Kartar Straw Reaper Price, Specification, Benefits & Review 2024


Kartar Straw Reaper Price in India, Specification, Review, Overview

Kartar Straw Reaper gives working as a threshing machine where it runs the function of threshing, cutting as well as cleaning the straw in one operation.

Here, the wheat stalks which are left after combined harvest are cut using oscillating knives while the spinning reel assists in pushing them back to a bit.


the process involves stalks being moved back into the machine through an auger & guide drum where it contacts a threshing cylinder that cuts the stalks into short pieces against hollow.

So, Here in this post, you can get to know about the Kartar Straw Reaper Price in India, Key Features, Technical parts Specification, and Benefits. I hope it will helpful to you for buy or sell Kartar Straw Reaper.

Kartar Straw Reaper Price in India 2024

Kartar Straw Reaper Price Features Specifications & Benifits

Price: Rs 2.5 Lakh


Kartar Straw Reaper Key Features

  • System designed to provide superior separating performance
  • Fully belt operated machine.
  • Coming with adjustable cutting height
  • Double blower operating behind rushes straw to trolley and at dame time also separates the dust particles

Benefits of Kartar Straw Reaper:

  • High performance.
  • Low fuel.
  • Straw Reaper is a chopper machine which cuts, Threshes & cleans the straw in one operation.
  • The wheat hunts left after combined harvest are cut by an oscillating blade while a revolving reel pushes them back toward an auger.
  • The stalks are sent into the machine by the auger and guide drum, which gives the threshing cylinder which cut the stalks into small pieces against concave.
  • It gives better separating performance.
  • The short fragment (straw) fall through the bars of the concave.
  • Double blower operating just behind charges the straw to trolley attached and separate the soil particles.

Kartar Straw Reaper Specifications

Chassis 56”
Wheel 7-00-19
No. of Blower 2
Weight 2150 Kg (Approx)
Cutting Capacity 2-3 Acres/Hr.
Effective Cutting Width 2100 mm
Overall Dimension (Working)
Length 3676 mm
Width 2470 mm
Height 2100 mm

Kartar Straw Reaper Review

Kartar Straw Reaper has become a favorite among Indian farmers due to its affordability, durability, and efficiency. This versatile machine can be used to cut straw, thresh it, and then clean it in one operation. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

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I hope you would like our article and it would be very helpful for you to buy the latest Kartar Straw Reaper. If you have any questions or suggestions, please tell us through the comment below. I will gratefully solve your query. Thank you.


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