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 Kubota M5-091  Specs, Price, Review, Attachments, Overview, Weight, lifting capacity

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Kubota M5-091

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Kubota M5-091  Overview

The M5 Series is available in 2WD, 4WD, ROPS, and cab configurations.

Kubota M5-091 Utility Tractor Kubota V3800 diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled 230 ci [3.8 L] engine a range of transmission options between 92.5 and 105.6 horsepower.

The Kubota M5 Series Tractor M5-091 offers optimal performance with power steering, 9039 lbs Rear lift (at ends) hydraulic wet disc brakes, a weight of 7540 lbs [3420 kg], and simple operation with new low-emission engines and improved ergonomics.

The M5 is equipped with deluxe features normally found on more expensive tractors.

Kubota M5-091 Price New

Kubota M5-091

 Kubota M5-091 12-Speed 4WD With ROPS price is  $57,984. (2024)

Kubota M5-091 12-speed 4WD with Cab price is $69,346.(2024)

Kubota M5-091 Horsepower

The Kubota M5-091 tractor engine comes with 92.5hp

Kubota M5-091 Weight

Weight – 5,622 to 6,900 pounds

Kubota M5-091

Kubota M5-091 Features

Redesigned & re-engineered

Inside and out, the M5-091/M5-111 tractors have been redesigned and reengineered to improve comfort and reduce emissions.

Extra-wide cabin, seat, and glasses; redesigned exhaust system incorporating Selective Catalytic Reduction and Common Rail.

Improved convenience

Kubota M5-091

All levers (with the exception of the 4WD lever) and electrical switches are located on the right side of the vehicle for easy access and uninterrupted operation.

Easy-Step Tilt Steering Wheel When the operator dismounts the tractor, the steering wheel of the cab tilts out of the way. Simply step on a pedal and the steering wheel will return to its initial position.

Constant RPM management

The M5-091/M5-111 engines feature a new electronic governor that enables electronic control of the engine’s revolutions per minute.

Activating the system maintains constant engine revolution, preventing PTO speed drops and enabling stable operation. It increases the efficiency with which PTO-driven implements can be utilized.


External hydraulic cylinders increase lifting power and facilitate maintenance, while the large pump capacity (17 gpm; 15.9 gpm for Open Station models) reduces front-loader cycle times, thereby boosting productivity and performance.

Bevel-gear front suspension

Kubota M5-091

The bevel-gear front axle gives the M5-091/M5-111 greater overall maneuverability and a 55-degree turning radius than ever before.

Hydraulic Independent PTO

Pulling, lifting, cutting, and baling are all made easier by the standard 540 rpm hydraulic independent PTO of the Kubota M-Series tractors.

3-point Hinch

The Category II 3-point hitch allows for the quick and easy attachment of implements weighing up to 4,630 lb/2,100 kg that are rear-mounted (ISO standard)

Front mount and PTO (optional)

Front 3-point hitch with enhanced versatility, allowing the attachment of front-mounted implements such as snow blowers and blades.

Kubota M5-091

Kubota M5-091 Specs


Model Year2024
ModelM5-091 12-Speed 4WD with ROPS/cab
Model CodeM5-091HD12-1

Kubota M5-091 Engine

Engine type

V3800-TIEF4 4 cylinders in-line, Common Rail System,

direct injection, w/intercooler, DPF, DOC, SCR

Engine gross horsepower92.5 HP / 69 kW
Engine net horsepower85.5 HP / 63.8 kW
engine speed2400 rpm
PTO horsepower76 HP / 56.7 kW
Displacement230 cu. in. / 3769 cc
Number of Cylinders4
Alternator80 A
Fuel tank capacity27.7 gal / 105 ltr

Kubota M5-091 Transmission

ShuttleElectro hydraulic shuttleElectro hydraulic shuttle
Non-clutch shiftN/A
Brake typeHydraulic wet disc
Differential lock – Rear axlemechanical
Differential lock – Front axleLimited Slip Differential
Drive method4WD
Dual speed (Hi-Lo)No
Main clutchMultiple wet disc
Clutch type 4WDMechanical, on-the-go
Forward Speed8
Reverse Speed8
Main gear shift Speed4
Main gear shift typeFully synchronized

Kubota M5-091 Power Takeoff (PTO)

TypeLive-independent PTO, electro-hydraulic clutch with brake
Rated engine speed540 rpm

Kubota M5-091 Hydraulic system

3-Point hitch CategoryII
Steering typeHydrostatic power steering
Pump capacity 3-Point hitch15.7 gpm / 59.4 l/min
Control systemPosition, draft (top link sensing) & mixed control
Cylinder type2 External cylinders
Number of Remote valves1 (Max3)
Lift capacity At 24 in. behind lift point ISO4630 lb / 2100 kg
Lift capacity At 24 in. behind lift point ASAE5181 lb / 2350 kg

Kubota M5-091 Dimensions and weight

Crop clearance18.7 in / 475 mm
Wheelbase88.6 in / 2250 mm
Weight6151 lb / 2790 kg
Overall height98.8 in / 2510 mm
Overall length155.9 in / 3960 mm
Overall width (min. tread)78.3 in / 1990 mm
Tread width Front62.2 in / 1580 mm
Tread width Rear59.8 in / 1520 mm
Turning radius Without brake13.8 ft / 4.2 m

Kubota M5-091 Tires


Kubota M5-091 Extra

4WD drive systemBevel gear type with 55 degree turning angle
Pedal typehanging
Tilt steering wheelStandard
Deck typeFull-flat

Kubota M5-091 Attachments

Loader typeKubota LA1854
Loader mounted in power position
Height (to pin)131.9 inches [335 cm]
Dump angle64
Rollback angle40
Lift to full height (at pin)4145 lbs [1880 kg]

Kubota M5-091 Review

Compact tractors like the Kubota M5-091 are excellent for a range of jobs, such as snow removal, landscaping, and lawn mowing.

It has a three-point hitch with a 4,630-pound lift capacity and an 85.6 horsepower engine. A hydrostatic gearbox and four-wheel drive are further standard features of the M5-091. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

FAQs – Kubota M5-091

How much does a Kubota M5 091 weigh?

6,041 – 6,900 lbs

What is the Kubota M Series?

The Kubota M Series is a lineup of affordable, high-performance tractors that can handle virtually any task you throw at them.

How much horsepower is a Kubota M5 091?

Gross – 92.5 hp 69.0 kW

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