John Deere 4450 Specs, Price, Review, Attachments [2024]

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John Deere 4450 Specs, Price, Review, Attachments

John Deere 4450 Price New and Used

CountryJohn Deere 4450 New PriceJohn Deere 4450 Used Price
United States$40,000 – $60,000$20,000 – $35,000
Canada$45,000 – $65,000$22,000 – $38,000
United Kingdom£30,000 – £45,000£15,000 – £25,000
Australia$50,000 – $70,000$25,000 – $45,000

John Deere 4450 Weight   

The weight of a John Deere 4450 tractor varies depending on the configuration, but it typically ranges from 12,745 to 15,400 lbs.

John Deere 4450 Horsepower

The John Deere 4450 row-crop tractor has a horsepower rating of 158.2 HP.

John Deere 4450 Fuel Capacity

The John Deere 4450 tractor has a fuel tank capacity of 65 gallons.

John Deere 4450 Lift Capacity

The John Deere 4450 tractor has a three-point hitch lift capacity of 6,294 pounds.

John Deere 4450 Oil capacity

The John Deere 4450 tractor has an engine oil capacity of 17 liters (4.5 gallons).

John Deere 4450 Serial Numbers


John Deere 4450 Specs


ManufacturerJohn Deere
Row-Crop tractor
Built in Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Original price$46,670 (1983 Quad-Range ROPS 2WD )
 $67,009 (1983 Power Shift Cab 4WD )
The John Deere 4450 was the best-selling model of the entire 50-series line of tractors. The John Deere 4450 alone accounted for 20% of sales in the line. John Deere introduced its Caster/Action front-wheel drive system on these tractors. By enabling the tractors’ front wheels to angle up to 13 degrees, sharper turn angles and larger front tires could be used.

Engine Detail

John Deere
turbocharged diesel
Displacement466 ci
7.6 L
Bore/Stroke4.56×4.75 inches
116 x 121 mm
Power158.2 hp
118.0 kW
Air cleanerdry
Rated RPM2200
Firing order1-5-3-6-2-4
Starter volts12
Oil capacity18 qts
17.0 L
Coolant capacity27 qts
25.6 L

John Deere Quad-Range Transmission

TransmissionJohn Deere Quad-Range
Typepartial power shift
Gears16 forward and 6 reverse
ClutchPerma-Clutch wet disc
Oil capacity64 qts
60.6 L

John Deere Power Shift Transmission

TransmissionJohn Deere Power Shift
Typefull power shift
Gears15 forward and 4 reverse
ClutchPerma-Clutch wet disc
2WD Oil capacity42 qts
39.7 L
4WD Oil capacity54 qts
51.1 L

John Deere 4450 Power

Engine158.2 hp
118.0 kW
Drawbar (claimed)121 hp
90.2 kW
PTO (claimed)140 hp
104.4 kW
Drawbar (tested)120.11 hp
89.6 kW
PTO (tested)140.43 hp
104.7 kW


Two- or four-wheel drive
Final drivesinboard planetary
Differential lockhydraulic rear
Power steering
Hydraulic wet disc brakes
Sound-Gard cab standard. Optional four-post Roll-Gard ROPS.


Fuel65 gal
246.0 L
Hydraulic system10.5 gal (2WD Power Shift)
39.7 L
 13.5 gal (4WD Power Shift)
51.1 L
 16.0 gal (Quad-Range)
60.6 L

Tractor hitch

Rear TypeIIIN/II
Controllower-link draft sensing
Rear lift6294 lbs
2854 kg
 7418 lbsOpt
3364 kg


Charging systemalternator
Charging amps72
 90 *
Battery volts6
 12 Opt

Power Take-off (PTO)

Rear PTOindependent
Clutchhydraulic wet disc
Rear RPM540/1000
Engine RPM540@2200


Typeclosed center
Capacity10.5 gal (2WD Power Shift)
39.7 L
 13.5 gal (4WD Power Shift)
51.1 L
 16.0 gal (Quad-Range)
60.6 L
Pressure2277 psi
157.0 bar
Valves2 or 3
Pump flow26.5 gpm
100.3 lpm

John Deere 4450 Tires

2WD Standard tires (ag)Front: 10.00-16. Rear: 18.4-38
4WD Standard tires (ag)Front: 14.9-26. Rear: 18.4-38
Ag rear23.1-34


2WD Wheelbase106.7 inches
271 cm
4WD Wheelbase105.3 inches
267 cm
2WD Length154.1 inches
391 cm
4WD Length164.1 inches
416 cm
Width96 inches
243 cm
 109 inches (optional axle)
276 cm
 119 inches (optional axle)
302 cm
Height116.5 inches
295 cm
Shipping weight12745 lbs
5781 kg
Operating weight15400 lbs*
6985 kg
Ground clearance15.75 inches
40 cm
Rack-and-pinion rear axle3.62 by 96 inches
91 by 2438 mm
Rack-and-pinion rear axle3.62 by 109 inches
91 by 2768 mm
Rack-and-pinion rear axle3.62 by 113 inches

John Deere 4450 Attachments

John Deere 158 Loader

FeatureMeasurementMetric Equivalent
Loader Capacity3634 lbs1648 kg
Breakout Force4621 lbs2096 kg
Dump Angle37°N/A
Reach (Dumped)28 inches71 cm
Rollback Angle14°N/A
Height (at Pin)156 inches396 cm
Clearance (Dumped)127 inches322 cm
Clearance (Level)149 inches378 cm
Boom Cylinder Diameter2.75 inches6 cm
Bucket Cylinder Diameter2.5 inches6 cm
Weight1771 lbs803 kg
Bucket Width60 inches152 cm
Bucket Width72 inches182 cm
Bucket Width84 inches213 cm
Bucket Width96 inches243 cm
Bucket Capacity (0.5 cu yd)0.5 cubic yards0.4 cubic meters
Bucket Capacity (0.6 cu yd)0.6 cubic yards0.5 cubic meters
Bucket Capacity (0.8 cu yd)0.8 cubic yards0.6 cubic meters
Bucket Capacity (0.9 cu yd)0.9 cubic yards0.7 cubic meters
Suitable forTractors with two-wheel driveN/A

John Deere 265 Loader

FeatureMeasurementMetric Equivalent
Loader Capacity3920 lbs1778 kg
Breakout Force5730 lbs2599 kg
Dump Reach (Dumped)25.6 inches65 cm
Rollback Angle43°N/A
Height (at Pin)157 inches398 cm
Clearance (Dumped)123 inches312 cm
Clearance (Level)150 inches381 cm
Boom Cylinder Diameter3.125 inches7 cm
Bucket Cylinder Diameter2.75 inches6 cm
Weight2619 lbs1187 kg
Bucket Width61 inches154 cm
Bucket Width73 inches185 cm
Bucket Width85 inches215 cm
Bucket Width97 inches246 cm

John Deere 280 Loader

FeatureMeasurementMetric Equivalent
Loader Capacity3718 lbs1686 kg
Breakout Force5126 lbs2325 kg
Dump Angle44°N/A
Dump Reach (Dumped)26 inches66 cm
Rollback Angle41°N/A
Height (at Pin)178 inches452 cm
Clearance (Dumped)152 inches386 cm
Clearance (Level)173 inches439 cm
Boom Cylinder Diameter3.5 inches8 cm
Bucket Cylinder Diameter3.125 inches7 cm
Weight2795 lbs1267 kg
Bucket Width85 inches215 cm
Bucket Width97 inches246 cm

John Deere 4450 Review

Four-wheel-drive tractors such as the John Deere 4450 were manufactured between 1983 and 1988.

It belonged to the John Deere 50-series lineup, which was renowned for its dependability, toughness, and functionality. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

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