MBA with $2,00,000 Starting Pay Packages USA 2024

MBA Degree Programs That hauled in $200k starting pay packages

High-Paying Industries for MBA Grads:

Beyond the Salary:

  • Bonuses: Don’t just look at base salary! MBA grads often earn substantial bonuses, both signing and performance-based. This can add tens of thousands of dollars to your first-year income.
  • Stock Options: Some companies offer stock options, which can add significantly to your overall compensation, especially if the company performs well.

Top 6 Industries:

  1. Consulting: High base salaries, even exceeding $200,000 at top firms like McKinsey, BCG, and Bain. Potential for rapid salary growth and hefty bonuses.
  2. Finance: Investment bankers, hedge fund managers, and financial analysts can earn well over six figures. Some Harvard MBA grads even made nearly $400,000 in their first year.
  3. Tech: Roles in strategy, innovation, product management, and business development are in demand. Even with recent layoffs, many tech jobs offer salaries upwards of $140,000 for MBA grads.
  4. Consumer Packaged Goods: Leadership roles at these companies can be a reliable source of six-figure salaries. Stern graduates (NYU) entering this field earned an average of $119,000, plus signing bonuses.
  5. Entertainment, Media, & Sports: Potential for six-figure salaries, based on Stern’s report. Recent grads landed jobs with companies like NBCUniversal, Hulu, and Playstation.
  6. Healthcare: Roles in pharmaceuticals, biotech, and other healthcare sectors can pay well. Tuck graduates in this field earned base salaries between $118,000 and $185,000.


MBA grads from these 6 top business schools landed $200K starting pay packages

Business SchoolFortune RankingMedian Base PayMedian Pay PackagePopular Industries
Harvard Business School1$175,000$245,000Consulting (26%), Technology (19%), Private Equity (15%)
University of Chicago Booth School of Business2$175,000$205,000Consulting (36.8%), Finance (36.2%)
Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management3$165,000$195,000Consulting (40%), Technology (20%)
New York University Stern School of Business7$170,000$205,000Financial Services (34%), Consulting (31%)
Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business11$175,000$205,000Consulting (47%), Financial Services (20%)
Yale School of Management12$160,110$210,110Consulting (46%), Investment Banking (10%
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