Husqvarna Tiller TF230 Price, Specs, Review, Features 2023

Husqvarna Tiller TF230 Price, Specs, Review, Parts Features

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Husqvarna Tiller TF230 Overview

The Husqvarna TF-230 4.7 HP Petrol Tiller is a great choice for people who want a tiller that will last and work well. It has a strong frame and a strong engine, which makes it perfect for any gardening job.

Husqvarna tillers are perfect for people who want to keep their gardens looking neat and tidy. With a width of 30 inches and a weight of only 67 kg, these tillers are easy to move and don’t take much work to use.

With a gasoline engine that puts out 4.7 horsepower, these tillers will make quick work of any light-duty gardening or landscaping jobs.

The best thing about these tillers is that they are priced very fairly, which makes them a great value for the money. It has a tough and powerful Honda four-stroke engine that is of high quality.

Husqvarna Tiller TF230 Price 

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Husqvarna Tiller TF230 Horsepower

The husqvarna TF230 196 cc  4 stroke petrol engine produces 4 hp .

Husqvarna Tiller TF230 Oil type

Uses SAE30 grade oil for Tiller TF 230 engine .

Husqvarna Tiller TF230 weight

Tiller weight is 67 kg (without fuel)

husqvarna tf230

Husqvarna Tiller TF230 Specs

Specifications of HUSQVARNA 4 hp Power Tiller, TF230

Model TF230
Engine Power 4 hp
Engine Type 4 Stroke
Displacement 196 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.6 L
Weight 67 kg
Cultivation Width 750 mm
Fuel Petrol
Working Depth 300 mm
No Of Tynes 6
Blade Diameter 320 mm
Fuel Consumption 650 ml/hr
Oil Capacity 0.6 L
Speed 3100 rpm


Husqvarna Tiller TF230 Key Features

Protective bumper

The bumper will protect the engine in use or during transportation. It can also serve as a lifting handle.

Husqvarna gasoline engine

Powerful and reliable Husqvarna gasoline engine.

Plant guard

Protect plants outside the working area

Adjustable handlebar

Adjustable handlebar for the best working position.


  • A simple tiller that is useful and easy to move.
  • It has a reliable and powerful Husqvarna engine and a bumper to protect the engine while it is being used or while it is being moved.
  • Standard is a handlebar that folds up and a wheel for transport.
  • Because the transmission is fully sealed, it works well and lasts long in wet environments.
  • This is a tiller for anyone who wants something that will last and work well for a long time.

Husqvarna Tiller TF230 Review.

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