Valtra Tractor T234: Price, Review, Top Speed, Specification, Features

VALTRA T234 Price, Specs, Weight, Review, Top Speed, Features

Valtra Inc. and Valtra do Brasil have fully owned subsidiary companies of the American agricultural equipment manufacturer (AGCO) Corporation.

AGCO’s headquarter is situated in Duluth, Georgia and its head office is in Neuhausen, Switzerland.

It is the third-largest agricultural equipment manufacturer in the world. AGCO brands include Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Challenger, and GSI.


AGCO also owns the AGCO Power engine plant in Finland, which produces off-road diesel engines for AGCO and other manufacturers.

Valtra manufacturer produces around 20,000 tractors per year at its plants in Suolahti and Mogi das Cruzes.

Valtra T234 For Sale UK Price, Specs, Features


Are you planning to owned Valtra’s muscular tractor? Here I am going to provide you with all the accurate information about most powerful tractor T234.

Valtra has been manufacturing tractors for more than 60 years. Valtra considers the Farmers problems due to the farming operation.

Valtra tractors come with excellent reliability, low operating costs, easy to use, and high power.

Valtra Tractor T234 Price

Price: £92,618.

Valtra Tractor T234 Horsepower

Horsepower: 173 KW /235 HP/1900 RPM

Valtra Tractor T234 Fuel Capacity

Fuel capacity: 380 litres

Valtra Tractor T234 Lift Capacity

Lift capacity: 51 kN

Valtra Tractor T234 Weight

Operating Weight: 7300 kg

Valtra Tractor T234 Engine Capacity

Engine Capacity: 7.4 (litre)

Valtra T234 Price Specs Overview


Valtra T234 has the highest power engine of T-Series tractors. Valtra T234 is fitted with 74AWF 250 hp(173 kW) of the powerful engine with six cylinders and rated RPM of 1900.

The capacity of the engine is 7.4 litres. There is all you expect from Valtra such as modern technology and outstanding design.

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Low Cost of Ownership


Valtra T234 isn’t a cheap tractor. The price of this Valtra T 234 VERSU is £92,618. But drive it for 10,000 hours and then you will realise the low cost of ownership.

The 600 hours of service reduces your maintenance costs, and the Eco Power model saves up to 10% of fuel costs.

Valtra Tractor T234 Key features



Valtra T234 is made through more than 40,000 hours of a test drive in tough conditions. You will get the truest cost on your investment. T234 comes with up to 5 years of extended warranty.

T234 Engine


You will get high power in T234 up to 250 HP and torque of 1000 Nm with six cylinders. AGCO Power 66 AWF or 74 AWF engine provides seamless power delivery.

Automated 3 Speed Power Take-Off (PTO)


The Valtra T234 models come with heavy-duty three-speed PTO. For heavy-duty tasks, more power and ground speed PTO offers an additional boost.

No Leak Valves


There are seven valves on the rear and four on the front are available to connect your implements. The all-new zero leak valves let you attach and detach implements very quickly.



Suspensions that will feel you like you’re driving on air. There are Pneumatic AIRES+ front axle suspension and Pneumatic Auto Comfort cab suspension.

These suspensions provide great comfort and riding. It’s all about going strong after 14 hours of primary cultivation.

High Ground Clearance and Wheelbase


High ground clearance of 60 cm provides better riding on a tough field. With its long wheelbase of 2995 mm.

T234 has excellent stability and a steady ride. But it’s also agile with a turning radius of 5.25 m.

360° and 365 Day Visibility


You will get the best possible visibility day or night, summer or winter, doing front loader work or reverse driving in any condition.

You have excellent visibility over 6 m2 of window space. You can see a front loader bucket through the roof window, and a safety camera allows you to see the hitch.

Premium LED Lights


Powerful LED work lights (optional) Spread 360° light around the tractor and keep you going longer at night or low visibility.

With black panel mode, you can dim the interior to maximize your visibility outside the cab.

High Capacity Hydraulics


The load-sensing hydraulics on T234 Versu, It has a pump capacity of 115 l/min as standard with the option of 160 l/min or even 200 l/min.

The capacity of the open centre hydraulics on Hi-Tech models is 73 l/min as standard with an option of 90 l/min.

Lifting Range


The heavy-duty rear linkage can lift up to 95kN and 81 kN in a standard. The new geometry of the heavy-duty 3-point linkage is an example of great stability and a lifting range.

Integrated Front Lift


The integrated front lift available as an option gives you the highest lifting capacity in its category. Lifting capacity of T234 front integrated is up to 51 kN, helps you for heavy tasks.

Smart Chassis Design


The cast-iron chassis is designed to support a front linkage and the heavy load of front-mounted implements.

The seamless, wasp-shaped design frame and the engine installation allow the wheels to turn without barrier further increasing the performance of the tractor.

Scandinavian Functional Design


The design of cab with the LED taillights looks very aggressive. Every detail of the T234 is designed with the purpose of modern design in tractors. This tractor not only looks good, but it also works well too.

380 litres of Fuel Tank


This tractor contains a large fuel tank, with a capacity of 380 litres. T234 AGCO power engine gives you the best overall fluid economy for long-time operation on the field. The large fuel tank keeps you going for a long day.

Latest Technology


There are all the latest technology features available in T234, to improve your productivity. Valtra technology solutions such as Auto-Guide and Ag Command telemetry are fitted from the factory. It helps you to know when the tractor arrives on your farm.


Keep your tools safe in the toolbox mounted under the cab, sealed technical space.

Easy To Use


Valtra team made T234 make farming operations very easy with great power. Operating and servicing of T234 is very easy so that you can concentrate on your work. Many of its unique features were innovated by Valtra’s discussion with its customers.

Optimal Weight Distribution and Pulling Power


The long wheelbase optimised 40/60 front/rear weight distribution, and vehicle weight starts from 7300 kg. It ensures great pulling power.

CAB (Interior)

Valtra-Cab Cab of T234 is made from unique technology ever used in tractors. Below all features are shown. Check it out below.



The cab is quite a silence with 70 dB of the noise level. It is the best example of insulation and engine placement.

5 or 6 Post Cab


The cab is available with a single-door or optional two-door. The 5 or 6 post structure make sure excellent visibility, more space, and easy handling of the doors for working. The rigid structure protects the cab with a ROPS weight of 8000 kg.

Full Visibility


You have full visibility day and night, summer and winter in all conditions. There is a 6.2 m² of window space, a 270° sweep windscreen, a wiper, and other optional features such as electronically-heated rear windows.

Other Features Of CAB


  • Elbow room
  • Valtra ARM
  • High-visibility roof
  • Safety camera pack
  • T174 Eco Power
  • Electric Twin Trac
  • Your personal sound scape
  • Passenger seat
  • Fridge
  • Tropical or chilled
  • Control on steep slopes
  • Electronic hydraulics control
  • The king of power shift transmissions
  • Seat options
  • Premium work lights
  • Sky View roof – expand your horizon
  • Polycarbonate windows
  • Winter package


Valtra Tractor T234 Specifications

Number of cylinders6
Capacity7.4 (litre)
Max. power173/235/1900(kW/hp/rpm)
Max. power with boost184/250/1900(kW/hp/rpm)
Max. torque930/1500 Nm
Max. torque with boost1000/1500 Nm
Transmission type5PS
Gears30 Forward +30 reverse
Min. Speed0.7 km/h
Max. Speed53 km/h
Type3 Speed
540 / rpm1890
540E / rpm1522
1000 / rpm1897
1000E / rpm1677
Front 1000/rpm1900
Ground speedOption
Max. pump output115 (160) l/min (optional)
Max. hydraulic valves rear4
Max. hydraulic valves front2,3,4
Hydraulic oil available for implements40 litres
Max. lift capacity at link ends78/95 kN
Max. lift range868 mm
Slip controlOption
Drive Balance controlstd
Max. lift range870 mm
Max. lift capacity at link ends51 kN
Brake typeHBM
Hydraulic parking brake integrated to power shuttleStandard
Weight7300 kg (full tanks)
Tyres600/65R28, 710/70R38
Wheelbase2995 mm
Length5800 mm
Width2550 mm
Height3130 mm
Turning radius5.25 m
Ground clearance rear axle600 mm
Fuel tank, std380 litres
AdBlue tank70 litres
OSMCV = Open system, mechanically controlled valves
LSECV = Load-sensing, electronically controlled valves
LSMCV = Load-sensing, mechanically controlled valves
CCLS = Closed centre load sensing
HAwPA = Hydraulic actuation with power assistance
HBM = Hydraulic boosted multidisc


Overall Valtra T234 is the perfect farming machine for heavy tasks and with affordable maintenance costs and modern technology.

I hope you would like my article on T234 a muscular and outstanding tractor made ever. If you have any queries or questions about it, please tell us (comment below) and we will solve it. Thank you.

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