Volvo 9400 Intercity Coach Bus Price, Mileage, Specs, Features, Images

Volvo 9400 Intercity Coach Bus Price, Mileage, Specs, Features, Images
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Volvo BUS 9400 Seating capacity Price Specs Overview

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The Volvo Luxury bus specially designed for the long-distance operation, ideal long journey as well as short tips for city tourism. This bus designed in Europe and built in India at Volvo buses bodybuilding at Hosakote, Banglore.

Volvo BUS 9400 Intercity Coach Price in India

Volvo 9400 Intercity Coach Bus Price is Rs. 88,50,000.

Volvo BUS 9400 Intercity Coach Key Features


Volvo 9400 Intercity Coach bus engine

The Volvo 9400 Intercity Coach Luxury Bus offers maximum availability minimum maintenance, Low fuel efficiency, and long service life.

It has a Rear-mounted, 6-cylinder, 7-litre diesel engine that produces 290 horsepower at 2100 rpm, and maximum 1200 Nm torque at 1050-1600 rpm and it’s top speed is 100 kmph (Recommended). Over it is the best engine in its class.

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=>Gearbox System:

Volvo 9400 Intercity Coach bus inerior

The Volvo 9400 Intercity coach bus has manual 6-speed fully synchronized transmission system, It is smooth and reliable.

The ZF 6S1380BD with 6 forward and 1 reverse speeds, that are fully synchronized offering easy operations. The gearbox system is lighter due to aluminium housing, That very comfortable for the driver 

=> Fuel Tank:

Volvo 9400 Intercity Coach bus 2

The Volvo 9400 Intercity  Coach Luxury bus Fuel Tank capacity is 600 liters (300 x 1 + 150 x 2 ) with filling option on both sides. That is well suited for the long journey no need to frequently refuel during the ride.

=> Comfort:

Volvo 9400 Intercity Coach bus comfort

The Volvo 9400 Intercity Coach Luxury Bus outside look is so beautiful and stylish and also eye-catching.

Its exteriors extends into spacious interiors, beautiful travelers’ from all walks to enjoy the Volvo 9400 6×2, experience. The bus combines form and function with style and comfort that taking a bus to new heights.

It has Air-Conditioning, vibration and noise free interiors provides ride comfort compered to other intercity coaches.   

=> Safety:

Volvo 9400 Intercity Coach bus safety

Volvo Luxury Bus designed with this main safety features such as Anti-lock Braking system, Parking brakes, tubeless tires, Power steering, Seat belts and Hill hold.

The Volvo bus  Driver seat designed with an integrated three-point seat belts, that offer the driver and guide safety.

Volvo BUS 9400 Intercity Coach Specifications

Engine Type Rear-mounted, 6-cylinder,7-litre diesel
Output power: D7E 290 213 kW (290 hp) @ 2100 rpm
Torque: 1200 nm @ 1050 – 1650 rpm
Emissions class:  Euro 3
Gearbox:  6-speed manual, fully synchronised
 Retarder:  Hydraulic retarder, RET120
 Suspension:  Full Air
 Braking system:  Disc brakes with EBS 5
 Tyres:  Tubeless (295/80 R 22.5″”)
 Gross weight: Max. gross weight         16 200 kg (Legal)
 Rear axle ratio: 4:11:1
 Turning radius, mts:  10.25
 Battery Capacity:  165 Ah
 Max. speed, kmph:  100 (Recommended)

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