John Deere 323E Specs,Weight, Price & Review ❤

John Deere 323E Specs,Weight, Price & Review 

Are you looking to buy John Deere 323E Specs? But you need to know more about John Deere 323E Specs Specifications, Weight, Price, and Review. 

In this post, you can find out more. On the internet, it’s very hard to find accurate and detailed information about John Deere 323E Specs, Weight, Price, and Reviews. 

So, our team went to several Bobcat showrooms, got all the information, and put it all together in a way that is easy to read and understand. Let’s look at the latest specs, weight, price, and review of the John Deere 323E Specs.

john deere 323e specs

John Deere 323E Price

  Price: $46,000

John Deere 323E Speed

Speed: 14 (8.7) kph (mph) 

John Deere 323E Weight

Weight: 4,286 kg (9,440 lb.)

John Deere 323E Height

Height: 96.8 in

John Deere 323E Specs

Length – No Bucket112 inches
Height – Top Of Cab2050 mm
Rear Departure Angle31.4
Dump Angle42
Dump Height – Maximum98.4 inches
Standard Flow18 GPM
Pressure3250PSI PSI
Engine HP74 HP
Operating Weight9440 lb
Lift Capacity1680 lb
Rated Operating Capacity1176 kg
Ground Bearing Pressure5.7 PSI
Breakout4300 lbf
Hydraulic Power33.7 hp
Pump Flow68 ltr
System Pressure224.08 bar
Rated Speed2500 rpm
Engine Output – Gross, kW54.8 kW
Track Gauge59.2 inches
Width71.8 in
High Flow25 GPM
Speed – Maximum10 kph
Hydraulic HP Standard Flow33. HP
Emission RatingTier Four
Engine Output – Net hp70 hp
Height to Hinge Pin3120 mm
Ground Clearance9.8 inches
Tipping Load7400 lbs
Rollback – Ground Level32
Length – With Bucket3470 mm
Width – No Bucket71.8 inches
Hydraulic HP High Flow47.1 HP

John Deere 323E Review

Compact track loaders like the John Deere 323E are renowned for their dependability, adaptability, and performance. It is a well-liked option for many uses, such as agriculture, building, and landscaping. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

Official Page: Click Here

John Deere 323E Key Features


The final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV diesel engine has plenty of power.


Heavy-duty double-steel-reinforced rubber tracks last longer than those on other machines. Similar to more giant crawlers, all-steel idlers and rollers work on the smaller snails.

Journal bearings and metal-face seal further enhance longevity.

Ride Control

Optional ride control’s shock-absorbing boom Cylinders cushion bumps for smoother riding.


CTLs can work on high-flotation tracks when skid steers cannot.These material movers are agile and can move large loads at high ground speeds.

Do you want even more hustle? You can opt for a 2-speed transmission.

Vertical-Lift Boom

Do you want to get the most out of our vertical-lift boom? You can simplify material handling by adding the self-leveling option

Attachment Compatibility

Couplers are connected under pressure to allow for easy and quick powered-attachment hookup. For extra protection, auxiliary hydraulic lines are routed through boom arms.


The gas-shock-supported hood makes it easy to reach the checkpoints. The coolers, maintenance-free batteries, fluid, and filters can be accessed through the side panels.

The operator station can be tilted in minutes to provide best-in-class access to the drivetrain.


Operators can choose from ISO, H-pattern, EH joystick, and foot controls via exclusive switchable EH controls. Just press the keyless sealed switch module (SSM) button, and you’re ready to go.

Final Words

That was all about the John Deere 323E Price, Specs, and Review, but if you have any queries regarding this post, then please comment below in the comment box, We will solve your problem as soon as possible, thanks for visiting our site, and stay tuned to our site for more new stuff like this.

John Deere 323E FAQs

What horsepower is a John Deere 323E?

74 gross horsepower @ 2,500 rpm

How much does a John Deere 323d skid steer weigh?

2297.3 lbs

What kind of engine does a John Deere 323e have?

John Deere 323E compact trackloader is powered by a 202.5 (3.3L), Yanmar 4TNV98CT 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine with a maximum power output of 70 horsepower (52.5 kW).

What is the hydraulic pressure on a John Deere 323d?

John Deere 323D has a 1-speed or 2-speed transmission and a vertical-lift loading boom. It also features 12.6″ (320mm) or 15.8” (400mm) rubber tracks with steel inserts. Fluid flow rate for the hydraulic system is 19 gpm (72 Lpm). The hydraulic pressure is 3450 PSI (238 bar).

Who makes the toughest skid steer?

John Deere Skid steers are some of the most influential models on the market. These machines have engine power of 100hp and an operating capacity of 3,600lbs. They can also weigh in at 10,000 lbs.

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