Kubota Lx2610 Price, Specs, Review, Weight & Attachments

Kubota Lx2610 Price, Specs, Review, Feature, Horsepower, Weight, Oil Capacity, & lift capacity

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kubota 2610

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Kubota Lx2610 Overview

The Kubota Lx2610 Compact utility tractor is a 4×4 MFWD 4WD from the Lx series manufactured in 2020.

Kubota LX2610 Compact Utility Tractor is equipped with a Kubota D1305-E4-D36-R Liquid-Cooled Diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, 3.07×3.46 inches (78 x 88 mm) bore and stroke which delivers 24.8 hp (18.5 kW) power at 2500 rpm.

The tractor featured a Kubota 1.3L 3-cyl diesel engine, 4×4 MFWD 4WD, Power steering, wet disc brakes, infinite (3-range) forward and reverse gears, hydrostatic Transmission, and Two-post folding ROPS. Cab available with air-conditioning.

Attachments include a 60″ mid-mount mower deck, 72″ mid-mount mower deck, snowblower, blade, front-end loader, and backhoe.

Kubota Lx2610 Price New

kubota 2610

Kubota Lx2610 (ROPS )  Original Price: $17,175 (2020)

The Kubota Lx2610 (cab) original price – $24,823 (2020)

Horsepower – Kubota Lx2610

Horsepower – 24.8HP

Oil capacity & oil type – Kubota Lx2610

Oil Capacity – 12 qts 11.4 L 

Weight – Kubota Lx2610

Operating Weight – 1,786 lbs

Lift Capacity – Kubota Lx2610

Rear lift (at ends) capacity – 2139 lbs

Kubota Lx2610 Feature

Loader with optional swift-tach & self-leveling

kubota 2610

Mechanical Self-Levelling adds precision to the LX Series front loader, while the Swift-Tach kit speeds up attachment and detachment.

Deluxe Cab

kubota 2610

The factory-installed cab has a heater and AC. A redesigned seat with deeper suspension keeps you comfortable and supported while working, while LED work lights, front and rear wipers, and defoggers improve visibility.

Powerful Kubota diesel engine

LX2610 has a 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine. The LX3310 has a powerful 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine with Common Rail. The all-new LX Series offers Open Station and Cab choices, outstanding fuel economy, lower emissions, and tremendous power, torque, and performance in Canadian conditions.

BH77 Backhoe

kubota 2610

The BH77 is a powerful backhoe that is easy to use. It has a large digging depth and can be used with a bucket.

4-point hitch & K-Connect

kubota 2610

You can hook up front attachments with the 4-Point Hitch, and the K-Connect makes it easy to engage and disengage the front Power Take-Off (PTO).

The affordable special utility model

LX2610SU offers value and excellence. This model’s performance, tire selections, front loader, and 3-pt hitch lifting capabilities are remarkable.

Exclusive Goodyear R14 tires

kubota lx2610

Experience grippy traction on snow, ice, turf or mud with these high-quality tires.

Kubota Lx2610 Specs


EngineKubota D1305-E4-D36-R Liquid-Cooled Diesel
Power (gross)24.8 hp [18.5 kW]
Bore/Stroke3.07×3.46 inches [78 x 88 mm]
Displacement77 ci [1.3 L]
Rated RPM2500
Air cleanerdual dry element
Starter volts12v
Coolant capacity4.5 qts [4.3 L]
ROPS Fuel tank7.1 gal [26.9 L]
Cab Fuel tank8.4 gal [31.8 L]


Engine (gross)24.8 hp [18.5 kW]
PTO (claimed)19.5 hp [14.5 kW]

Transmission & Mechanical

Chassis4×4 MFWD 4WD
Final drivesspur gear
Differential lockmechanical rear
Brakeswet disc
CabTwo-post folding ROPS. Cab available with air-conditioning.
Transmission3-Range Hydrostatic
Gearsinfinite (3-range) forward and reverse
Oil Capacity12 qts [11.4 L]

PTO(power take-off) 

Rear PTOindependent
Rear RPM540 (1.375)
Engine RPM540@2398
Mid PTOindependent*
Mid RPM2500
Engine RPM2500@2500


Typeopen center
Rear valves0 to 2
Pump flow5.0 GPM [18.9 lpm]
Total flow8.7 GPM [32.9 lpm]
Steering flow3.7 GPM [14.0 lpm]
Operating Weight 1,786 lbs


Wheelbase65.5 inches [166 cm]
Ground clearance14.6 inches [37 cm]
ROPS Length101.8 inches [258 cm]
Cab Length103.9 inches [263 cm]
Width53.7 inches [136 cm]
Height (ROPS)88.4 inches [224 cm]
Height (cab)84.6 inches [214 cm]
ROPS Weight1830 lbs [830 kg]
Cab Weight2293 lbs [1040 kg]


Standard tires (ag)Front: 7-12. Rear: 12.4-16
Industrial front23×8.50-14
 23×8.50-12 (R14)
Industrial rear12.4-16
 14-17.5 (R-14)

Electrical & Battery

ROPS Charging amps40A
Cab Charging amps60A
Battery CCA430A
Battery volts12v

Kubota Lx261 Attachments

mower deck 60″ and 72″

Typemid-mount Kubota RCK60-30BBmid-mount Kubota RCK72-30BB
Cutting width60 inches [152 cm]72 inches [182 cm]
Cut height1.5 to 4 inch [3 to 10 cm]1.5 to 4 inch [3 to 10 cm]


Type:front-mount Kubota LX2960front-mount Kubota LX2972
Width:60 inches [152 cm]72 inches [182 cm]

Snowblower 63″ & 64″

Type:front-mount Kubota LX2963front-mount Kubota LX2980
Clearing width:63 inches [160 cm]64 inches [162 cm]

Kubota LA535 Loader

Loader weight562 lbs [254 kg]
Height (to pin)84 inches [213 cm]
Clearance, dumped bucket66.8 inches [169 cm]
Dump angle36°
Rollback angle30°
Breakout force (at pin)2245 lbs [1018 kg]
Breakout force (at 500mm)1634 lbs [741 kg]
Lift to full height (at pin)1067 lbs [483 kg]
Lift to full height (at 500mm)769 lbs [348 kg]

Kubota BH77 Backhoe

Backhoe typeKubota BH77 Backhoe
Weight1105 lbs [501 kg]
Transport height80.7 inches [204 cm]
2-Foot flat digging depth91.8 inches [233 cm]
Reach from pivot124.6 inches [316 cm]
Loading height66.7 inches [169 cm]
Swing Arc180

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