford 460 engine as powerful as possible.

Ford 460 Engine Fuel Efficiency

Ford 460

The 460 is thought to be one of the most powerful engines that Ford makes. But it also has some bad things about it, one of which is that it doesn’t use fuel very well.

Think about the fact that this engine was made from the 1960s to the 1990s. It is known that it doesn’t use gas well. Even cars that get less than 10 miles per gallon are out there.

Also, how well it uses fuel depends on a number of things. These include the type of Ford you are driving, how much weight it is pulling or carrying, and what kind of tyres you are using.

How you step on the gas pedal also makes a difference. Or, how often do you take your car to a shop for maintenance?

There are many other things that play a role. In the end, this type of engine is not at all good for gas mileage. But since it has so many benefits, it’s easy to see why fuel economy is sometimes hurt.

Can I Get a Better Mileage with My Ford 460 Engine?

If you want to get better gas mileage for the least amount of money, don’t let your car carry too much weight. Less weight means better gas mileage.

Your driving style also has something to do with it. How you use the gas and the brakes affect how much gas you use.

If you’re willing to spend some money, you can also completely fix it up so it looks like it’s brand new. Replace any parts of the car that are showing signs of wear. This includes making sure the tires have the right psi of air in them.

What is the best size carburetor for a Ford 460 engine?

Ford 460

There are a few choices when it comes to the best carburetor for a Ford 460 engine.

If you choose Edelbrock, the 9913 750 CFM Square Bore 4 Barrel Air Valve Electric Choke Remanufactured Carburetor is the best carb for the 460. The 4300 Carb C84F-B is a carburetor that Motorcraft makes for the 460.

Holley makes several carburetors for the 460 that work well. The 0-80318-1 Carburetor 4160 is one of them. The other one is the 0-80452 600 CFM Square Four Barrel Vacuum Secondary Electric Choke Street Carburetor. The 4160C 750 Cfm Universal Polished is the last one.

You can also check to see if the carburetor fits your 460 engine perfectly. Match it to the airflow the engine makes at its highest RPM. If they match, the carburetor is right for a 7 to 7.5 429 to 460 ci engine.

If the carburetor on your Ford 460 engine works well, it will use less gas.

Is the Ford 460 engine good for motorhomes?

If you want to know if the 460 can be put in motorhomes, the answer is yes. The Ford 460 engine is a great choice for trucks, RVs, and motorhomes. It has all the power your motorhome needs.

This engine fits the 429 big blocks, so you have options for where to put the engine. The strokes of the 460 and the 429 may be different. Still, they both have holes that are 4.36 inches in diameter.

Most of the time, a motorhome will have a 460 engine. I only told you about the 429 because you might need another engine and the 460 is not easy to find.

Other Information About the Ford 460 Engine

Ford 460

The engine in the Ford 460 is 7.5 liters. It’s a big engine that’s powerful enough for your RV or motorhome. The rods in the engine are 6.605 inches long, giving it a rod length-to-stroke ratio of 1.71:1.

Let’s say you have been looking for an old 460 and have found one that needs a lot of work. Then you’ll have to spend some money to get the job done. The cost is thought to be $1500.

But the real cost depends on a number of things. Some of these things are the parts that need to be fixed, the parts that need to be replaced, and where the repair shop is.


Ford 460

Ford United States

Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00 am-8:00 pm EST

Phone: +1-800-392-3673

For the hearing-or speech-impaired: Please contact the Telecommunications Relay Service by dialing 711.

Address: Ford Motor Company, Customer Relationship Center, P.O. Box 6248, Dearborn, MI 48126

Ford Canada

Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30 am-8:00 pm EST

Phone: +1-800-565-3673

Address: Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd.

Customer Relationship Center, P.O. Box 2000, Oakville, Ontario L6J5E4

Final Words

If you want to know if the Ford 460 engine is a good one, the answer is yes. Any truck or RV driver would love to have a 460. It is so strong that it can carry a lot of weight.

Also, it is very long-lasting, so even if you buy an older model, the engine will still run well.

Your 460 engine’s condition will also depend on how well you take care of it. If you take care of it regularly, you will be able to use it as much as possible.

FAQs About Ford 460 Engine

Ford 460

🌟Are there any problems with the Ford 460?

Most of this engine’s problems come from its support systems and not from the core of the engine itself. Overall, the 7.5L 460 engine from Ford is very dependable.
As with any engine that is 25 years old or older, most of the problems it has today are due to its age and the number of miles it has been driven.

🌟How to identify a Ford 460 crate engine?

The Ford 460 engine is strong, reliable, and can pull a lot of weight, which is why people want it for their trucks or RV.
Also, you can buy an older model that still has a great engine. 1. Look at the covers for its valves A Ford 460 crate engine is not hard to spot. Check out the covers for its valves.

🌟How much does it cost to rebuild a Ford 460?

Depending on what you want to do to the engine, it can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000 to rebuild a Ford 460 engine. If all you’re going to do is take the engine apart and replace worn seals and other parts, you’ll be closer to the lower end of that price range.

🌟What is a Ford 460 engine?

What is a Ford 460 engine, once more? The Ford 460 engine is strong, reliable, and can pull a lot of weight. This is why people want it for their trucks or RV. Also, you can buy an older model that still has a great engine.

🌟What Is The Value Of A Ford 460 Engine?

This will depend on how you understand and use the word “worth.” Some people don’t use dollars to figure out how much something is worth. The value of an engine is also based on how well it works, how much power it has, and how long it lasts.

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