Kubota V1505 Specs, Price and Review [2024]


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Kubota V1505 Specs, Price and Review

Kubota V1505 Specs

The breakdown of the engine code is as follows:

  • V – 4-cylinders
  • 15 – Approximate displacement 1,500 cc
  • 05 – 05-series
Engine Specifications
Engine code V1505-E2B, V1505-E3B, V1505-E4B
Layout Straight-4, vertical diesel engine
Fuel type Diesel
Displacement 1.5 L, 1,498 cm3 (91.4 cu in)
Fuel injection pump Bosch MD type mini fuel injection pump
Fuel nozzle Mini nozzle (DNOPD)
Starting system Electric starting with 12V starter
Starting support device Glow plug in combustion chamber
Governor All speed mechanical governor
Power adder None
Max. Horsepower (net) V1505-E2B, V1505-E3B: 34.0 PS (25.0 KW; 33.5 HP) at 3,000 rpm
V1505-E4B: 24.1 PS (17.7 KW; 23.7 HP) at 2,300 rpm
Torque output
Firing order 1-3-4-2
Dimensions (L x W x H): 591 x 396 x 614 mm (23.3 x 15.6 x 24.2 in)
Weight 110.0 kg (242.5 lbs)
Cylinder block
Compression ratio: 24.0:1
Cylinder bore: 78.0 mm (3.07 in)
Piston stroke: 78.4 mm (3.09 in)
Number of piston rings (compression / oil): 2 / 1
Cylinder inner diameter: 78.00-78.019 mm (3.0709-3.0716 in)
Piston skirt diameter
Piston ring side clearance: Second 0.085-0.112 mm (0.0033-0.0044 in)
Oil 0.020-0.055 mm (0.0008-0.0022 in)
Piston ring end gap: Top 0.300-0.450 mm (0.0118-0.0177 in)
Second 0.300-0.450 mm (0.0118-0.0177 in)
Oil 0.250-0.400 mm (0.0098-0.0157 in)
Piston pin outer diameter 22.002-22.011 mm (0.8662-0.8666 in)
Crankshaft main journal diameter: 1,2: 47.934-47.950 mm (1.8872-1.8878 in)
3: 51.921-51.940 mm (2.0442-2.0448 in)
Crankpin diameter: 39.959-39.975 mm (1.5732-1.5738 in)
Cylinder head
Valve Arrangement: OHV, gear drive
Valves: 6 (2 valves per cylinder)
Valve head diameter: INTAKE
Valve length: INTAKE 101.5 mm (3.99 in)
EXHAUST 101.5 mm (3.99 in)
Valve stem diameter: INTAKE 6.960-6.975 mm (0.274-0.2746 in)
EXHAUST 6.960-6.975 mm (0.274-0.2746 in)
Valve spring free length: INTAKE 37.0-37.5 mm (1.4567-1.4764 in)
EXHAUST 37.0-37.5 mm (1.4567-1.4764 in)
Camshaft lobe height: INTAKE 28.80 mm (1.1339 in)
EXHAUST 29.00 mm (1.1417 in)
Camshaft journal diameter: 35.934-35.950 mm (1.4147-1.4154 in)
Valve clearance
Intake valve 0.145-0.185 mm (0.0057-0.0073 in)
Exhaust valve 0.145-0.185 mm (0.0057-0.0073 in)
Compression pressure
Standard 3.73 to 4.11 MPa, 38.0 to 42.0 kgf/cm2, 541 to 597 psi
Oil system
Recommended engine oil CF or higher
SAE Viscosity Number SAE 10W-30, 10W-40
Engine oil capacity 6.7 liters (7.1 US.qts, 5.9 Imp. qts)
Fuel system
Fuel injection pump: Bosch MD type mini fuel injection pump
Injection nozzle: Mini Nozzle (DNOPD)
Firing order: 1-3-4-2
Injection pressure: 13.73 to 14.70 MPa; 140.0 to 150.0 kgf/cm2; 1992 to 2133 psi
Cooling system
Coolant capacity 5.0 liters (5.3 US.qts, 4.4 Imp. qts)
Electrical system
Battery: 12V, 75Ah or equivalent
Starting motor: 12 V, 1.2 kW
Charging alternator: V1505-B(E), -E2B: 12 V, 360 W
V1505-E3B, -E4B): 12 V, 480 W

Kubota V1505 Price

Country Approximate Price (USD)
United States $3,500 – $4,500
Canada $3,800 – $4,800
United Kingdom £2,800 – £3,600
Australia $4,500 – $5,500
India ₹2,50,000 – ₹3,20,000
Germany €3,000 – €3,800
Brazil R$18,000 – R$23,000
South Africa R45,000 – R55,000
China ¥22,000 – ¥28,000

Kubota V1505 Review

The Kubota V1505 is equipped with a 1.5 L (1,498 cc, 91.4 cu-in) straight-four, water-cooled naturally aspirated diesel engine from the Kubota 05 series.


The Kubota V1505 diesel engine delivers 34.0 PS (25.0 KW; 33.5 HP) at 3,000 rpm of net horsepower for V1505-E2B and V1505-E3B, or 24.1 PS (17.7 KW; 23.7 HP) at 2,300 rpm of net horsepower for V1505-E4B.

The Kubota V1505 engine has a spherical type сombustion сhamber with glow plug, mini injection nozzle (DNOPD) and Bosch MD type mini fuel injection pump.

The compression ratio rating is 24.0:1. The Kubota V1505 engine cylinder bore and the piston stroke are 78.4 mm (3.09 in) 78.0 mm (3.07 in), respectively. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

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Kubota V1505 – FAQ’s

What are the benefits of the Kubota V1505?

The Kubota V1505 diesel engine is reliable and fuel-efficient. It is also famous for its quiet operation and low emissions.

Where can I buy a Kubota V1505 engine?

Kubota V1505 engines can be bought from authorized Kubota dealers.

What is the warranty on a Kubota V1505 engine?

Kubota offers a 12-month warranty on new V1505 engines. 

How often should the air filter be replaced in the Kubota V1505?

The air filter in the Kubota V1505 should be replaced every 100 hours of operation or every 6 months, whichever comes first.

How often should the fuel filter be replaced in the Kubota V1505?

The fuel filter in the Kubota V1505 diesel engine should be replaced every 500 hours of operation or every year, whichever comes first.

What are some of the applications for the Kubota V1505?

Kubota V1505 Applications, including:

  • Construction equipment: skid steers, excavators, backhoes, etc.
  • Agricultural machinery: tractors, harvesters, mowers, etc.
  • Generators
  • Air compressors
  • Pumps
  • Welding machines
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