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 Kubota Kx057-4  Specs, Price, Review, Attachments, Overview, Weight, lifting capacity

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Kubota Kx057-4

Kubota Kx057-4 Overview

The KX057 -4 is a mini excavator rated at 47.6hp. This machine has a maximum digging depth of approximately 12 feet 8.2 inches and a lifting capacity over the front of 3,410 lbs at 4ft load height and 12ft load radius.

The machine weighs between 12840 and 13040lbs, depending on a number of factors. The following contains additional information and performance specifications.


The compact excavator is designed to help you dig deeper, lift higher, and accomplish any task you throw at it. Let us get to work.

Kubota Kx057-4 Price New

Kubota Kx057-4

The Kubota Kx057 -4 old and the new price starts from – $65,000  to $89,900 USD.

The price for a mini excavator is Based on used hours and state location lest up/down.


Kubota Kx057-4 Horsepower

The KX057 -4 is a mini excavator rated at 47.6hp

Kubota Kx057-4 Lifting capacity

lifting capacity of the Kubota Kx057 -4  over the front of 3,410 lbs

Kubota Kx057-4 dig depth

The Kubota Kx057-4 has a maximum digging depth of approximately 12 feet 8.2 inches

Kubota Kx057-4 Features

  • It has a 47.6HP Kubota direct injection engine that meets Tier IV standards for reliability and to get the most out of digging and lifting.
  • It also has a new system for filling up fuel on-site. Just press the fuel signal button to keep an eye on the filling process. To prevent spilling, the beeping gets louder as the tank fills up.
  • A rear opening and a right-side hood opening make it easy to get to key parts for servicing and to do important daily checks.
  • The steel panels on the KX057-4 are also made to last for a long time. And a pre-cleaner system was added to help keep the engine safe in the very dusty worksite.

Kubota Kx057-4


Kubota Kx057-4 Specs


Manufacturer Kubota
Category Excavators
Subcategory     Tracked Excavators
Model KX057-4 Angle Blade
Years Made 2009-2024

Kubota Kx057-4 Engine

Engine Make Kubota
Engine Model V2607-D1
Gross Horsepower     50 hp (37.3 kW) @ 2,200 rpm
Net Horsepower 47.6 hp (35.5kW) @ 2,200 rpm
Displacement 159 ci
Fuel Type Diesel
Aspiration Turbocharged
Fuel Tank Capacity 19.8 gal. (75 l)
Oil Capacity 2.7 gal
Engine Dry Weight 518 lbs

Kubota Kx057-4 Dimension

Length 18 ft. 1.3 in. (5,520 mm)
Height 8 ft. 4.4 in. (2,550 mm)
Width 6 ft. 5.2 in. (1,960 mm)

Rubber Tracks: 12,620 lbs. (5,725 kg) canopy; 12,820 lbs. (5,815 kg)

cab steel Tracks: 12,840 lbs. (5,825 kg) canopy; 13,040 lbs. (5,915 kg)

cab (includes 175 lbs. operator’s weight)

Ground Clearance     12.2 in. (310 mm)

Kubota Kx057-4 Drivetrain

Track Length     8 ft. 2.4 in. (2,500 mm)
Track Width 15.7 in. (400 mm)

Kubota Kx057-4 Hydraulic

Pump capacity 14.8 variable × 2
9.8 Gear × 1
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 20.9 gal
Auxiliary Flow – Left 9.8 GPM
Auxiliary Flow – Right 19.8 GPM

Kubota Kx057-4 Operational

Travel Speed Forward     1.8 – 3.1 mph (2.8 – 4.9 km/h)
Arm Force 5,644 lbs. (2,560 kgf) breakout
Dig Depth 12 ft. 8.2 in. (3,865 mm) max.
Dig Height 18 ft. 10 in. (5,740 mm) max.
Blade Height 1 ft. 4.7 in. (425 mm)
Blade Width 6 ft. 5.2 in. (1,960 mm)
Bucket Breakout Force 11,177 lbs. (5,070 kgf)
Dump Height 13 ft. 8.6 in. (4,180 mm)
Boom Swing Radius Left 70°
Boom Swing Radius Right     55°
Slew Speed 9.3 RPM

Kubota Kx057-4 Travel Speed

High Speed 3.0 mph
Low Speed 1.7 mph

Kubota Kx057-4 Undercarriage

Crawler Length 98.4 in.
Shoe Width 15.7 in.
Tumbler Distance 78.3 in.

Kubota Kx057-4 Attachments


Width 77.2 in.
Height 16.1 in.
Lift Above Ground 17.3 in.
Drop Below Ground 15.9 in.


A force of 10,172 lbs. is a lot for a bucket to dig with. Its arm and bucket are strong and well-balanced, which makes it possible for the operator to dig faster and better, even in tough conditions.

Excavator Auger

Excavator Augers are used to dig holes for footings or fences. They use the flexibility of the excavator to get to hard-to-reach places or dig deeper than a CTL/skid steer can.

Kubota Kx057-4 Review 

The Kubota KX057-4 is a top-notch digger. It’s strong, dependable, and can do lots of different tasks like building stuff, fixing landscapes, and tearing things down.

Inside, it’s comfy and easy to use. Plus, it doesn’t guzzle gas and doesn’t make the air dirty. If you want a great digger, think about the Kubota KX057-4. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

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