Kubota L3240 Price, Specs, Review, Weight, Attachments [2024]


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Kubota L3240 Price, Specs, Review, Weight, Attachments

Kubota L3240 Price, Specs, Review, Horsepower, Weight, Engine Oil Capacity, Lift Capacity, Attachments,

The Kubota L3240 is a sub-compact tractor that is perfect for a variety of tasks, including landscaping, mowing, and snow removal.

The Kubota L3240 is a 2WD (L3240F) or 4WD compact utility tractor from L 40 series manufactured by Kubota from 2007 to 2013.


The Kubota L3240 Tractor is powered by a Kubota D1703-M-E2 diesel 3-cylinder natural aspirated, liquid-cooled 100.5 ci [1.6 L] engine with dimensions of 87.0 mm X 92.4 mm (3.43 in X 3.64 in) bore and stroke that engine’s produce 34 hp (25.4 kW) At 2700rpm.

The tractor has featured 4X4 MFWD 4WD, hydrostatic power steering, wet disc brakes, a two-post ROPS or Grand cab (L3240HSTC), and a fuel tank of 35.0 liters (9.2 US gal.).

Tractor attachments include a mowing deck, blade, front-end loader, and backhoe, snowblower.

Kubota L3240 Price New and Used

CountryNew Kubota L3240 Price (USD)Used Kubota L3240 Price (USD)
United States$20,000 – $25,000$12,000 – $18,000
Canada$22,000 – $27,000$13,000 – $20,000
United Kingdom£16,000 – £20,000£9,000 – £14,000
AustraliaA$30,000 – A$36,000A$18,000 – A$26,000
India₹13,00,000 – ₹16,00,000₹7,50,000 – ₹12,00,000
South AfricaR250,000 – R300,000R140,000 – R210,000

Kubota L3240 Horsepower

The Kubota L3240 tractor has a 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine that produces 34 horsepower (Gross).

Kubota L3240 Oil capacity

The Kubota L3240 tractor has an engine oil capacity of 6 quarts (5.7 liters).

Kubota L3240 Weight

The base weight of a 2WD L3240 with ROPS is 3,153 lbs (1,430 kg). A 4WD L3240 with ROPS weighs 3,395 lbs (1,539 kg). A 4WD L3240 with a cab weighs 3,748 lbs (1,700 kg).

kubota L3240 lift capacity

The Kubota L3240 tractor has a rear three-point hitch with a lift capacity of 2,650 lbs (1,202 kg) at 24 inches (610 mm) behind the lift points. The lift capacity at the ends of the lift arms is 3,750 lbs (1,701 kg).

kubota L3240

Kubota L3240 Specs 


ModelKubota L3240 4WD 
Start year2007 
End year2013 
Category / TypeCompact Utility tractor


EngineKubota D1703-M-E2
Engine Power (gross)34 hp [25.4 kW]
Engiene Bore/Stroke3.34x inches [85 x 91 mm] 3.6
Engine Displacement1.6 L, 1,647 cm2, (100.5 cu·in)
Rated RPM2700
Starter volts12
Oil Capacity6 qts [5.7 L]
Coolant capacity6.3 qts [6.0 L]

3 Point Hitch 

Rear TypeI
Rear lift (at ends)3,750 lbs [1701 kg]
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm)2,650 lbs [1202 kg]


Engine (gross)34 hp [25.4 kW]
Gear PTO (claimed)26.5 hp [19.8 kW]
Hydro PTO (claimed)25 hp [18.6 kW]
Engine (net)32 hp [23.9 kW]

Fluid capacity

Fuel11.6 gal [43.9 L]
Hydraulic system11.1 gal [42.0 L]
Front axle6.9 qts [6.5 L]


Chassis4×2 2WD / 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Brakeswet disc
CabTwo-post ROPS. Grand cab on L3240HSTC. 
Steeringhydrostatic power steering


Hydraulic typeOpen center
Hydraulic capacity42.0 L (44.38 US. qt)
Valves2 to 3
Pump flow8.3 gpm (31.4 lpm)
Total flow13.2 gpm (50 lpm)
Steering flow4.9 gpm (18.5 lpm)


Transmission modelHST Plus
Transmission typeHydrostatic
GearsInfinite (3-range) forward and reverse
SpeedF: 25.0 kmh (15.5 mph) R: 22.5 (14 mph)
Transmission oil capacity42.0 L (11.1 US. gal )
Transmission modelFST
Transmission typeSync shuttle with dry disc clutch
Gears8 forward and 8 reverse
SpeedF: 26.5 kmh (16.5 mph) R: 25.4 (15.8 mph)
Transmission oil capacity42.0 L (11.1 US. gal )
Transmission modelGST
Transmission typeGlide Shift
Gears12 forward and 8 reverse
SpeedF: 26.5 kmh (16.5 mph) R: 25.4 (15.8 mph)

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Rear PTOindependent
Engine RPM540@2550
Mid PTOsemi-independent
Rear RPM540
Mid RPM2000


4WD Wheelbase71.1 inches [180 cm]
2WD Wheelbase71.3 inches [181 cm]
4WD Length114.8 inches [291 cm]
2WD Length119.3 inches [303 cm]
Width59.8 inches [151 cm]
Height90.7 inches [230 cm]
Ground clearance14 inches [35 cm]
2WD Front tread47.6 to 59.4 inches [120 to 150 cm]
4WD Front tread45.5 inches [115 cm]
Rear tread47.2 to 58.3 inches [119 to 148 cm]


Front tiresAg: 7-16
Rear tiresAg: 12.4-24

Tractor Weight

2WD ROPS3153 lbs [1430 kg]
4WD ROPS3395 lbs [1539 kg]
4WD Cab3748 lbs [1700 kg]


Charging amps40
 55 (cab)
Battery CCA490
Battery volts12

Kubota L3240 Attachments  

kubota l3240


72″ Mower deck

Typemid-mount Kubota RC72 ,3-blade
Cutting width72 inches [182 cm]
Weight463 lbs [210 kg]
Cut height1.5 to 4.5 inches [3 to 11 cm]


Typefront-mount Kubota L2172
Width72 inches [182 cm]

62″ Snowblower

Typefront-mount Kubota L2194
 dual-stage with a hydraulic lift
Clearing width62 inches [157 cm]


Loader typeKubota LA514Kubota LA724
Height (to pin)96.4 inches [244 cm]101.1 inches [256 cm]
Clearance, dumped bucket78.2 inches [198 cm]77.2 inches [196 cm]
Dump reach23.3 inches [59 cm]25.9 inches [65 cm]
Dump angle4145
Reach the ground61.7 inches [156 cm]72.3 inches [183 cm]
Rollback angle3042
Breakout force (at 500mm)2,835 lbs [1285 kg]3,267 lbs [1481 kg]
Lift to full height (at pin)1,351 lbs [612 kg]1,792 lbs [812 kg]
Lift to full height (at 500mm)1,021 lbs [463 kg]1,360 lbs [616 kg]
Bucket width66 inches [167 cm]72 inches [182 cm]
Attachment styleJ2513 Quick-Coupler (optional)J2513 Quick-Coupler (optional)
Raise time to height2.7 s3.3 s
Bucket dump time1.3 s1.3 s
Lowering time2.2 s2.2 s
Rollback time1.6 s2.1 s


Backhoe typeKubota BH76Kubota BH77Kubota BH92
2-Foot flat digging depth91 inches [231 cm]92.5 inches [234 cm]109.8 inches [278 cm]
Reach from pivot120.5 inches [306 cm]124.2 inches [315 cm]150.4 inches [382 cm]
Loading height64.4 inches [163 cm]67.2 inches [170 cm]84.3 inches [214 cm]
Bucket force3,339 lbs [1514 kg]3,421 lbs [1551 kg]4,548 lbs [2062 kg]
Dipperstick force2,097 lbs [951 kg]2,190 lbs [993 kg]2,698 lbs [1223 kg]

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