2024 Genesis G70 Just Got Spicy: 300 HP & Brembo Brakes Turn Up the Heat

The Genesis G70 may not see another model, and the automaker is attempting to draw consumers’ attention. Today, the company announced it would receive an updated turbocharged 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine for the US in 2024. Genesis unveiled it as a version to its Korean markets in early May.

It replaces the turbo 2.0-litre that drives the basic G70. The new mill produces 48 more horsepower, generating 300 hp and 311 pound-feet of torque. The car is available with all-wheel or rear-wheel drive.

2024-genesis-g70 front view

The car was first introduced with a manual 6-speed transmission in 2019. However, Genesis removed the manual transmission a few months ago and left an eight-speed auto transmission as the sole gearbox. The company decided to get more power into the 2024 model, which comes with the brand’s new Brembo brake system, which is standard throughout the G70 range.

The brand-new engine and upgraded brakes are in line with the vehicle, with the brand’s new logo in an intricate pattern that repeats. It also comes with two new exterior colours: Vanta Gray and Kawah Blue.

This cabin also comes in two new two-tone options: Obsidian Black/Fog Gray and Obsidian Black/Vanilla Beige. The upgraded G70 includes airbags in the rear as a standard feature. Additional new features include climate control with a touch display and an unframed rearview mirror.


Genesis did not release pricing information for the 2024 model but said it would announce these details later in the year. The 2023 G70 that comes with the turbocharged 2.0-litre costs $40,525 (the prices include an $1125 charge for shipping). The new engine is likely to raise the entry-level model’s price. The G70, equipped with a dual turbocharged 3.3-litre V6 engine, comes with a starting price of $48,125 in 2023.

The automaker says that the upgraded G70 is the most basic power of its class. The entry-level BMW 330i and Mercedes-Benz C300 have an impressive 255 horsepower. Both cost around $46,000 initially, allowing Genesis to give greater power for less. The Acura TLX is a competitor that’s nipping in the tailpipes of the G70 and has 272 horsepower on tap. For the moment, at least.

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