Yanmar VIO80-1 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

Yanmar VIO80-1 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

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Yanmar VIO80-1

Yanmar VIO80-1 Overview

The ViO80-1 is a powerful engine of innovation and technology. It offers both the power of a large excavator and the advantages of a compact one.

It is especially well-suited for urban work, as it can be used in tight spaces and along walls where other excavators of its weight cannot.

However, it still offers all-day comfort to operators—Yanmar VICTAS(r), a system that ensures stability and provides precision performance through improved hydraulics.

Yanmar VIO80-1 Price

Price: N/A

Yanmar VIO80-1 Weight   

Weight: 8065 kg


TypeZero Tail
Operating Weight8065 kg
Width2270 mm
Digging Depth4130 – 4500 mm


Net Power39,3 kW / 53,5 HP at 1900 rpm
Gross Power41,5 kW / 56,2 HP at 1900 rpm
Battery12 V – 92 Ah
Starter3 kW
Displacement3.318 l
Alternator12 V – 80 A
Max Torque229 – 241 N.m

Hydraulic System

Maximum Pressure255 bars
Working Pump2 double piston pump with variable flow / 1 gear pump / 1 gear pump for pilot line
Max Flow2 x 70,3 l/min / 53,2 l/min / 19 l/min
Hydraulic Tank60 l


Transport weight7990 kg
Operating Weight8065 kg


Travel speed2.5 / 4,5 km/h (2,3 / 4,1 km/h with steel crawlers)
Rotation Speed9 rpm
Traction Forcen/a 
Digging Force (bucket)63,5 kN
Digging Force (arm)40,8 kN / 35,9 kN (with long arm)
Noise level (2000/14/CE & 2005/88/CE)LWAG: 98 dBA ; LPAG: 73 dBA
Fuel Tank115 l


AOverall length6410 / 6450 * mm
BOverall height2710 mm
COverall width2270 mm
DLength of track on ground2290 mm
EUndercarriage length2890 mm
FLane1870 mm
GTrack width450 mm
HOverall blade width2260 mm
IOverall blade height450 mm
JBlade distance1990 mm
KMax. blade height above the ground460 mm
LMax. lowering blade depth480 mm
MMinimum ground clearance380 mm
NMax. digging depth – Blade lifted4130 / 4500 * mm
OMax. digging depth – Blade lowered4430 / 4790 * mm
PMax. digging reach on ground6820 / 7160 * mm
QMax. digging reach6960 / 7290 * mm
RMax vertical wall3780 / 4130 * mm
SMax. dumping height4700 / 4950 * mm
TMax. cutting height6810 / 7020 * mm
UBoom swinging base to left57°
VBoom swinging base to right60°
WArm length1650 / 2000 * mm
XMinimum front swing radius2470 / 2520 * mm
YMinimum front swing radius with boom swing2130 / 2170 * mm
ZRear swing radius1135 mm

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