John Deere X580 Specs, Price, HP, Attachments Information

John Deere X580 Specs: The John Deere X580 is a lawn mower tractor that is powered by a 24 hp (17.9 kW) iTorque™ Power System. It has a 54-inch (137 cm) Accel Deep™ Mower Deck that is compatible with an optional MulchControl™ kit with one-touch technology.

The X580 also has a 21-inch cut and sewn seat and a 4-year/500 hour bumper-to-bumper warranty. The original price of a John Deere X580 lawn mower in the United States $7,299 USD in 2017.

Here are the key Specs, price, weight, Horsepower, and details about the John Deere X580:

John Deere X580 Specs

John Deere X580 Specs Price


Manufacturer John Deere
Garden tractor
Built in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA
Original price: $7,299 in 2017 with 54-inch

John Deere X580 Engine

24HP Kawasaki 726cc 2-cyl gasoline
Fuel tank 4.4 gal
16.7 L

John Deere X580 Mechanical

Two-wheel drive
Differential lock mechanical rear
Power steering
Wet disc brakes

Open operator station. Canopy and weather cab optional.

John Deere X580 Tractor hitch

Type sleeve hitch Opt

John Deere X580 Power Take-off (PTO)

Mid PTO independent
Clutch electric

John Deere X580 Dimensions & Tires

Wheelbase 51.2 inches
130 cm
Weight 636 lbs
288 kg
Front tire 16×6.5-8
Rear tire 24×12-12

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John Deere X580 Electrical

Ground negative
Charging system flywheel alternator
Charging amps 15
Battery CCA 500
Battery volts 12

John Deere X580 Engine Detail

Kawasaki FS730V
air-cooled vertical-shaft V-Twin
Displacement 726 cc
44.3 ci
Bore/Stroke 3.07×2.99 inches
78 x 76 mm
Power (gross) 24 hp
17.9 kW
Fuel system carburetor
Air cleaner dry with foam precleaner
Starter volts 12

John Deere X580 Transmission

Transmission Kanzaki K72
Type belt-driven hydrostatic
Gears infinite forward and reverse
Oil capacity 5.6 qts
5.3 L
Oil type
86o[30oC] : JD LV Hy-Gard
-10o[-23oC] : JD Hy-Gard
Oil change 200 h

John Deere X580 Tires

Lawn/turf front 16×6.5-8
Lawn/turf rear 24×12-12

John Deere X580 Dimensions

Wheelbase 51.2 inches
130 cm
Length 79 inches
200 cm
Width 41 inches
104 cm
Height 45 inches
114 cm
Weight 636 lbs
288 kg
Front axle Cast-iron

John Deere X580 Loader Attachments

John Deere X580 Attachment overview

48″ mid-mount mower deck
54″ mid-mount mower deck
A 30-inch mechanical tiller was available.

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48″ Mower deck

John Deere Accel Deep 48
48 inches
121 cm
Total width: 62.5 inches
158 cm
hydraulic lift
Cut height: 1 to 4 inch
2 to 10 cm
Cut adjustments: 13
143 lbs
64 kg

54″ Mower deck

John Deere Accel Deep 54
54 inches
137 cm
Total width: 68.4 inches
173 cm
manual lift
Cut height: 1 to 4 inch
2 to 10 cm
Cut adjustments: 13
151 lbs
68 kg

48″ Blade

John Deere
48 inches width
121 cm

47″ Snow blower

John Deere
47 inches width
119 cm
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