2024 BMW X2 Base Price Jumps To $42,995, $5,400 More Than Last Year

The compact crossover is offered with 312 horsepower or more and is expected to be in US dealerships in March 2024.


The new generation of BMW X2 has arrived, offering more room and features in the compact SUV segment. It’s costly. There are new features, but they’re not inexpensive. The price is $5,400 higher for the cheapest model compared to the previous year’s model and is now priced at $42,000, which is the exact amount. Add on the $995 delivery fee, and you’ll be able to receive the 2024 BMW X2’s MSRP of $42,995.

bmw-x2-2024 side view

What can you expect from your investment? A lot at first, by offering all-wheel drive. The entry-level X2 model is an xDrive28i driving all four wheels using an updated 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder motor that makes 241 horsepower.

We contacted BMW to inquire whether they would consider an affordable front-wheel drive version of the service coming in the future. Still, BMW refused to discuss the possibility of future trims. In the past, the most affordable all-paw X2 was priced at $38,600 before the destination, so we’re looking at a hefty growth in the year-over-year price.

bmw-x2-2024 interior

Other upgrades available as standard include BMW’s curved display that combines the 10.7-inch centre infotainment display with a 10.25-inch driver’s display within a single piece of glass. It is powered by iDrive 9, and you’ll see various driver assistance features, including automated emergency brakes, lane departure warning, blind-spot detection and parking assistance.

It has 19-inch wheels that can shift gears using a seven-speed dual-clutch auto transmission. The other X2 model available from the beginning is the M35i sports car priced at $52,395; the delivery cost is included. The turbocharged four-pot engine is optimized to give 312 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque.

According to BMW, it can propel the compact crossover to 60 speeds in 5.2 minutes. As you’d expect to see, BMW’s Model M (not the full fat) comes with bigger brakes, a more powerful exhaust system, the Adaptive M suspension, bigger 20-inch wheels, and other accessories.

bmw-x2-2024 back view

Of course, that’s the case; all X2s are larger, not only by tiny amounts. Compared to its predecessor, the 2024 X2 is 7.6 inches larger and has a wheelbase stretched by more than 1 inch. This means there is 52 cubic feet of space for cargo when the rear seats are folded. If they are up, there’s 25.3 cubic feet of rear space and plenty of legroom.

An online configurator that is fully functional has yet to be made available. At this point, we are still determining the package prices or options. It’s expected to be released nearer to the launch date. However, you can now view it on the spot at the newly rebranded Tokyo Motor Show, now named Japan Mobility Show. Japan Mobility Show, later in October.


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