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Husqvarna z248f

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Husqvarna Z248F

With this Z200 Series of zero-turn mowers, it’s easy to make your lawn look great because they are stylish and work well.

Don’t let the fact that your riding mower is slow and has less power stop you from taking your lawn care to the next level.

It comes with a Kawasaki engine that puts out 21.5 horsepower, which is a lot of power for cutting grass.

Use the convenient deck lift to get the 48-inch ClearCut(TM) deck set and racing ready to go.

You can Mow easily and safely because the control panel is easy to use and the foot area doesn’t slip.

Pull the steering levers to stop the mower when you’re done for the day. This is simple and easy.

Husqvarna’s Z248F zero-turn mower is the best way to cut grass if you want to have the most fun.

 Husqvarna Z248F  Price

Husqvarna z248f Specs

MSRP: $3,399.99

Husqvarna z248f Specs

Power SourceWeightCutting WidthDimensions (in inches)Turn Radius
21.5 hp Kawasaki gas engine581 Lbs.48-inchLength: 75 Width: 43.75 Height:35.51Zero-inches

Husqvarna Z248F Key Facts

Husqvarna z248f Specs

  • Motor/engine model: 651V
  • Power output: 21.5 hp
  • Motor/engine manufacturer: Kawasaki
  • Motor/engine manufacturer: Kawasaki
  • ClearCut™ fabricated cutting deck
  • Kawasaki engine
  • Maintenance-Free Transmission
  • Rugged frame and casters
  • Cutting width: 48 in

Husqvarna Z248F Specifications

Drive systemBelt-driven
Engine manufacturerKawasaki
Engine name/seriesFR
Engine warranty2-year
Fuel tank volume3.5 gallons
Fuel typeGasoline
Ground speed (forward)6.5 mph
Ground speed (reverse)3 mph
Horsepower21.5 hp
Hour meterYes
Number of blades3
Spindle materialCast iron
TransmissionHydro-Gear EZT
Unit width (chute up):49.5 inches
Unit width (chute down):60.5 inches
Unit length75 inches
Unit height40 inches
WarrantyBumper to Bumper- 3 Years (residential only)
Weight581 pounds

Husqvarna z248f Lawn Mower Key Features

Free of maintenance transmission With an integrated zero-turn transmission that doesn’t need any maintenance and works well, you don’t have to worry.

Automatic Park break system Patent technology of Husqvarna Z248F that turns on or off when the steering levers are moved in or out.

This frees the user from having to use the park brake.

  • High-back deluxe comfort seat

The Husqvarna Z248F can be used in comfort because it has a thick cushion, a back that is extra high, and soft covers on the outside.

  • Clearcut Built Deck for Cutting

Clearcut is another one of Husqvarna’s unique technologies.

It has a deep deck design, high blade performance, and airflow control by letting air out of the top.

This gives it better cutting performance whether it’s bagged or mulched.

With two LED headlights, you can see over 70% more area than with traditional incandescent lights. This makes working in the dark safer.

Zero-turn steering system Individual hydraulic wheels let the mower move very precisely and allow it to turn on its own axis with no turning radius.

Ergonomic Control panel The easy-to-use ergonomic control panel puts everything you need right where you can reach it, from the start button to the speed control with just a switch and a small lever.

  • Convenient deck lift

This function is made easier by a spring, and you can change the size of the deck with the help of a gear on the left side of the operator.


In a lot of reviews, people said that they are happy with how Husqvarna Z248F works.

This is good for spending money on. Like it’s cheap and worth the price.

Because it has a 26 HP Kohler engine, the choke isn’t needed to start the mower.

Zero-turn mowers are easy to move around.

Because of its water-powered transmission.

It comes with a 3-year warranty.


Even with the deck height and mower speed, some users said it missed the center grass stripe.

Grass clippings are sometimes put on deck in big chunks.

One customer said that because the mower has a ZTR transmission, it can sometimes tear up the grass.

Husqvarna Z248F Review: Deep Dive


The cutting deck on the Husqvarna Z284F is strong and gives the blades enough power to make a clean cut.

Its rubber isolators make it easier to mow without getting tired. It has bars that make it easier to change speed and direction.

The Z284F model has wheels that stop the mower from scalping lawns when it is used on uneven ground.

This helps a structured and well-designed mower work better. And a seat that can be moved to make mowing more comfortable.


The gas-powered zero-turn lawn mower has a Kawasaki engine with 21.5 HP that runs smoothly and can be used in many different ways.

It comes with a hydrostatic transmission that gives the mower different ways to cut grass.

It has a big tank that can hold up to 3.5 gallons of gas.

It is big enough to cut more than two acres of grass without needing to refuel. Plus, it can go as fast as 6.5 mph, which lets you get things done in less time.

Cutting performance

The 48-inch cutting deck on the Husqvarna Z248F makes it easy to cut grass. It has a blade tip speed of 18500 fpm, which cuts down on the time you spend working.

Some people who have used it say that it can handle up to 2.5 acres per hour. It’s also interesting that you can choose from six different cutting heights when cutting grass.

The cutting height lever lets you change the cutting height from 1.5 to 4 inches. This will let you cut the grass to the right length.

Don’t let the grass get taller than six inches for the best cutting results. The worst thing about this zero-turn lawn mower is that it doesn’t work very well on wet grass.

Ease of use

It has handlebars that can be moved to make it easy to get on and off.

Husqvarna Z248F Accessories

The riding lawn mower can be used with a lot of different add-ons, like a mulching kit that turns the whole discharge deck into mulch.

A bagger keeps grass clippings from getting all over your yard. When it’s dark, the LED headlights make it easier to see.

Other parts, like a striping kit, a zero-turn mower cover, and an armrest kit, can also make a mower work better.

The accessories for this riding lawn mower have to be bought separately, which is one of its flaws.

Safety Features

The Husqvarna Z248F zero-turn mower has shock-absorbing back engine guards in case it runs into something.

Its automatic parking brake helps keep people from getting hurt in accidents.

The zero-turn mower is safer to use because it has an easy-to-use control panel and a foot area that doesn’t slip.

Price and warranty

The Husqvarna Z248F is a fair price for a riding zero-turn mower. It comes with a service warranty for three years.

It’s important to know that this warranty does not cover parts that wear out over time, like spark plugs, air filters, and mower blades.

Additional Features

The Husqvarna Z248F zero-turn mower has a zero-turn radius that makes it easier to move around the lawn with precision.

It also has a technology that lets air in that makes the grass lift better.

It has an hour metre that tells you when to do maintenance and an engine guard that keeps dust and dirt from getting into the engine.


Several users have said that the Husqvarna Z248F riding lawn mower works well for both medium-sized and large yards.

The Husqvarna Z248F riding lawn mower might be a good addition to your machine set if you want a mower that can cut your lawn nicely and smoothly.

Husqvarna z248f – FAQ

Husqvarna z248f Specs

☑️ Is Husqvarna Z248F good?

The Husqvarna Z248F keeps up with the high standards that its predecessors set. With its durable design and reliable 21.5 HP Kawasaki engine, the mower is a very good value for its price.

☑️ Can I spray my Husqvarna Z248F with anti-stick?

Tips for Husqvarna Z248F. Before using the mower, it is recommended to spray the underside of the deck with a non-stick coating.

This will make cleaning the mower easy.

You can buy a spray and protectant that won’t stick to the mower deck here. Clean the mower after each use to keep it in the best shape.

☑️ What is the maximum cutting height?

The most you can cut with a Z248F is 4 inches.

☑️ Does it have a 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty?

Yes, it has a warranty service for 3 years.

☑️ Does it come with a battery?

Yes, it does come with one.

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