John Deere 450J Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤

John Deere 450J Specs, Weight, Price & Review

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John Deere 450J Specs

John Deere 450J Key Features

  • Net Engine Power: 52–57 kW (70–77 hp) @ 2,200 rpm
  • Track on Ground: 2184 mm (86 in.)
  • Operating Weight: 7386–7949 kg (16,283–17,525 lb.)
  • Blade Width Range: 2464–3150 mm (97–124 in.)

John Deere 450J Price

price = $64,995 USD (2016)

John Deere 450J Weight

weight =  7386–7949 kg (16,283–17,525 lb.)

John Deere 450J Features


  • EPA Tier 3 Stage IIIA of the EU Stage IIIA engine with emission certification
  • Optional EPA Tier 2 EU Stage II engine that is emission-certified


  • Controls that are reliable control the fully-featured hydrostatic drivetrain as well as the six-way blade, which ensures constant response and in any condition.
  • Fully modulated drivetrains ensure smooth start-ups and smooth direction changes — almost stopping abrupt and jerky movement.
  • Blade ratio and the center of gravity are set to be optimal This gives this dozer the stability needed to perform work of the highest quality.

John Deere 450J Specs

Engine Features

Brand John Deere
Series PowerTech E
Type Diesel
Aspiration Turbocharger with charge air cooler
Rated Measured 2200 RPM
Model 4045H
Emission Standards EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA
No. of Cylinders 4
Air Cleaner Dry-type


Net Power @2200 RPM 77 HP 57 kW
Displacement 276 cu. in. 4.5 L
Net Torque @1200 RPM 251 lb-ft. 341 N-m
Bore and Stroke 4.2×5.0 in. 10.6×12.7 cm


Transmission Hydrostatic
Type Gear
Max. Speed Forward 8.0 km (5.5 mph)
Max. Speed Reverse 8.0 km (5.5 mph)


Overall Height with ROPS 108 in. 274 cm
Blade Lift Height 30.4 in. 77.2 cm
Width Over Tracks 73.2 in. 185.4 cm
Overall Length 1.9 in. 4.8 cm
Blade Digging Depth 20.8 in. 52.8 cm


Track Length on Ground 86 in. 218.4 cm
Ground Contact Area 2,752 sq. in. 17 755 cm²
Ground Pressure 5.90 psi 40.7 kPa
Track Pitch 6.3 in. 16 cm

John Deere 450J Review Video

John Deere 450J Serial Numbers

2006 John Deere 450J T0450JX122857 – T0450JX118566 – T0450JX132665
2012 John Deere 450J 1T0450JXCCD218543
2013 John Deere 450J 1T0450JXLDD244962
2014 John Deere 450J 1T0450JXPDD255144
2015 John Deere 450J LGP 1T0450JXPFD280676 – 1T0450JXAFD280202
2006 John Deere 450J LGP T0450JX118911 – 131070 – T0450JX131497 – T0450JX118566 – T0450JX132665
2005 John Deere 450J LGP TO450JX113893
2007 John Deere 450J LGP X141679
2011 John Deere 450J LGP TU208269 – 0201720
2012 John Deere 450J LGP 1T0450JXVCD222133 – 1T0450JXCCD218543
2013 John Deere 450J LGP TDD246037 – 247570
2014 John Deere 450J LGP 1T0450JXADD252865 – 1T0450JXPDD255144
2005 John Deere 450J LT T0450JX117234
2006 John Deere 450J LT TO450JX125664 – T0450JX125099
2008 John Deere 450J LT T0450JX165877
2013 John Deere 450J LT 1T0450JXVDD244490
2015 John Deere 450J LT 1T0450JXCFD283159 – 1T0450JXEFD282441

John Deere 450J Attachments

Blade Specs

Width 97 in. 246.4 cm
Width Over Track 73 in. 185.4 cm
Cast Reach 12.5 in. 31.8 cm
Angled Width 88 in. 222.5 cm
SAE Capacity 2.14 cu. yd 1.64 m³
Height 38 in. 95.5 cm
Cut Reach 2.2 in. 5.6 cm
Tilt 13.3 in. 33.8 cm
Blade Angle 25.4° 25.4°

Ripper Specs

Winch Length 30.0 in. 75.2 cm
Maximum Penetration 20 in. 50.8 cm
Overall Length Raised Position 40 in. 101.5 cm
Ripping Width 66 in. 167 cm
Maximum Clearance Under Tip 20 in. 50.8 cm
Overall Length Lowered Position 57 in. 145 cm
Overall Beam Width 72 in. 183 cm
Slope Angle (full raise) 40° 40°

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FAQs For John Deere 450J

Q. What year is a John DEERE 450J?

Years Made = 2005-2021

Q. What engine is in a 450 John Deere dozer?

300 Series

Q. How much does a 450J Dozer weight?

Operating Weight: 7386–7949 kg (16,283–17,525 lb.)


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