Kioti KL130 Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤️

Kioti KL130 Specs, Weight, Price & Review

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Let’s look at the latest specs, weight, price, and review of the Kioti KL130.

Kioti KL130

Kioti KL130 Price

Price: $9,300 (Approx.)

Kioti KL130 Weight

The weight of a Kioti KL130 is 877 lbs.

Kioti KL130 Specs

Maximum Lift Height 92.5″
Clearance w/ Attachment Level 85.7″
Clearance w/ Attachment Dumped 73.6″
Reach Maximum Height 17.8″
Maximum Dump Angle 52°
Reach w/ Attachment on Ground 59.88″
Maximum Rollback Angle 37°
Digging Depth Below Grade 5.31″
Overall Height in Carry Position 49.6″
Depth of Attachment (to back of inner shell) 17.71″
Height of Attachment 18.50″
Depth of Attachment (to pivot pin) 19.96″
Bucket Size 60″
Rated Bucket Capacity 7.06 cu.ft.
Heaped Bucket Capacity 9.53 cu.ft.
Ballast Box attached to 3-Point 700 lbs
Relief Valve Setting (Loader Control Valve) 2,000 psi
Rated Flow (Tractor System) 12.7 GPM
Approximate Weight with Bucket 877 lbs
Bucket Size Used for Specification 60″
Lift Capacity to Full Height at Pivot Pins 1,155 lbs
Breakout Force at Pivot Pin 2,046 lbs
Lift Cylinders 1.77″x24.09″
Bucket Cylinder 1.77″x23.19″
Raise Boom (seconds) 3.9
Lower Boom (seconds) 2.8
Dump Bucket (seconds) 2.7
Retract Bucket (seconds) 2.4

Kioti KL130 Features

  • The arched low profile gives the operator the best view and goes well with the unique style of the hood.
  • Everything on the loader can be quickly taken off the tractor, except for the mounting.
  • The front-end loader has a built-in parking stand that makes it easy to connect.
  • Standard is a level indicator for the bucket.
  • The engine can be reached through the frame’s mid-mount style.
  • The color goes well with the KIOTI tractor.

Kioti KL130 Review Video

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Kioti KL130 FAQs

Kioti KL130 FAQs

Q.Where can I buy a kl130 tractor?

The Right Tractor at the Right Price! H&M Equipment Co., Inc. has a KL130 for sale. From Albany, Schenectady, and Amsterdam, New York, we can meet your needs for new and used equipment.

Q.Are KIOTI tractors reliable?

Kioti Tractors has a rating of 2.33 stars from 6 customer reviews, which means that most customers aren’t happy with what they bought. Kioti Tractors is the 22nd-best site in the Trucks category.


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