Top 10 World Best Vintage Tractors ❤️️

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Top 10 World Best Vintage Tractors

1. Ford Model 8N Tractor

Ford Model 8N Tractor

The Ford 8N Tractor, which debuted in July 1947, was a mostly new machine starring more power and improved transmission. 

It proved to be the most popular farm tractor of all time in North America.

Manufacturer Ford
Production 1939–1952
Class  Agriculture
Engine 4 cylinder inline
Transmission 3-speed manual (9N, 2N) 4-speed manual (8N)
Wheelbase 70 in (1,778 mm)
Length 115 in (2,921 mm)
Width 64.75 in (1,645 mm)
Curb weight 2,410 lb (1,093 kg)
Predecessor Fordson tractor
Successor Ford NAA Tractor
Price $1,404 USD (1952 )

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2. John Deer Model 4020 Tractor

John Deer Model 4020 Tractor

The John Deer 4020 was a farming tractor model made by John Deere from 1964 to 1972. 

The 4020 has a 6-cylinder engine tested at 84 drawbars and 96 PTO horsepower. 

It is preceded by John Deere 4010 and Superseded by John Deere 4230. 

Between 1964 and 1972, over 184,000 tractors were sold, selling for about $10,345 for each tractor.

Manufacturer John Deer
Production 1964–1972
Class  Agriculture
Engine Six-cylinder, variable speed, wet sleeve, the valve in head
Transmission Syncro-Range,  Constant-mesh, helical gears, range-synchronized
Wheelbase 100.25 in/2546.35 mm
Length 150.98 in/3835 mm
Width 89.60 in/2276 mm
Propulsion wheels
Cooling system Pressure with centrifugal pump and thermostatic heat control
Price $10,345 USD

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3. Farmall M Tractor

Farmall M Tractor

The Farmall M Tractor, manufactured by International Harvester under the Farmall brand from 1939 to 1952, is a row crop tractor. 

The M was the largest of International Harvester’s row crop tractors during its first production.

It was the larger of the two leading row crop tractors manufactured by IH from the late 1930s to the early 1950s, along with the Farmall H and its alternatives.

The Farmall M tractor is implemented with a four-cylinder engine with a 248-cubic-inch (4,060-cubic-centimetre) displacement and a six-volt electrical system.

 The transmission includes six total gears: 5 forward and one reverse.

Manufacturer International Harvester
Production 1939 to 1952
Class  Agriculture
Engine Four-cylinder liquid-cooled vertical I-head
Transmission sliding gear 5 forward and 1 reverse
Wheelbase 100.25 in/2546.35 mm
Length 133 in(337 cm)
Width 84 in/(213cm)
Power 25HP
PTO Horsepower 36.07 HP
Price  $2,400 (1952 ) USD

4. John Deere Model A Tractor

John Deer Model A Tractor

John Deer company manufactured the John Deere Model A tractor. It was a very popular tractor that used Deere & Company’s popular two-cylinder design. 

Early tractors burnt distillate and became the main selling point because of their low price. that two-cylinder design made a unique sound providing them with the nickname Johnny Poppers.

Manufacturer John Deere & Company
Production 1934–1952 300,000 (approx.)
Class  row crop tractor
Platform A: Rowcrop AR: Standard Tred AO: Orchard AI: Industrial
Engine Two cylinder horizontal S/N 41008 – S/N 487999, 309ci S/N 488000 – 703384, 321ci
Length Unstyled – 124 inches Early Styled – 133 inches Late Styled – 134 inches
Transmission unsynchronized gear
Curb Weight Unstyled – 3,525lb Early Styled 3,783lbLate Styled – 4,909lb
Predecessor John Deere GPWT
Successor John Deere Model 60
Price  $2,400 (1952 ) USD

5. Massey Ferguson 399

Massey Ferguson 399

The Massey Ferguson 399 tractor was released globally in 1987. It was the most robust in the range of the 300 series manufactured at Massey Ferguson’s Banner Lane, Coventry, U.K. factory.

 It was powered by a 97-horsepower engine. Massey Ferguson stopped producing the 399 in 1997 at a time when the tractor was sold for $37,800. 

After they launched the 4200 Series, the 399 was replaced by the 4270.

Manufacturer Massey Ferguson
Production 1087
Class  agricultural
Engine 6 Cylinder liquid-cooled Perkins A6.354 diesel engine
Power 97 hp
Torque 83.6 lb-ft
Rated RPM 2200
Transmission synchromesh | 12 forward and 4 reverse gears
Width 87.2 in. (221 cm)
Height 103 in. (261 cm)
Price  $37,800 USD (1997 ) 

6. Farmall Model H

Farmall Model H

The Farmall H Tractor was manufactured by an International harvester from 1039 until 1953, and it was a row crop tractor. 

This tractor is ideal for the all-purpose tractor for diversified farms up to 160 acres, or for specialized farms raising such row crops as potatoes or sugar beets. 

It pulls two 14-inch bottoms, cultivates up to 35 acres of row crops a day, and speeds up other farm jobs in the relationship.” according to the sales discussion of the time.

Manufacturer International harvester
Production 1039 until 1953
Total built 391,227
Class  agricultural
Engine gasoline 4 Cylinder liquid-cooled engine
Bore/Stroke 3.375×4.25 in. (86 x 108 mm)
Rated RPM 2200
Transmission sliding gear | 5 forward and 1 reverse gear
Width 75 in. (190 cm)
Height 74 in. (187 cm)
Price  $2,000 USD(1953 )  

7. Allis-Chalmers WD45 Tractor

Allis-Chalmers WD45 Tractor

Allis-Chalmers was a tractor manufacturer with a history going back to 1847, but it entered the 50s behind the leaders, International Harvester, John Deere, and Massey-Harris.

Throughout the 50s and 60s, they worked to keep pace in the battle for horsepower dominance and market share. 

The company manufactured 90,382 of the WD45 with most of those being configured for a gasoline engine.

 The price for the WD45 row crop tractors was around $2400 in 1956.

Manufacturer Allis Chalmers
Production  1953
Total built 90,382 | 83,536 (gasoline) | 6,509 (diesel)
Class  agricultural
Engine gasoline 4 Cylinder liquid-cooled vertical I-head engine
Bore/Stroke 4.00×4.50 in. (102 x 114 mm)
Rated RPM 1400
Transmission sliding gear | 4 forward and 1 reverse gear
Length 128 in. (325 cm)
Height  68in. (207 cm)
Price  $2400 USD(1956)  

 8. Ford NAA Golden Jubilee

Ford NAA Golden Jubilee

The Ford-built NAA Golden Jubilee Tractor in 1953 as a replacement for the N-Series tractors and to mark Ford’s 50th anniversary, which was shown on a badge on the nose of the hood. 

The Golden Jubilee Tractor has key features such as being 4 inches longer, 4 inches higher, and 100 pounds heavier, making the tractor weigh around 2,840 pounds. 

With its 134 cubic-inch engine capable of 32 horsepower and four-speed transmission, the Ford NAA Golden Jubilee came with a price tag of around $1500 in 1954. 

A total of 128.965 Golden Jubilee tractors were built in 1953 before bringing the tractor back in 1954.

Manufacturer Ford
Production  1952–1954
Class  agriculture
Engine 4 cylinder inline
Transmission 4-speed manual
Length 118.875 in (3,019 mm)
Height 64.75 in (1,645 mm)
Predecessor Ford N series tractor
Successor 600 series
Price  $1500 USD(1954)  

9.Allis-Chalmers Model WC

Allis-Chalmers Model WC

The Model WC was a tractor manufactured by Allis-Chalmers from 1933 to 1948. The WC was produced from its start as a nimble, low-cost, but well-powered row-crop tractor that would make the best use of pneumatic rubber tires, which Allis-Chalmers had just introduced to agriculture in 1932.

 A successful model at the historical height of row-crop tractor demand, the WC was the best-selling tractor model that Allis-Chalmers ever produced.

It is designed with these main features as a 201 cubic-inch, inline-four engine, capable of running on gasoline, alcohol, and kerosene. 

All rubber tires, or rubber in the front and steel in the back. In 1939 Allis-Chalmers made electric starters and lights standard material on tractors.

Manufacturer Allis Chalmers
Production  1933 to 1948
Total built 178,202 | 411 (Speed Maintainer) | 3,751 (Speed Patrol)
Class  agriculture
Engine 4 cylinder liquid-cooled
Transmission non-synchronized gear |  4 forward and 1 reverse Gear
Length 136 in (345 cm)
Height 63 in (160 cm)
Bore/Stroke 4.00×4.00 in. (102 x 102 mm)
Price  $1341 USD(1947) 

10. John Deere Model B

John Deere Model B

John Deere manufactured the Model B tractor for row-crop farmers who didn’t require a tractor as large as the Model A.

The Model B was built for nearly 20 years and can be divided into three different categories. 

The first, which was built in 1938, was the “early styled” version, which came into production in 1939 and the “late styled” versions were available to the public starting in 1947.

Manufacturer John Deere
Production  1938
Total built 55,670 (all unstyled) | 40,057 (short frame) | 15,613 (long frame)
Class  agriculture
Engine 2 cylinder liquid-cooled
Transmission unsynchronized gear |  4 forward and 1 reverse Gear
Length 120.5 in (306 cm)
Height 56 in (142 cm)
Bore/Stroke 4.25×5.25 in (108 x 133 mm)
Price  $2500 USD

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