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Kubota U35 4  Specs, Price, Review, Attachments, Overview, Weight, lifting capacity, oil capacity, Bucket size, & Photos

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Kubota U35 4

Kubota U35 4 Overview

When the list of U35-4 Series Mini-Excavators of features starts with “zero tail swing” and includes “strong bucket breakout force” and “advanced digital information panel,” you know this excavator has what it takes to do the job.  

Kubota has a D1703M-DI-E4 diesel engine, 24.8 horsepower, With an all-new 3-tonne class cab, max Digging depth of 9′ 8.9″,  this is a great option on-site because it has a good operating weight of 8129 lbs. With a strong and quick lifting capacity, it can do almost anything.


When bigger machines will not fit, the U35 can get in, do the job, and get out with maximum speed and efficiency.

Kubota U35 4 Price New

Kubota U35 4

 Price for Kubota U35 4 series  Mini excavator is – law price $40,790 and the current price – is $53,250

Kubota U35 4 Horsepower

Kubota has a D1703M-DI-E4 diesel engine which produces 24.8 HP.


dig depth – Kubota U35 4

maximum digging depth for Kubota U35 4 mini Excavator – 9 foot 8.9 inches.

 Lifting capacity – Kubota U35 4

 Lifting capacity – Overside unit=1000 lbs.

Kubota U35 4 Review

The Kubota U35-4 is a compact excavator that weighs 3.5 tons. Its near-zero tail swing allows it to operate efficiently in confined workspaces.


The excavator is equipped with a powerful Kubota V2403-E4B engine that delivers 37.4 horsepower. Additionally, it features a hydraulic system that provides a maximum breakout force of 4,830 pounds. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

Kubota U35 4 Features

Tight tail swing

kubota u35 4

Tail Swing Tight With a counterweight that sticks out only 1.9 inches, the U35-tight 4’s tail swing makes it very useful for operations in tight spaces, preventing damage to the engine hood and side panels that would be expensive to fix.

The engine hood is set 5 inches inside the edge of the counterweight to make it safer and give the driver a better view.

Comfort & convenience

kubota u35 4

A large, comfortable operator station with a fully flat floor for more legroom, an easy-to-use digital panel with simple settings, and easy-to-read lights and alerts.

With an easy-to-open front slide window, the cab, which is an option, makes it easy to get in and out.

Adjustable/proportional auxiliary flow

The new digital control panel makes it easy to set up to five different oil flow rates for different attachments. A proportional bi-directional rocker switch, also called a “full flow” button, is on the right-hand control lever and is used to control the attachments.

Angle blade option

Save time and do your work better. With a simple move of the rocker switch on the dozer lever, the hydraulic angle blade can be angled to the right or left to push soil to the side as the machine moves forward. 

Auto Idle

Kubota’s Auto Idle feature helps save fuel. When high engine speed is not needed, you should instinctively slow down the engine RPM. When the control levers are in neutral for more than 4 seconds, the engine RPM automatically slows to a slow idle.

Clean-running Kubota tier 4 engine

Kubota u35 4

The engines that power Kubota excavators are all Tier 4 engines. The modern design of the engine makes it better at digging and lifting, reduces noise and vibration, and meets the latest rules for engine emissions.

Blade float

Kubota U35 4

The U35-4* comes with the float function built in. Work on the ground’s finish can be done quickly and easily without having to change the height of the blade.

After backfilling, just move the dozer along the covered ditch backward while it is in the float position. Standard on both angle blade & standard blade models.

Kubota U35 4 Specs


Manufacturer     Kubota
Category Excavators
Subcategory Tracked Excavators
Model U35-4 Angle Blade


Engine Make Kubota
Engine Model D1703M-DI-E4
Fuel type Diesel
Gross Horsepower     24.8 hp (18.5 kW) @ 2,200 rpm
Net Horsepower 23.9 hp (17.8 kW) @ 2,200 rpm
Displacement 100 ci


Length 15 ft. 7 in. (4,749 mm)
Height 8 ft. 1.2 in. (2,470 mm)
Width 5 ft. 6.9 in. (1,700 mm)

Rubber Tracks: 8,478 lbs. (3,845 kgf)

canopy; 8,800 lbs. (3,991 kgf)

cab steel Tracks: 8,674 lbs. (3,934 kgf)

canopy; 8,996 lbs. (4,080 kgf) cab

ground clearance 11.34 in. (288 mm)
Fuel Tank Capacity     12.4 gal. (46.9 l)


Travel Speed Forward 1.9 – 2.9 mph (3 – 4.6 km/h)
Arm Force 4,451 lbs. (2,019 kgf) breakout
Boom Swing Radius Left 71°
Boom Swing Radius Right     45°
Blade Width 5 ft. 6.9 in. (1,700 mm)
Bucket Breakout Force 7,924 lbs. (3,594 kgf)
Blade Height 1 ft. 3.2 in. (385 mm)
Operating weight 8129 lb / 3687 kg

Hydraulic Oil

Reservoir 11.8 gal / 44.6 l
System 16.1 gal / 61 l


Track Length     5 ft. 6.5 in. (1,688 mm)
Track Width 11.8 in. (300 mm)

Swing system

Unit swing speed 8.9 rpm / 8.9 rpm
Boom swing angle Left 71 deg / 71 deg
Boom swing angle Right 45 deg / 45 deg

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