Kubota KX71-3 Specs, Prices, Review & Weight


 Kubota KX71-3  Specs, Price, Review, Attachments, Overview, Weight, lifting capacity

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kubota kx71 3

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Kubota KX71-3  Overview

The cab-equipped operational weight of the Kubota KX71-3 excavator is 6,550 pounds, and it is powered by a 27.5 gross horsepower Kubota four-cylinder diesel engine.

The Kubota brand has a new variable-displacement pump hydraulic system that automatically adapts pressure and flows to the load, enhancing fuel economy.

Hydraulic pressure delivers up to 21.9 gpm of supplemental hydraulic flow. The excavation depth is 9 feet 9 inches.

Kubota KX71-3 Price New

The Kubota KX71-3 new latest price is $51,000 USD.

And the old Excavator’s price $37,000 to $44,000 USD as per working hours.

Kubota KX71-3 Horsepower

KX71 -3 gross power 27.5hp.

kubota KX71-3 dig depth

Kubota KX 71-3 Digging depth is 9 feet 9 inches.

Kubota KX71-3 Lifting capacity

The lifting capacity of the Kubota kx71 3 Boom is 1080 lbs.

Kubota KX71-3 Weight

The Kubota KX71-3S’s operating weight of 6,305 lbs. (2,860 kg)

kubota kx71 3

Kubota KX71-3 Features

Clean-running Kubota Engine (Interim Tier IV): This potent diesel engine conforms with Tier IV emissions standards, offers great fuel efficiency, and reduces noise and vibration in comparison to earlier models.

Strong bucket breakout force: Have a hefty load? This machine will not slow down due to its strong break-out force.

Adjustable max. oil flow on the auxiliary circuit:  Using the digital instrument panel, you may control the oil flow according to the specific needs of your operation, avoiding the need to manually modify the settings.

Due to the broad side and rear covers, you now have quick and easy access to all of the machine’s important components.

Standard thumb bracket with relief valve.


Kubota KX71-3 Specs


Brand Kubota
Model KX71-3
Series Super series
Type Mini excavator
Years Made 2004-2023

Kubota KX 71-3 Engine

Engine Brand Kubota
Engine Model V1505-E2-BH-10
Engine Type Diesel, water-cooled, vertical
Number of Cylinders 4
Intake Naturally Aspirated
Combustion Indirect injection
Air Cleaner Dry-type
Compression Ratio 24:1
Firing Order 1-3-4-2
Rated Power 2300 RPM
Displacement 91.4 cu in.
Horsepower 27.5 HP
Bore and Stroke 3.07×3.09 in.
Fuel Capacity 11.9 gal.

Kubota KX 71-3 Hydraulic System

Pump Capacity (piston x2) 8.5 GPM
Pump Capacity (gear x1) 4.9 GPM
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow 13.4 GPM

Kubota KX 71-3 Performance

Tumbler Distance 61.4 in.
Max. Breakout Force (arm) 3285 lbs
Max. Breakout Force (bucket) 4760 lbs
Max. Digging Height Std-Arm 176.0 in
Max. Digging Depth Std-Arm 105.5 in.
Max. Digging Depth Long-Arm 113.0 in.
Max. Digging Height Long-Arm 181.1 in.
Max. Digging Radius Long-Arm 192.5 in.
Max. Digging Radius Std-Arm 185.0 in.
Max. Dumping Height Long-Arm 131.1 in.
Traction Force Low Speed 5015 lbs
Traction Force High Speed 3285 lbs
Max. Traction Force Low Speed 2945.8 lbs
Ground Pressure 4.1 psi
Bucket Capacity 0.09 yd³
Boom Lifting Capacity 1079.4 lbs
Tread 47.2 in.
Arm Digging Force 3755.3 lbs
Bucket Digging Force (crowd) 5374.4 lbs
Arm Digging Force (long) 3463.0 lbs

Kubota KX 71-3 Travel Speed

Low Speed 1.6 mph
High Speed 2.8 mph

Kubota KX 71-3 Swing System

Left 78°
Right 57°
Swing Speed – Left 5.1 to 6.1
Swing Speed – Right 5.6 to 6.6
Slew Speed 9.4 RPM

Kubota KX 71-3 Weight

Operating Weight with Cabin 6550 lbs
Operating Weight with Canopy 6305 Ibs

Kubota KX 71-3 Dimensions

Min. Ground Clearance 12.0 in.
Overall Height with Cabin 94.9 in.
Overall Height with Canopy 95.7 in.
Overall Width 59.1 in.
Overall Length 179.1 in.

Kubota KX 71-3 Undercarriage

Crawler Width 59.1 in.
Crawler Height 16.9 in.
Crawler Length 62.5 in.
Shoe Width 11.8 in.

Kubota KX71-3 Attachments

  • Auger Bits
  • Auger Systems
  • Concrete Breaker
  • Fence Wire Handling
  • Material Handling Buckets
  • Pallet Forks and Grapple
  • Post Drivers
  • Stump Auger
  • Tree & Post-Puller

Kubota KX71-3 Review 

The Kubota KX71-3 model is a well-known option for mini excavators in the weight class of 3-ton. It is renowned for its performance, power, and long-lasting performance. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

FAQs – Kubota KX71-3

How much can a Kubota KX71 3 lift?

The lifting capacity of the Kubota kx71 3 Boom is 1080lbs.

How much does a KX71 3 weight?

The KX71-working 3S’s weight of 6,305 pounds (2,860 kilograms) will make you feel as though you are operating an excavator of a higher class.

What size is Kubota KX71 3?

Overall Length 14′ 11″


What year is Kubota KX71 3?

The Kubota KX71-3 excavator has been manufactured since 2002.

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