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Kubota SVL75 2 Track Loader Specs, Price, Review, Attachments, Overview, Weight, lifting capacity, oil capacity, Bucket size, & Photos

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kubota svl75-2

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Kubota SVL75 2 Overview

The Kubota SVL75-2 Compact Track Loaders redefines high performance and productivity with its 74.3HP Kubota engine, excellent 2814KG bucket breakout force, and extraordinary 2214KG lifting capacity that can handle any landscaping, hardscaping, grading, digging, or material movement you can throw at it.

The 36-inch side-screen-to-side-screen width of the SVL75-open 2’s or closed cab means you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out, and a comfortable operator is a productive operator.

Kubota SVL75 2 Price New

kubota svl75-2

2023 Kubota SVL75-2 price – USD $74,900 

2021 Kubota SVL75-2 price – USD $65,900

2020 Kubota SVL75-2 price – USD $64,500

Horsepower – Kubota SVL75 2

Kubota V3307-CR-TE4 engine produces 74.3hp.

Lifting capacity – Kubota SVL75 2

 lifting capacity – 4,881lbs (2214KG)

Operating weight – Kubota SVL75 2

Operating weight – 9358.7lb

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Kubota SVL75 2 Review

The Kubota SVL75-2 is a super strong and dependable machine. It’s got a 75-horsepower engine and can lift up to 3,500 pounds really high.

What’s cool is it can also use different tools like drills, diggers, and tree choppers, thanks to its powerful hydraulic system. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

Kubota SVL75 2 Features

Widest Cab in the market with a roll-up door

The broader cab entry allows operators to comfortably pivot when facing back. Rear visibility is best with a rearview mirror. Heat and AC are standard on cabs.

Vertical lift

kubota svl75-2

Kubota’s vertical lift lets you dump into tall dumpsters or trucks. It lifts the bucket without sacrificing reach. Each model’s hinge pin height is 118.5″, 119″, or 128.5″ SVL models auto-level.

Low-effort hydraulics pilot controls

Confidently work around homes and curbs. Kubota’s hydraulic controls are precise and require minimal adjustments. When you think you’ll start and stop, do so. The SVL65-2 has an industry-leading Advance Multi-Function valve. The SVL97-2 has closed-center hydraulics for simultaneous function.

High-flow hydraulics with 14 pin connector

High flow gives attachments more hydraulic power. SVL65-2 – 28.0 gpm, SVL75-2 – 29.3 gpm, SVL97-2 – 40.0 gpm. The manifold includes 1/2″ and 3/4″ couplers. SVL97-2 has high-flow auxiliary hydraulics, while SVL65-2 and SVL75-2 do not.

Two-speed travel with electronic torque management

kubota svl75-2

Shift from low to high to finish faster. One-way hydraulic self-leveling keeps the bucket or pallet forks horizontal while lifting. The electronic travel torque management system boosts productivity. The system minimizes engine stalling by enhancing hydraulic performance when pushing or moving heavy loads.

Mainframe and undercarriage

kubota svl75-2

The mainframe and undercarriage are welded together for optimal durability and no exposed hoses. Triple flange track rollers reduce derailment and improve stability. Lifetime sealed and lubricated.

Easy maintenance

The tilting cab allows simple access to the hydraulic pumps, valves, pipes, and tank. Tilting the radiator makes cleaning easier. Easy-to-reach grease nozzles.

Reliable Kubota engines

kubota svl75-2

Kubota Engines are a loyal brand. Kubota makes the most sub-100 HP engines. You’ll find them in all of our diesel-powered devices, as well as some of our competitors.

Kubota SVL75 2 Specs


Manufacturer    Kubota
SubcategoryCompact Track Loaders


TypeTier 4 Emission Level


Fuel TypeDiesel
ModelKubota V3307-CR-TE4
Engine Net68.8 HP
Engine Gross74.3 HP (55.4 kW)
Displacement203 ci [3331 cc]
Rated speed2400 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity    24.6 gal. (93 l)
Rated SpeedLow: 4.7 mph (7.5 km/h)High: 7.1 mph (11.5 km/h)



9,039 lbs. (4,100 kg) open cab

9,314 lbs. (4,225 kg) closed cab

Height82 in. (2,083 mm)
Width65.9 in. (1,675 mm)
Ground Clearance    11.7 in. (296 mm)
Turning Radius53.5 in. (1,360 mm) from the center-machine rear


Tracks Length56.5 in. (1,436 mm)
Standard Width:12.6 in. (320 mm)
Wide Width15 in. (380 mm)
Gauge53.3 in. (1,355 in.)


Hydraulic Tank Capacity    9.2 gal. (35 l)
Aux hydraulic flow – Standard17.4gal/min [66 l/min]
Aux hydraulic flow – High29.29 gal/min [110.9 l/min]
Loader hydraulic pressure3185psi [224 kgf/cm2]


Bucket Breakout Force6,204 lbf. (2,814 kg)
Tipping Load6,570 lbs. (2,980 kg)
Dump Reach41.7 in. (1,060 mm)
Dump Angle40°
Bucket Rollback27° at carry position
Lifting Force4,766 lbf. (2,162 kg)
Operating Weight9358.7 lbs (4,245 kg)

Kubota SVL75 2 Attachment 

kubota svl75-2

Snow Pushers

Geared to clear snow and slush on public roads without damaging pavement.


Parking lots, farm yards, feed lots, driveways, stroll routes, and residential and business spaces.


Handles, rakes, and moves waste, straw, hay, silage, manure, etc.

Brush Cutters

Depended on by professionals to clear bushes, grass, shrubs, small trees, weeds, and more.

Pallet Forks

Expand your material-carrying capacity by turning your rig into a forklift.

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kubota svl75-2

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