John Deere 5083E Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

John Deere 5083E Specs, Weight, Price & Review

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John Deere 5083E Specs

John Deere 5083E price

price =  $41,361 (2011)

John Deere 5083E weight

weight = 3,265 kg (7,198 lbs)

John Deere 5083E Horsepower

Horsepower = 61.9 kW; 83 HP

John Deere 5083E Height

Height = 2,500 mm (98.4 in)

John Deere 5083E Features

Get dependable performance with high-torque, low-emission PowerTech™ diesel engines

Ready-to-work PowerTech engines

Ready-to-work PowerTech engines

The track record of John Deere in producing high-performance engines makes 5E 4-Cylinder Tractor owners proud.

John Deere’s diesel engine is powerful, fuel-efficient, and durable. This turbocharged engine is Tier 3-compliant.

12F/12R PowrReverser™ transmission is ideal for demanding applications

Electrohydraulic reverser lever

Electrohydraulic reverser lever

John Deere’s PowerReverser has 12F and 12R gears. 540/540 Standard/Economy PTO (PTO) This transmission is good for tractor drivers.

Wet clutches outlive dry ones. Wet clutches reduce clutch replacement costs when tractors are operated by inexperienced drivers.

Two platform-mounted levers simplify changing. The range lever is shorter and easier to reach.

Differentiating knobs help. The forward lever selects from four synchronized clutch speeds. The rear lever selects collar-shift A, B, and C.

Hydraulic PowerShift increases loader and rear blade productivity in tight spaces. Excellent modulation allows the operator to switch from neutral to forward, reverse, or backward.

All these directional changes can be accomplished without clutching. PowrReverser modulation controls directional changes.

An electrohydraulic fingertip lever makes direction changes easy. Forward, reverse, and neutral is on the left console.

The operator can steer and change gears with their left hand, leaving their right hand free to use the loader, the implements on the back, or the hand throttle.

The transmission’s top shaft is pressure-lubricated, and constant-mesh, helical-cut gears guarantee silent operation and reliability. Fully enclosed, strong shift linkages provide short throws and fast gear shifts.

This prevents inadvertent parking brake clutch service costs. The directional lever must be in neutral to start the engine with a neutral start switch.

Mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) front axle provides traction on demand

5083E MFWD

5083E MFWD

The heavy-duty MFWD front axle includes a limited-slip system that boosts drawbar pull and traction.

This ensures the operator gets the right torque to the ground, frees the tractor to break out of a rut, and reduces the need for pulling chains.

MFWD reduces wheel slippage, tractor ballasting, soil compaction, fuel efficiency, and tire life.

The MFWD’s centerline design enhances movement and crop clearance, preventing crop and profit loss. 6 degrees of caster angle and 55 degrees of turn angle reduce the turning radius and increase horsepower. Axle oscillation of 10 degrees smoothes rough terrain.

Spreading loads over the axle reduces stress and maintenance expenses. Maintenance-intensive drive shaft universal joints are eliminated. Three grease spots increase front axle performance and decrease maintenance.

Save fuel, reduce noise, and increase engine life in power take-off (PTO) applications with the 540/540 Economy PTO

Shiftable 540 and 540 Economy PTO

Shiftable 540/540 Economy PTO (5E) for open station tractors

The 12F/12R PowrReverserTM includes a 540-Economy PTO. The 540/540 Economy PTO reduces fuel consumption, noise, vibration, and engine wear.

The economy PTO offers 540 rpm at 1700 engine rpm. When full engine horsepower isn’t needed, use 540 economy mode to drive a mower-conditioner, baler, or cutter.

Lower engine rpm decreases fuel costs by 30% and reduces noise and vibration. Switching between 540 and 540E saves fuel without affecting performance.

Heavy-duty PTO applications require 2400 rpm. This setting gives the PTO shaft 540 rpm and full engine horsepower.

Economy PTO mode electronically limits the engine speed of the tractor to 1700 rpm. This keeps the implement from going too fast and the shaft from getting stuck.

This interlock keeps an implement or drivetrain from breaking down because the PTO lever was accidentally moved above 1700 rpm. 

John Deere 5083E Specs


Engine model John Deere PowerTech 4045
Engine type Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Cylinders 4
Displacement 276 ci
4.5 L
Emissions Tier 2
Fuel system direct injection
Compression 17.6:1
Idle RPM 825-2625
Starter volts 12
Exhaust valve clearance 0.018 inches
0.457 mm
Bore/Stroke 4.19×5.00 inches
106 x 127 mm
Rated Power (EC 97/98) 83 hp
61.9 kW
Air cleaner dry
Rated RPM 2400
Firing order 1-3-4-2
Intake valve clearance 0.014 inches
0.356 mm


5083EN narrow chassis
5083E utility chassis


PTO (claimed) 65 hp
48.5 kW
Engine (gross) 83 hp
61.9 kW
PTO (tested) 69.30 hp
51.7 kW


Type open center
Rear valves 1 to 3
Pump flow 15.9 gpm
60.2 lpm
Steering flow 6.6 gpm
25.0 lpm
Pressure 2828 psi
195.0 bar
Mid valves 2 (optional)
Total flow 22.5 gpm
85.2 lpm
Steering press. 1900 psi
131.0 bar


Chassis 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Differential lock rear standard
Brakes independent hydraulic wet disc
Transmission 12-speed partially synchronized
Final drives planetary
Steering hydrostatic power
Cab Cab standard with heat and air-conditioning.


Rear tires Ag: 16.9-30, 18.4-30
Industrial: 19.5L-24
Front tires Ag: 11.2-24, 12.4-24
Industrial: 12.5/80-18


Wheelbase 85.8 inches
217 cm
Width 64.6 inches
164 cm (axle flange)
Height (cab) 98.8 inches
250 cm
Clearance (front axle) 16.5 inches
41 cm
Rear axle Flange axle: 57.5-inch length
1460 mm
Length 147.6 inches
374 cm
Height (hood) 54.3 inches
137 cm
Operating weight 7,200 lbs
3265 kg
Front axle Flange axle: 64.6-inch length
1640 mm

Power Take-off (PTO)

Rear RPM 540/540E
  540/1000 (optional)
Clutch mechanical
Rear PTO independent

Tractor hitch

Rear Type 2/1
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm) 3,213 lbs
1457 kg
Control position control and top-link draft sensing

John Deere 5083E Review 

The John Deere 5083E is a robust and versatile tractor suitable for many different tasks. It’s driven by a 75-hp engine that has plenty of power for even the toughest tasks. The 5083E has an extremely comfortable cab, with a large interior space and great visibility. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

John Deere 5083E Attachments

John Deere 553 Loader

Height (to pin) 122 inches
309 cm
Dump reach 35 inches
88 cm
Reach at ground 74 inches
187 cm
Breakout force (at pin) 5,378 lbs
2439 kg
Lift to full height (at pin) 3,133 lbs
1421 kg
Lift to 1.5m (at pin) 4,008 lbs
1818 kg
Bucket width 72 inches
182 cm
Clearance, dumped a bucket 94 inches
238 cm
Dump angle 41°
Rollback at the ground 33°
Breakout force (at 800mm) 3,604 lbs
1634 kg
Lift to full height (at 800mm) 1,956 lbs
887 kg
Lift to 1.5m (at 800mm) 2,891 lbs
1311 kg

John Deere 563 Loader

Height (to pin) 131 inches
332 cm
Dump reach 52 inches
132 cm
Reach ground 90 inches
228 cm
Breakout force (at pin) 6,744 lbs
3059 kg
Clearance dumped a bucket 96 inches
243 cm
Dump angle 70°
Rollback angle 45°
Lift to full height (at pin) 4,103 lbs
1861 kg

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FAQs For John Deere 5083E 


Q. How much horsepower is a 5083e John Deere?

61.9 kW; 83 HP

Q. How much does a John Deere 5083e Weight?

3,265 kg (7,198 lbs)

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