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The John Deere 319E Tractor Overview

John Deere 319E compact track loader equipped with a Yanmar 4TNV98C (optional 4TNV98CT) 4-cylinder engine, which delivers 69 hp at rated rpm 2500. 

Its best-in-class features 69 gross horsepower at 2,500 rpm, a tipping load of 6,143 lbs, a rated operating capacity of 2,150 lbs, and a bucket breakout force of 6,000 lbs.

John Deere 319E compact track loader attachments include Planetary Drive Augers, Trenchers, Snow Blowers, Backhoes, Angle Brooms, and Multi-Purpose Buckets.

John Deere 319E Specs

John Deere 319E Price

Price: $ 42,350 USD.

John Deere 319E Horsepower

Horsepower: 69

John Deere 319E Weight

4286 Kg

John Deere 319E Key Features

  • 69 gross horsepower
  • 2,500 rpm, a tipping load of 6,143 lbs
  • Rated operating capacity of 2,150 lbs
  • The bucket breakout force of 6,000 lbs

John Deere 319E Attachments

  • Planetary Drive Augers
  • Trenchers
  • Snow Blowers
  • Backhoes
  • Angle Brooms
  • Multi-Purpose Buckets
  • Rotary Cutters

John Deere 319E Specs

Manufacturer and ModelYanmar 4TNV98C (optional 4TNV98CT)
Non-Road Emission StandardsEPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV
Net Peak Power (SAE J1349 / ISO 9249)49.4 kW (66 hp) at 2,500 RPM
Gross Rated Power (ISO 14396)51.7 kW (69 hp) at 2,500 RPM
Peak Torque241 Nm (178 ft.-lb.) at 1,625 RPM
Displacement3.3 L (203 cu. in.)
Rated Engine Speed2,500 RPM
Torque Rise22% at 1,625 RPM
AspirationNaturally aspirated (optional turbocharger)
Air CleanerDry dual element
Fan TypeVariable-speed hydraulic drive (optional reversing fan drive)
PumpAxial-piston hydrostatic
ControlsManual or electrohydraulic
Travel Speeds 
Single Speed, Standard9.3 km/h (5.8 mph)
BrakesIntegral, automatic, spring-applied, hydraulically released wet-disc brake
Rubber TracksTrack WidthSmooth-ride long-life rubber with steel inserts
Standard320 mm (12.6 in.)
Standard 320-mm (12.6 in.) Track39.3 kPa (5.7 psi)
Track Rollers (per side)4 triple-flange smooth-ride all-steel rollers
Track Idlers (per side)2 double-flange smooth-ride all-steel rollers
Bearings/Seals (rollers/idlers)Heavy-duty journal bearings and metal face seals
Tractive Effort3859 kg (8,500 lb)
Standard57 L/m (15 GPM)
System Pressure at Couplers22 408 kPa (3,250 psi)
Standard21.2 kW (28.4 hp)
typeJohn Deere heat-treated, chrome-plated, polished cylinder rods, hardened steel (replaceable bushings)pivot pin
Voltage12 volt
Battery Capacity750 CCA (optional 925 CCA)
Alternator Rating70 amp
LightsHalogen, 2 front and 1 rear
 Fuel Tank Capacity76 L (20 gals.)
Operating Weights
With Standard 320-mm (12.6 in.) Track4286 kg (9,440 lb.)
Machine Dimensions
 Length without Bucket2.85 m (112 in.) (9 ft. 4 in.)
Length with Foundry Bucket3.47 m (136.8 in.) (11 ft. 5 in.)
With 320-mm (12.6 in.) Track1.82 m (71.8 in.) (6 ft. 0 in.)
 Height to Top of ROPS2.05 m (80.6 in.) (6 ft. 9 in.)
Height to Hinge Pin3.12 m (122.8 in.) (10 ft. 3 in.)
Dump Height with Foundry Bucket2.50 m (98.4 in.) (8 ft. 2 in.)
Dump ReachWith Foundry Bucket With Construction Bucket with Edge0.92 m (36.1 in.) (3 ft. 0 in.)
Ground Clearance0.25 m (9.8 in.)
Angle of Departure31.4 deg
J Front Turn Radius with Foundry Bucket2.03 m (80.1 in.) (6 ft. 8 in.)
Loader Performance
Tipping Load2789 kg (6,143 lb.)
SAE Rated Operating Capacity with Foundry BucketAt 35% Tipping Load At 50% Tipping Load976 kg (2,150 lb.) 1394 kg (3,017 lb.)
Boom Breakout1589 kg (3,500 lb.)
Bucket Breakout Force2724 kg (6,000 lb.)

John Deere 319E Review

Compact track loaders like the John Deere 319E are renowned for their strength, dependability, and adaptability. It is a well-liked option for a number of uses, such as building, gardening, and farming. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.


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FAQS – John Deere 319E 

(I) What is John Deere’s 319E fuel capacity? 

Ans:- John Deere 319E has a 76 Ltr Fuel Tank Capacity.

(II) How much can a John Deere 319E lift? 

Ans:- John Deere 319E has a 2,150 lbs Lift Capacity.

(III) How much does a John Deere 319E weigh? 

 Ans:- John Deere 319E has an Operating Weight of 4286 kg (9,440 lb.).

(IV) How much horsepower is a John Deere 319E? 

Ans:- John Deere’s 319E horsepower is 69.  

(V) How Many Cylinder John Deere 319E Have? 

Ans:- John Deere 319E Has 4 Cylinders.

(VI) What engine is in a John Deere 319E tractor? 

Ans:- John Deere 319E has a Yanmar 4TNV98C 4-cyl engine.

(VII) How many John Deere 319E Attachments have? 

Ans:- John Deere 319E attachments include Planetary Drive Augers, Trenchers, Snow Blowers, Backhoes, Angle Brooms, and Multi-Purpose Buckets.

(VIII) What is John Deere 319E’s Price? 

Ans:-  John Deere 319E Price is  $ 42,350.

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