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Regal Movie Ticket Prices – Regal Cinemas is an American movie theater chain headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

It is formerly known as Regal Entertainment Group. Regal runs the second-largest theater circuit in the U.S, a division of Cineworld, with over 7,200 screens in 549 theaters as of October 2019. 


The three main theatre brands run by Regal Entertainment Group are Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theatres and Edwards Theatres. 

These chains retain their exterior signage, but most indoor branding (policy trailers, popcorn bags) uses the Regal Entertainment Group name and logo. 

Most new cinema construction uses the Regal Cinemas name. Regal has obtained several smaller chains since this merger; these, however, have been rebranded as Regal Cinemas.

Regal Movie Ticket Prices


Regal offers IMAX, but it also offers RealD 3D as a special treat. This special theatre features premium-quality images, a huge screen, immersive surround sound, and super-comfortable seating.

The 4DX technology also redefines what immersive means these days. This technology delivers motion-enabled seats for you to feel motions and vibrations. 

This technology can even simulate weather conditions like lightning, rain, and fog. You are even able to smell scents featured in the movie!

How Much Do Regal Cinema Tickets Cost?

Regal theater ticket prices, you may have seen, are a little above the average ticket price shown by other theater chains. 

The reason why Regal cinema prices are higher is simply because of the higher quality movie experience and for their overall cinema atmosphere. No other cinema offers the convenience and quality Regal theaters can provide. 

We recommend heading to Fandango or calling your local cinema for specific pricing on your local Regal Theater tickets. 

Unfortunately, Regal doesn’t have an online buying system, but rather they have gone with fully outsourcing all of its processes to Fandango.

Regal Cinemas Innovations

The Regal Foundation is one of the largest not-for-profit helping organizations operated by a cinema globally. Initially founded in 2003, the foundation partners with several other organizations around the county. A few include:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America
  • American Red Cross
  • Elephant Protection Initiative
  • Variety – The Children’s Charity
  • Will Rogers Motion Pictures Pioneers Foundation

You can find out more about the Regal Foundation’s activities here. In addition, Regal is currently essaying a request for consumer donations to help them and help give back to those in requirement. 

Regal Movie Ticket Price List 2023

Here are the latest Regal Movie Ticket Prices 2023. Let’s check it out…



Noon Showtimes

Adult – Standard – Noon $12.71
Child (3-11) – Standard – Noon $11.65
Senior (60+) – Standard – Noon $12.18

Afternoon and Evening Showtimes

Adult – Standard – Afternoon and Evening $14.93
Child (3-11) – Standard – Afternoon and Evening $11.65
Senior (60+) – Standard – Afternoon and Evening $12.18


All Showtimes

Adult – IMAX 3D – All $22.45
Child (3-11) – IMAX 3D – All $19.16
Senior (60+) – IMAX 3D – All $19.69

RealD 3D

Noon Showtimes

Adult – RealD 3D – Noon $16.73
Child (3-11) – RealD 3D – Noon $15.67
Senior (60+) – RealD 3D – Noon $16.20

Afternoon and Evening Showtimes

Adult – RealD 3D – Afternoon and Evening $18.96
Child (3-11) – RealD 3D – Afternoon and Evening $15.67
Senior (60+) – RealD 3D – Afternoon and Evening $16.20


Noon Showtimes

Adult – RPX – Noon $17.68
Child (3-11) – RPX – Noon $16.62
Senior (60+) – RPX – Noon $17.15

Afternoon and Evening Showtimes

Adult – RPX – Afternoon and Evening $19.91
Child (3-11) – RPX – Afternoon and Evening $16.62
Senior (60+) – RPX – Afternoon and Evening $17.15

NOTE: Regal Movie Ticket Prices 2023 may vary by location and are updated frequently.


Regal Cinemas Review

There’s a wide range of food options available at Regal. They have everything from typical soda and popcorn to chicken nuggets and pizzas. Some branches even have their cafes which are now Café Del Moro.

Regal claims to be the best provider of a unique-of-a-kind experience in movies. Every movie they show is presented in crystal clear images with the highest quality surround audio systems. Regal offers 3D, 2D, IMAX, and 4DX images in all its locations.

Each theater is equipped with Dolby atmos surround sound, giving the audience a superior audio experience to go along with the film.

In terms of the films, they show anything from mainstream to independent films displayed at Regal’s theaters.

Regal also has educational screenings. Additionally, their theaters can be hired for private screenings or productions. You need to visit the official website of the company to register.

Customers have been impressed by the Regal’s decor is extremely luxurious and, in general, superior to other theaters. A variety of cinema artworks are displayed throughout the cinema.

Regal Cinemas Locations

Here are a few of the most famous Regal Cinema locations we were able to find:

  • Regal Manor Stadium 16 – 4.3/5 from 163 reviews – Manor Shopping Center, 1246 Millersville Pike, Lancaster, PA
  • Regal Oaks Stadium 24 – 3.9/5 from 151 reviews – P. J. Welihan’s, 180 Mill Rd, Oaks, PA
  • Regal Union Square Stadium 14 – 4.0/5 from 813 reviews – 850 Broadway, New York, NY
  • Regal Warrington Crossing Stadium 22 – 4.0/5 from 292 reviews – 140 Easton Rd, Warrington, PA
  • Regal LA LIVE Stadium 14 – 4.5/5 from 819 reviews – 1000 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
  • Regal Hollywood Stadium 14 – 4.0/5 from 364 reviews – 3265 Northeast Expy, Chamblee, GA


Final words

That was all about the Regal Movie Ticket Prices 2023. I hope you like this article, and it’s helped you a lot, but if you are facing any issue related to this Regal Movie Ticket Prices then feel free to leave a comment I like helping everyone. Thanks

Regal Movie Tickets and Pricing FAQs

Does my theatre offer a student discount?

Regal Movie Locations with student pricing available are listed on this page. To receive a student discount, you must presently be a student. A student discount is available at the box office, and a student ID must be shown when a ticket is purchased.

Does my theatre have a military discount?

Locations with military pricing available are listed on this page. You must be an active or retired military veteran to obtain a military discount. A military discount is available at the box office, and an ID must be presented when a ticket is purchased.

What is the age policy for tickets?

Child and Senior Ticket Policy:

Regal Entertainment Group’s policy for a Child’s ticket is age 3 to 11. 
Children under 3 are free except in reserved seating and recliner locations.
Regal Entertainment Group’s policy for a Senior Citizen’s ticket is age 60 and over.
No children 6 and under are allowed into a “R” rated movie.

Where do I find ticket prices?

You can visit your local Regal Movie theatre to find their specific pricing policy.

What are the matinee showtimes?

General admission for all adult tickets bought for performances during matinee hours. The matinee hours may differ by theatre location based on territory or market. Not all Regal Entertainment Group locations offer a bargain matinee price discount. Visit your local Regal movie theatre the find out facts during matinee hours.

Can I see showtimes for different dates and locations?

You can change the city you are browsing by changing the location specified at the top of the Regal homepage. You can change the date with the date selection tool or choose a different day of the week above the listed showtimes on the movie and theatre pages.

How can I find the ticket prices for a specific Regal theater?

Visit Regal’s website and enter your zip code under their logo. Scroll down until you locate your theater of choice; click on its name, then find and book tickets for any movie of interest by selecting its showtimes.

Can I buy Regal movie tickets online?

Yes, Regal movie tickets can be purchased online through Fandango as they have outsourced all their operations to them; unfortunately, they do not have a system for online ticket purchasing.

Do Regal theaters offer discounts?

Regal theaters do offer discounts to seniors, students, and military members. According to, Regal Fairfax Towne Center 10 offers $6.45 movie tickets for every first show of the day at that location.

Can I receive a refund for Regal Unlimited tickets?

Refunds are available up to 60 minutes before showtime for tickets purchased through Regal mobile apps or websites, including Regal’s website contact us form or link for online sales. To do this, use either of these resources.

Can I buy bulk discount tickets through Regal’s site?

Yes, you can buy bulk discount tickets through Regal’s site.

Are Regal movie tickets refundable?

Refunds may be available under certain limited circumstances, as detailed on Regal’s website, while movie tickets purchased using its mobile apps or websites do not include non-refundable convenience fees.


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