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Kubota Kx 40
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Kubota Kx 40 Overview

The KX040 is a mini excavator rated at 4 tons. This machine has a maximum digging depth of approximately 11 feet 3 inches and a lifting capacity over the front of 4,080 pounds at a load point height of 2 feet and a load radius of 8 feet.

The machine weighs between 9,195 and 10,210 pounds, depending on a number of factors. The following contains additional information and performance specifications.


Kubota Kx 40 Price New

Kubota Kx 40

Model Hours Price
2019 Kubota Kx040-4 750 $47,500
2020 Kubota Kx040-4 500 $52,500
2021 Kubota Kx040-4 100 $59,499
2023  Kubota Kx040-4 50 $63,520

Kubota Kx 40 Horsepower

Horsepower – 40.4Hp (30kw)

Kubota Kx 40 Lifting capacity

Lifting Capacity – 4080 lbs.

kubota Kx 40 dig depth

Digging Depth – 11′ 3″ Approx.


Kubota Kx 40 Features

Common Rail & DPF

Kubota Kx 40

The Common Rail System (CRS) uses electronics to control when and how much fuel is injected in stages instead of all at once.

This helps the fuel burn more efficiently. As a result, the engine works much better, uses less gas, and makes less noise.

Its combination with the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Muffler reduces harmful emissions and makes the KX040-4 Tier IV-compliant

Auto regeneration

The soot that builds up in the DPF muffler is burned off automatically by Kubota’s original automatic regeneration system. This keeps the muffler clean so it can work for longer.

When the excavator is working in places that could start a fire, the automatic regeneration can be turned off with the inhibit switch.

Optional hydraulic angle or 6-in-1 blade

Kubota Kx 40

The optional Angle Blade will save time and increase productivity.

Using the innovative thumb-operated rocker switch on the dozer lever, the optional hydraulic angle blade may be turned to the right or left to push soil to the side as the machine travels forward, avoiding the need for repetitive repositioning at right angles while backfilling trenches.

Kubota’s hydraulic 6-in-1 Blade can be angled right and left, and now, tilted as well. This blade enables six different positions: neutral, float-up, left-end-up, right-end-up, left-end-forward and right-end-forward

Auxiliary flow control

The thumb-operated switch on the control lever offers simple proportional flow adjustment of the auxiliary attachment, but the forefinger-operated on/off switch simplifies the operation of attachments requiring a steady oil flow. 

Load sensing hydraulics

Control valves automatically regulate and distribute the optimal quantity of oil to each cylinder based on the load weight, resulting in precisely matched speed, power, and cylinder timing.

Even the smallest operator motions result in the simultaneous and flawless operation of the boom, arm, and house.

2-speed with auto-shift

All Kubota excavators are equipped with a two-speed drive that permits efficient machine movement and backfilling operations.

Auto idling system

Kubota Kx 40

Kubota’s Auto Idle conserves fuel. When the control levers are left in neutral for more than four seconds, the engine RPM will idle automatically.


When any control lever is moved, the engine RPM recovers quickly. This revolutionary innovation decreases noise and exhaust pollutants, as well as running expenses.

Two Pattern Selector System (TPSS)

The Two-Pattern Selection System, which is located beneath the seat, enables the operator to switch control types while seated. 
To choose between the ISO pattern and the SAE backhoe pattern, a simple flip of a switch is sufficient.

Kubota Kx 40

Kubota Kx 40 Specs

Kubota Kx 40 Engine

Air filter type Dual element, cyclonic
Aspiration Turbo
Cooling method Liquid
Displacement 111.4 cu in (0 m)
Engine Make Kubota
Engine Model D1803-CR-TE4
Engine Type Water cooled
EPA Tier 4
Fuel Type Diesel
Gross Power 42.4 hp (31 kw)
Injection Direct
Model Name KX040-4
Net Power 40.4 hp (30 kw)
Number of Cylinders 3
Oil filtration Spin-on type
Power Measured @ 2200 rpm
Radiator Core type Low noise, F shaped blades

Kubota Kx 40 Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 17 gal (64 l)
Ground Pressure 4.5 psi
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity 6.5 gal/min (23 l/min)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 17.2 gal (64 l)
Operating Weight 9480 lbs (4,300 kg)
Operating weight Cabin 9326 lbs (4,230 kg)

Kubota Kx 40 Boom/Stick Excavator Option 1

Max Digging Depth 11.3 ft (3 m)
Max Digging Height 17.6 ft (5 m)
Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth 7.4 ft (2 m)
Max. breakout force Bucket 9535 lbs (4,325 kg)
Max. breakoutArm 4112 lbs (1,865 kg)
Max.Dumping Height 12.8 ft (4 m)
Mximum dig radius 213 in (541 cm)

Kubota Kx 40 Dimensions

Digging Depth 11.3 ft (3 m)
Digging Reach 17.8 ft (5 m)
Ground Clearance 1.1 ft (0 m)
Height 97.9 in (246 cm)
Height – Top of Cab 8.2 ft (2 m)
Length of Track on Ground 16.7 ft (5 m)
Shoe width 1.2 ft (0 m)
Tail Swing Radius 4.3 ft (1 m)
Width 5.6 ft in (13 cm)

Kubota Kx 40 Electrical System

Battery capacity 52 AH
Battery voltage 12 VDC
Engine shut-off Key
Instrument panel Digital
Lighting Front working

Kubota Kx 40 Drive system

Max. traction force-Low speed 9747 lbs (4,421 kg)

Kubota Kx 40 Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed 9.2 rpm

Kubota Kx 40 Undercarriage

Ground Pressure 4.4 psi
Max Travel Speed 3.1 mph (5 kph)

Kubota Kx 40 Attachments

Kubota Kx 40 Angle Blade

Height 15.2 in
Width 67.0 in
round Contact Pressure with Steel Cab 4.93 psi
Angle Left 25°
Angle Right 25°

Kubota Kx 40 6-in-1 Blade

Height 15.2 in.
Width 70.9 in
Ground Contact Pressure with Steel Cab 4.93 psi
Angle Left 25°
Angle Right 25°
Angle Tilt – Left 10°
Angle Tilt – Right 10°

Kubota Kx 40 Review

Popular little excavator Kubota KX040-4 is renowned for its dependability, efficiency, and adaptability.

It works well for many different uses, such as building, demolition, and landscaping. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

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