Koenigsegg Planning Top Speed Record Run With Jesko Absolut This Year

In 2021, Koenigsegg chief executive Christian Von Koenigsegg predicted a top speed of 330 mph for the brand’s newest hypercar, known as the Jesko Absolut. This would make it the fastest production vehicle in the world and beat out giants such as the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ and the Hennessey Venom F5. In the meantime, Koenigsegg plans to check if the simulations are true.

Koenigsegg Planning Top Speed Record Run With Jesko Absolut This Year

In a conversation with the Swedish-language website Carup, Koenigsegg revealed plans to establish a new top-speed record for Jesko Absolut. Jesko Absolut sometime in 2024.

“Hopefully we can go for the record already this year,” he added. “We are currently looking for a straight stretch that is long enough and where the traffic can be shut down, it is not entirely easy. It will probably not be in Sweden, but abroad.”

Anyone familiar with speed records will remember that Koenigsegg established the record for the fastest production vehicle in 2017 with the Agera RS, with an average speed of 277.9 mph. Koenigsegg tested the car on a restricted section of highway located in the middle of the Nevada desert, not an actual runway or racetrack strip.

And, unlike competitors who have their speeds set in one direction, or with cars that are not homologated for use on the road, Koenigsegg set the time in two directions, and then took an average to be able to have the record formally certified by Guinness.

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“Bugatti has only driven in one direction and with a car in a specification that customers cannot buy,” Koenigsegg said to Carup. “Even SSC’s record was set using a vehicle which isn’t homologated for street use. Our record set with an Koenigsegg Agera was set with a production vehicle. the record attempt for this year will also be set using the series-produced Jesko which is homologated to be used on the streets.”

Jesko Absolut Jesko Absolut was designed specifically to speed straight lines. It is powered by the 1500-horsepower twin-turbo V8 engine from its sister vehicle, Jesko Attack. Jesko Attack pairs it with specially-designed aerodynamics, reducing drag and increasing stability.

“So far, it has not been fully explored exactly how fast the car is,” says Koenigsegg. “The drag coefficient is just 0.278 and with the minimal frontal area, the car’s gearing and power curve simulations show a possible top speed well north of 500 km/h [310 mph]. Now we want to show what the car is capable of in reality.”

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