Kubota U45 Excavator Specs,Weight, Price & Review ❤️

Kubota U45 Excavator Specs,Weight, Price & Review 

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Kubota U45 Excavator

Kubota U45 Excavator Price

Price:USD $28,500

Kubota U45 Excavator Speed

Speed: 1.4 mph

Kubota U45 Excavator Height

Height: 8′ 4″

Kubota U45 Excavator Weight

Weight: 4.5 t

Kubota U45 Excavator Specs

Boom/Stick Excavator Option 1

Max Cutting Height 18.2 ft (5 m)
Max Digging Depth 11.9 ft (3 m)
Max Loading Height 13.1 ft (4 m)
Max Reach Along Ground 19.3 ft (6 m)
Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth 7.9 ft (2 m)
Shipping Height of Unit 8.4 ft (2 m)
Shipping Length of Unit 18.2 ft (5 m)


Ground Clearance 1.1 ft (0 m)
Width to Outside of Tracks 6.5 ft (2 m)


Engine Model V2203-M
Net Power 42 hp (31 kw)
Number of Cylinders 4
Power Measured  2250 rpm
Aspiration liquid-cooled, overhead valve diesel engine
Displacement 134.4 cu in (0 m)

Operating Specifications

Cooling System Fluid Capacity 2.3 gal (8 l)
Engine Oil Capacity 2.3 gal (8 l)
Fuel Capacity 18.5 gal (68 l)
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity 32.1 gal/min (121 l/min)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 11.6 gal (42 l)
Operating Weight 11850 lbs (5,375 kg)

Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed 9.1 rpm


Drawbar Pull 12871 lbs (5,838 kg)
Ground Pressure 4.4 psi
Max Travel Speed 2.7 mph (3 kph)

Kubota U45 Excavator Review

It is the Kubota U45 is a popular mini excavator, which is renowned for its performance, durability, and comfort. It’s an all-purpose machine that is able to be used for many different tasks such as digging, trenching, and grading. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

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Kubota U45 Excavator FAQs

How much does a Kubota u45 weight?

11850 lbs

What is the difference between Kubota KX and U Series?

The primary difference between Kubota’s KX Series vs. UX Series is the tail swing. Kubota U Series Kubota U Series offers generally smaller dimensions and has zero tail swing for the models with lower horsepower and virtually no tail swing on the models with higher horsepower.

How much does a Kubota U35 cost?


How much does a Kubota mini excavator cost?

Kubota excavators can cost less than $20,000 for a smaller used model and as high as $140,000 or more for a huge model. If you’re looking for an excavator, there’s an almost limitless selection of the model, size of features, attachments, and features.

Is 1500 hours a lot for a Kubota tractor?

A well-maintained Kubota tractor will last between 4500 and 5500 gauged hours. Since many owners of tractor report that they use their tractors only 100-200 hours per year, this could result in years of usage. If you have the patience and time to maintain and take care of the Kubota tractor properly, you can work over 10,000 hours.

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