Mahindra 3650 HST Cab ❤️ Price, Specification & Review 2023

Mahindra 3650 HST Cab For Sale, Price USA, Specs, Review, Features, Overview

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The Mahindra 3650 Tractor Overview

Mahindra 3650 HST Cab Tractor featured with HST – 3 Ranges transmission, Lower engine RPM for quieter, cooler running, Less fuel consumption, Responsive hydraulic controls, Oil Immersed Wet Disc Brakes, Lift more than the competition, Max Lift capacity, and Reliable transmission offering ease of use all the time.

Mahindra 3650 HST Cab tractor super-powered 4 Wheel-drive compact workhorse is an outlast and built to last, with best-in-class loader and 3-point lift capacities to provide you superior performance for years to come.

Mahindra 3650 HST Cab Compact Tractor Price List

This 49hp Mahindra 3650 HST Cab professional grade tractor allows for a wide variety of attachments and customizations ranging from heavy-duty backhoes and loaders.

Mahindra 3650 HST Cab Tractor fitted with 4 cylinders, 2732cc, Four-stroke, Naturally Aspirated, Direct Injection, Water Cooled Diesel Engine, which produces 49hp power at rated rpm 2800.

Mahindra 3650 HST Cab Price List in The USA

Mahindra 3650 HST Cab Compact Tractor Price List

  • Tractor Price: MSRP $44590
  • Tractor Price with loader: MSRP $52065
  • 3650L Loader Price: $7480
  • 65B Backhoe with 18″ Bucket Backhoe price: $9880

Mahindra 3650 HST Cab Engine HP

Engine HP: 49

Mahindra 3650 HST Cab Engine Capacity

 Engine Capacity: 2732 CC

Mahindra 3650 HST Cab Fuel Tank Capacity

Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.5 (54.9)gal

Mahindra 3650 HST Cab Lift Capacity

Lift Capacity: 3090lb (1401kg)

Mahindra 3650 HST Cab Tractor Key Features

Mahindra 3650 HST Cab Tractor Specifications


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