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Krogerstoresfeedback Survey

Krogerstoresfeedback – Here in this post, I have given a detailed guide for those who want to know how to complete the Kroger Customer Feedback Survey online at and win the prize.

After completing this Kroger Customer Feedback Survey at, you have the chance to win a $5,000 Kroger gift card. 

Kroger Feedback Survey PRIZE

Kroger Survey Entry Period

The sweepstakes run from Saturday, October 1, 2022, at 12:00:00 AM CT until Friday, May 26, 2023, at 11:59:59 PM CT (the “Sweepstakes Period”). Two entrances exist.

The chart below lists eight “Survey Periods.” Entries must be received during the Survey Period for that giveaway. Non-winning Survey Period entries will not be carried over.

Entry Period
Start Date:
12:00:01 AM CT on
Entry Period
End Date:
11:59:59 PM CT
Mail-In Entry
Received By Date
Survey Period
Drawing Date:
on or about
1 10/01/22  10/31/22   11/07/22 11/10/22
2 11/01/22 11/30/22 12/07/22 12/12/22
3 12/01/22 12/31/22 01/07/23 01/10/23
4 01/01/23 01/31/23 02/07/23 02/10/23
5 02/01/23 02/29/23 03/07/22 03/10/23
6 03/01/23 03/31/23 04/07/23 04/11/23
7 04/01/23 04/30/23 05/08/23 05/10/23
8 05/01/23 05/26/23 06/02/23 06/09/23

Kroger Feedback Survey Details

PurposeTo improve the customer experience.
Rewards50 Kroger Fuel Points Balance
$5000 Cash Reward
Age LimitMinimum 18 Years
Eligible StatesAll states are eligible excluding Florida and New York.
LimitTo enter the survey within 7 days
SPONSORThe Kroger Co., 1014 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202.
SWEEPSTAKES ADMINISTRATORUS Sweepstakes & Fulfillment Company, 625 Panorama
Trail, Suite 2100, Rochester, NY 14625. 1-800-620-6044

Krogerstoresfeedback Survey Rules

  • Kroger store receipt with a survey code.
  • Reliable internet access.
  • About 5 to 10 minutes to complete the Kroger Feedback survey
  • A laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of English or Spanish.
  • You must have a valid Email ID.

Rules for participating in the Kroger Feedback sweepstakes

  • No Purchases are Necessary.
  • You must be a resident of the USA.
  • Your age must be 18 years or older.
  • One entry per receipt.
  • Prize transfer is not allowed.
  • Kroger Company employees are not allowed to enter.

How to take Kroger Feedback Survey Online? Krogerstoresfeedback  Survey Steps

kroger feedback
Kroger Feedback Survey

  • Please enter the following information from your receipt.
    1. Date
    2. Time
    3. Entry ID
  • Next, please press the Start button to begin the Kroger Feedback survey.
  • Think about the Kroger visit and answer some questions about your experience.
  • Answer all questions genuinely and rate your overall satisfaction.
  • Kroger Survey Sweepstakes entry, please provide your name, phone number, and email address.
  • Submit the Kroger Feedback survey.
  • You’re questioned about your last store visit. You’ll be prompted for your address, phone number, and receipt survey number.
  • You may be asked for the date and time of your visit, the store number, the terminal number, and transaction data.
  • Sponsors must receive online entries by 11:59 PM CT on the last day of the Entry Period for them to be included in that Entry Period’s random drawing.

Approach number two: AMOE (Alternate Means of Entry) – Enter the Promotion by hand printing your name, full address, city, state, zip code, daytime phone number, and birthdate on a 3″ x 5″ card and mailing it to the following address:

Enter to Win a Kroger Survey at PO Box 728, Social Circle, GA 30025-728.

To be eligible for the drawing for that Survey Period, mailed entries must be postmarked by the Entry Period End Date and received by the date shown in the chart below. Each entry sent by mail needs to be enclosed in its own outer envelope.

There will be no acceptance of copies, facsimiles, or mechanical reproductions.

One (1) mail-in entry per postage-paid envelope is the maximum. Entries that have been mechanically copied, rubber-stamped, or partially completed will be void and ineligible. There is a daily cap of one (1) entry. There is an equal chance of winning with each way of entry.

Kroger Survey Prizes/ARV/odds:

  • Eight Grand Prizes are available. Each Survey Period will have one (1) $5,000 Kroger Gift Card Grand Prize (ARV: $5,000).
  • 800 First Prizes are available. Each Survey Period, 100 First Prizes consist of $100 Kroger Gift Cards (ARV: $100 each).
  • Prizes total $15,000 every survey period. Prizes total $120,000. During the Survey Period, one prize per person/household.
  • Each Survey Period’s odds of winning depend on the total number of eligible entries. During the sweepstakes period, each participant can win once.


If you go to, you can find the Official Rules. You can also send a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope to Official Rules Request, Kroger Survey Sweepstakes, PO Box 654, Social Circle, GA 30025-654, by May 26, 2023.

Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Kroger Survey Sweepstakes Winner Confirmation Request, PO Box 654, Social Circle, GA 30025-654 by July 7, 2023, to get written confirmation of who won (available after June 09, 2023)

Potential Grand Prize winner will be notified by email and/or phone and asked to sign and return an Affidavit of Eligibility, a Liability Waiver, an IRS W-9 Form, and where allowed, a Publicity Release within seven (7) days of notification (collectively, “the Releases”). The Grand Prize recipient must provide his/her SSN for tax reporting purposes.

Noncompliance results in disqualification and a new winner. The winner will receive the prize package in 45 days. Potential winners will be notified by email and asked to confirm their address within 48 hours.

After winner verification, prizes will be sent to the address on the entry form or the new email address supplied.
If a prize notice or reward is returned as undeliverable, or if a winner is discovered ineligible or not in compliance with these rules, that winner will be disqualified and an alternate winner may be selected in a separate random lottery.

Sponsor retains the right to not award a prize if it can’t determine and verify a possible winner after repeated alternate drawings or if it doesn’t receive enough entries to match the number of prizes available (s).

Prizes are non-cashable. Prizes aren’t transferable. No substitutions are allowed unless a reward of equal or higher value is unavailable. No cash or prize exchanges, save at Sponsor’s discretion. Unspecified prize incidentals are the winner’s responsibility.

If the winner is already a member, the free membership will begin when their current membership expires. Lost or stolen gift cards are not replaceable. Gift card terms and conditions include expiration dates.

Kroger Feedback Survey by Mail:

Mail a card with your name, address, and phone number to The Customer Survey Sweepstakes Monthly PMI Station, PO Box 3547, Southbury, CT 06488-3547.

Sponsors must receive entries by the 8th of the month. Each online entry requires a receipt.

Send a postcard to join the contest without buying anything. Online or mail-in entries have the same odds.

Kroger Feedback Winner List Below

  • Jane F. – 180716 – Michigan
  • LETTY T. – 110620 – Altanta
  • Gary R. – 110418 – Altanta
  • Brenda H. – 110647 – Altanta
  • Kathy C. – 110457 – Altanta
  • Mark F. – 110419 – Altanta
  • Cathy T. – 110657 – Altanta
  • Ricky R. – 110425 – Altanta
  • ruthie c. – 140984 – Cincinnati
  • Angie L. – 140825 – Cincinnati
  • Ruth S. – 140370 – Cincinnati
  • Jennifer H. – 140825 – Cincinnati
  • ettia s. – 160844 – Columbus
  • Marjorie H. – 160313 – Columbus
  • Bruce B. – 160864 – Columbus
  • Jackie M. – 160594 – Columbus
  • Sandra M. – 160591 – Columbus
  • James D. – 160264 – Columbus
  • Michael a. – 180721 – Michigan
  • Lynn F. – 180686 – Michigan
  • Debra P. – 180710 – Michigan
  • Sandra B. – 180495 – Michigan
  • Peggy P. – 180775 – Michigan
  • Louise W. – 180444 – Michigan
  • Donna D. – 210330 – Central
  • Patrice P. – 210911 – Central
  • jim p. – 210998 – Central
  • Timothy H. – 210894 – Central
  • Beverly C. – 210903 – Central
  • JIM J. – 210901 – Central
  • Susan H. – 210948 – Central
  • Kathy W. – 240734 – Louisville
  • Babette C. – 240728 – Louisville
  • Andrea K. – 240915 – Louisville
  • Sandra P. – 240642 – Louisville
  • JANINE F. – 240395 – Louisville
  • Carolyn S. – 250624 – Delta
  • CaWandra B. – 250490 – Delta
  • Danielle F. – 250488 – Delta
  • debra w. – 250621 – Delta
  • Pat M. – 250474 – Delta
  • Kathy V. – 250392 – Delta
  • Charolette W. – 250627 – Delta
  • J H. – 250492 – Delta
  • PJ V. – 250409 – Delta
  • Jeff G. – 260628 – Nashville
  • Debbie T. – 260553 – Nashville
  • Steven P. – 260534 – Nashville
  • Lena F. – 260686 – Nashville
  • Shellie R. – 260553 – Nashville
  • Yelena Z. – 260530 – Nashville
  • JoLee R. – 260690 – Nashville
  • chris b. – 290261 – Mid-Atlantic
  • Joseph K. – 290345 – Mid-Atlantic
  • Karen N. – 290399 – Mid-Atlantic
  • Shawn B. – 290520 – Mid-Atlantic
  • Pam M. – 340316 – Houston
  • jill r. – 340354 – Houston
  • Steven B. – 340398 – Houston
  • Lisa H. – 340308 – Houston
  • Tomas S. – 340383 – Houston
  • Jim B. – 340321 – Houston
  • Richard R. – 350990 – Dallas
  • Sherilyn G. – 350209 – Dallas
  • Summer M. – 350590 – Dallas
  • Angelia M. – 350579 – Dallas
  • Shirley O. – 5340478 – Roundy’s Wisconsin
  • Wally T. – 5340415 – Roundy’s Wisconsin
  • Dana M. – 6150067 – Dillon
  • Christine E. – 6150032 – Dillon
  • Jessica B. – 6150095 – Dillon
  • Don C. – 6150092 – Dillon
  • Bernard W. – 6150320 – Dillon

About Kroger Company

Kroger is an American retail company established in 1883 by Bernard Kroger in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is the USA’s largest supermarket, and the second-largest general retailer (behind Walmart). Its Headquarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.

Kroger is a well-known stable retail company in the United States. It is considered the second-largest general retailer, which includes 24 Branch Stores and many sub-store for each branch across the USA.

Kroger has already employed 5 lakh+ and still Hiring for all the Kroger Stores to serve the customers.

Founded1883; 137 years ago
Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
FounderBernard Kroger
Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
Number of locations
2,920, including 2,750 supermarkets and 170 jewelers (Q1 2020)
Area served
United States
Key people
Rodney McMullen
(CEO & Chairman)
Yael Cosset (CIO)
Michael Donnelly (COO)
Gary Millerchip (CFO)
Another specialty, supermarket
Number of employees
453,000 (2019)
DivisionsInter-American Products
various chains

Kroger Eschedule Feed.Kroger

Call customer support

You can call Kroger’s customer support by dialing 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377). Available Mondays through Fridays from 8 AM to Midnight EST, and Saturdays and Sundays from 8 AM to 9:30 PM EST.

For specific questions, you can call:

  • My Prescriptions – 1-855-489-2502
  • Gift Cards – 1-800-576-4377
  • Floral – 1-866-520-0356
  • i-wireless – 1-866-594-3644
  • Prepaid Debit Cards – 1-866-265-8419
  • Coinstar – 1-800-928-2274
  • Media Relations – 1-513-762-4000
  • Kroger Grocery Store, Kingwood, TX: +1 281-318-1194
  • The Kroger Super Market, Rolla, MO: +1 573-364-2721
  • Kroger Grocery Store, Athens, GA: +1 706-715-3738
  • By Phone: Call 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377)

Call customer support

  • My Prescriptions – 1-855-489-2502
  • Gift Cards – 1-800-576-4377
  • Floral – 1-866-520-0356
  • i-wireless – 1-866-594-3644
  • Prepaid Debit Cards – 1-866-265-8419
  • Coinstar – 1-800-928-2274
  • Media Relations – 1-513-762-4000

Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to midnight EST
Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM EST

All about the Kroger Feedback Survey I have mentioned in this post which you can complete at

I hope you like this article, and this will help you a lot to take a survey and its rules and regulation before taking part in the survey, but if you are facing any issue related to this Kroger Feedback Survey then feel free to leave a comment I like helping everyone.

FAQs – Krogerstoresfeedback

What’s New in KrogerFeedback compared to other Grocery Stores?

While in the grocery store, you can’t view and examine all products and get them at the lowest prices.

Do we need to rate your experience at the store – Kroger Customer satisfaction survey?

 Through the Kroger feedback survey, you can rate your experience to receive fuel points

Is there any chance to win gift cards?

Yes!! You can win a free grand prize of $5,000 & $100 gift cards.

How can I use a gift certificate?

Kroger gift cards are simple to use and can be used at home in any Kroger store.
For payment, send your card to the registry office. The purchase amount will be taken from the card.
On your purchase receipt, the card balance will be shown.

My gift card can be used by anyone

The card does not include your name.
It can be used by you or shown to others.

How can I buy a card category not listed in my application?

You can customize the gift card’s value by adding any combination of cards to the order.

What are the cancellation and return policies on gift cards?

After an order has been shipped, it can’t be canceled.
8 am to 4:30 pm Pacific Time).
Kroger Family gift cards cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash in the store unless required by law.
Only 50 US and Washington DC customers could receive gift cards from Kroger

What products are available for gift cards?

Gift cards can be used to purchase all items in the store. This is except for gift cards and reception services. These services include Western Union, lotteries, and remittances.

Online shopping can gift cards be used?

Temporarily absent

Is the Kroger family gift card available in electronic or digital format?

 No. Kroger does not offer physical gift cards. They can be purchased online at its e-commerce site and in-store.

How can I check the balance on my gift card?

  Click here to check the balance of your card or call 1-866-822-652.


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