Yanmar B27 Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤️

Yanmar B27 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

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Yanmar B27 Specs

Yanmar B27 Price

Price: $12,500.00 USD (Approx.)

Yanmar B27 Weight

Weight: 2650 kg

Yanmar B27 Specs


Manufacturer YMR
Model 3TN84L-RBS
Rated output 19.1{26}/2450 kW(PS)/rpm
Displacement 1.4 ltr

Main Specs

Operating weight 2650 kg
Std. bkt. capacity 0.07/ m3
Std. bkt. width 450 mm

Hyd. System

Relief valve setting 17.7×2,15.7 Mpa

Equipment Structure

Blade width x height 1470×350 mm
Std. shoe type RS

Capacity of Oil

Fuel tank 45 ltr


Gradeability 30 deg
Arm crowd force 13.2/ deg
Bkt. digging force 20.1/ kN
Max digging depth 2650 mm
Max digging depth(P) 1650 mm
Max digging reach 4560 mm
Max dig. reach GL 4430 mm
Max dumping clearance 3250 mm
Max digging height 4620 mm
Min swing radius 1640,1240(90-SWJ) mm
Travel speed 2.2 km/h
Swing speed 10 min-1


Overall length (A) 4485 mm
Rear end radius (B) 1390 mm
Std. shoe width (C) 320 mm
UC width (E) 1470 mm
Track gauge (F) 1150 mm
Overall height (G) 2360 mm
Overall width (H) 1470 mm
Ground clearance (I) 305 mm

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